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PHYTOZINE Cream Fight Ringworms, Best Price

Ringworm infections (nothing to do with worms) are a fungal infection of the skin, caused by several different fungi and can be very contagious. Ringworms could happen to anyone at any age and time. It can spread from humans, domesticated pets, and animals from even minor contact. Ringworm makes the affected area look horrible and the sores are very itchy and unsightly from the outset. If left untreated, they could become painful and cause severe scarring. But using certain FDA approved ringworm cream can make the treatment easy. Phytozine to Fight Ringworms is one of the many highly effective anti-fungal creams available on the market. Phytozine by Sisquoc Healthcare is an over the counter topical ointment specifically formulated to treat ringworms on the skin, available without a prescription. Keep reading for the complete details about Phytozine Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients, and more.

About Phytozine

Phytozine topical cream is the fastest-acting and most effective ringworm treatment available today. This is a complete topical ointment that helps remove and cure ringworm infections right of the start. It contains an original blend of organic elements and minerals that work in combination with a powerful active ingredient called Tolnaftate to kill all fungal agents. 

Unlike other topical ringworm cure options that do not specifically treat ringworm infections, Phytozine eliminates all of the fungi on the skin as well as works effectively and rapidly. It includes a list of ingredients that are far more comprehensive than any other ointments on the market.  It includes the compound Tolnaftate enriched with other natural ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender, camphor, and clove. This makes Phytozine one of the best creams to fight ringworms that use natural ingredients.

Ringworms treatment with this cream will bring results within just a few weeks of use and many users acknowledge it as the number one topical treatment for ringworm.

Phytozine Benefits 

  • Natural, safe, effective and powerful antifungal cream for ringworm
  • It is the best topical ointment of ringworms on sensitive skin. 
  • Specifically formulated to eliminate ringworm infections
  • It starts working immediately upon contact
  • It is FDA-approved anti-fungal topical ointment 
  • No prescription needed
  • Contains 1% Tolnaftate, an active anti-fungal ingredient that is FDA-approved treatment for ringworm
  • Contains natural antifungal ingredients like tea tree oil, camphor, lavender, jasmine and clove
  • Comes with 60-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • One can use it for twice or more than that for severe infections
  • 1 oz. content comes in an easy to use tube form

Phytozine Ingredients

It is the most complete and effective topical treatment of ringworm on the market as it contains 1% of powerful FDA-approved tolnaftate for ringworm and other powerful natural anti-fungal ingredients such as tea tree oil, menthol, camphor, lavender, jasmine, and clove. Phytozine ointment contains ingredients that not only help kill the fungal infection quickly and effectively but also supports the skin’s own defenses with skin-soothing and skin-healing ingredients like aloe vera, sweet almond oil, rose oil, cocoa butter, and oat kernel. It contains –

  • Tolnaftate – The main and active ingredient in Phytozine is a fungicide that has antiviral properties. This component is FDA-approved for use as a treatment for ringworm.
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil – This helps to nourish and heal the patchy skin in the affected area.
  • Polysorbate-20 – It acts as a mineral to help cure ringworm.
  • Glycerin – This element moisturizes the skin and helps to improve the texture of the skin.
  • Water – Useful as a base in the ointment.
  • Avena Extracts or Oat’s Kernel Extract – It helps the patchy and scaly area of the skin to diminish marks.
  • Leaf Juice of Aloe Barbadensis, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Leaf Extracts of Actostaphylos Uva Ursi & Fruit Oil of Rosa Canina – These natural ingredients work as the anti-fungal components
  • Camphor & Menthol – These ingredients help to reduce itchiness and soothe the skin.
  • The Tea Tree Oil or Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Lavender Oil, Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Oil, and Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Leaf Oil – They work as natural antioxidants and disinfectant which helps to stop the further fungal growth in the skin naturally and leave no marks or scars. 

Phytozine List Of Ingredients

Active Ingredient – Tolnaftate 1.0%

Inactive Ingredients – 

  • Water
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil
  • Polysorbate-20
  • Sodium Polyacrylate
  • Hydrogenated Polydecene
  • Trideceth-6
  • Glyceryl Stearate
  • PEG-100 Stearate
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Cetyl Alcohol
  • Oleth-10 Phosphate
  • Glycerin
  • Avena (Oat) Kernel Extract
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Actrostaphylos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract
  • Propolis Extract
  • Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter
  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil
  • Camphor
  • Menthol
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil
  • Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil
  • Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Oil
  • Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Leaf Oil
  • Tocopheryl Acetate
  • Stearic Acid
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Butylene Glycol
  • Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Ethylhexylglycerin

Phytozine How to Use?

Phytozine antifungal cream is easy to use. Simply apply the ointment to the affected area twice a day. Allow about 20 minutes for the cream to soak into the skin before wearing clothes. Post application, it will start working immediately, reducing the itchiness and providing a cool soothing sensation.  For severe infection, you can apply the cream more frequently. 

Ringworm infections are treatable but may return if not completely cured. Hence, use Phytozine for at least 2 weeks until there are no visible ringworm lesions.

Phytozine Side Effects

There are no side effects associated with Phytozine mentioned on its website. The manufacturer says as this is a natural product, users will not experience any adverse effect. It contains only natural ingredients, so the risk of having harmful effects is null. Also, there are many happy users of this product who have reported no negative side effects. 

Phytozine Where to buy?

You can buy Phytozine Ringworm Treatment from their official website or order from other websites, like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and more. However, some users reported that Phytozine, when purchased from these sites, are ineffective and unauthentic. Thus, the best place to buy it is from its official site only. The benefits of buying here are – 

  • They offer international shipping – you can buy in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and South Africa, NZ, Singapore and more.  
  • Phytozine coupon codes, special offers and discount deals online.
  • Avail 60-Day money back Guarantee
  • BOGO offers, best prices and best discounts on the listed price – 
  • 1 Month Supply – 1 Tube – $39.95
  • 3 Month Supply – Buy 2, Get 1 Free – $79.90
  • 5 Month Supply – Buy 3, Get 2 Free – $119.85

Phytozine Customer Reviews

You will find many positive Phytozine Reviews from its users. It has received 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon from 100 customers. Some people say it works as advertised, smells nice and is water resistant. Some tried number of other doctor prescribed ointment and pills but no cure except Phytozine that works immediately. However, there is few unhappy customer who complains that the product didn’t work, is expensive and in some cases, ringworm worsens. Have a look at few real users’ testimonials – 

  • Elaina says Phytozine took care of her ringworm within a week of use. The skin affected area starts to dry up within a few days of use and she applied the cream till the ringworm disappeared. 
  • Amazon Customer says this item works better than the pills and creams prescribed by his doctor.
  • Glenn says it is working well on his daughter’s hands. He was looking for a non-toxic and non-greasy product and bought this which absorbs well and has a nice scent.
  • DB it is very expensive and does not work as expected. 
  • Cheryl got tingly feeling upon application. The company claims it has natural ingredients but when applied, it caused red bumps on the affected skin. 

Phytozine FAQs

Q. How soon can I expect to see results? 

A. The results may vary depending on the severity of the infection. People with mild infections may typically experience instant relief and quick healing. However, people with moderate to severe ringworm infections may take several days to see results. The company suggests continuing treatment with Phytozine for at least 2 weeks beyond the time for the ringworm lesions to completely disappear.

Q. Can I apply this treatment more often than twice a day?

A. Yes. If you perspire regularly, you can use it more often. But do not over-apply, if applying more than twice a day so that your supply of product will last as long as suggested.

Q. Is it safe to use by pregnant or nursing women?

A. Yes, this product is safe to use by women trying to become pregnant, currently pregnant, or breastfeeding. It is also safe to use on kids and people using other prescription medications or pre-existing medical conditions. However, in the case of any doubt or unusual condition, consult your doctor before starting the treatment to fight ringworms with Phytozine.

Q. Does this product come with a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, it comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the product result, you can return all product and packaging within 60 days of your purchase date for full refund less shipping and handling charges. 


To fight ringworms with Phytozine is simple and easy with this fast-acting, natural, and effective topical ointment. Many positive customer reviews, no known side effects, and 60 days money-back guarantee makes it a worth try product.


Buy Funginix – Reviews, Ingredients, Amazon

Funginix by Sisquoc Healthcare is a topical solution that helps you to get rid of the fungus in finger or toenails naturally. It is natural, safe, and effective that will work within two weeks of use. This is our review.

About Funginix Nail Fungus Treatment

Funginix is a product from Sisquoc Healthcare who is one of the leading manufacturers of naturopathic home remedies. The ingredients of Funginix are potent and work in rejuvenating your nails completely.

The company has been in the health market for a while now and is registered with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). BBB is a consumer protection company that handles any complaints and makes sure that the manufacturer is credible and reliable. The ingredients used in Funginix are natural, potent, and are FDA-approved.

Sisquoc healthcare offers many promotional deals and discount coupons. Since this is fairly a regular process (which means you need to use it for 3-4 months), then we suggest buying it wholesale. This will save you great savings on the actual product price as well as shipping charges.

There are many customer testimonials and reviews available online. You can find many before and after funginix pictures that has helped many people to grow new nails and skin tissues while repairing the affected skin.

Does funginix really work?

Apply funginix on the affected area and watch how it kills the fungus that causes the nails to go black, yellow, or green making it deformed. Funginix works on the affected area and alleviates any pain, itching that can cause further spreading of the fungus. It destroys the fungus and its symptoms then and there itself thus allowing proper nail growth.

It is always necessary that you use the product as directed. Some claim that funginix is a scam, but it is not. The product is quite genuine and a general consensus has benefited from the product. There are reviews available online not only at the official website but also on other retailer sites such as Amazon.

Of course, there are few disgruntled customers who did not notice any changes in the product. This is mainly because not all medications will work for everyone because no two bodies are the same. Another thing to note is that people who claimed it didn’t work have admitted that they are not using the product as directed which is one of the reasons why the product failed to show positive results.

Funginix Ingredients

  • Undecylenic Acid, USP 10% – the active ingredient of Funginix, it destroys fungi and gets rid of any burning, itching in the infected tissues. Derived from castor oil, undecylenic acid improves the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  • Camphor – taken from wood and mint leaves, camphor contain anesthetic and antimicrobial properties that not only destroys the fungus but also soothes any inflammation in the area.
  • Tea tree oil – derived from Melaleuca alternifolia plant, it is famous for its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil speeds up the healing process of infections.
  • Uva Ursi (Bearberry) extract – is a herb that contains many minerals usually used for internal use.
  • Propolis extract – a concentrated solution made by bees, it has the ability to fight infection.
  • Rose Hip Flower Oil – contains Vitamin C and many vital fatty acids that strengthen any brittle nails caused by fungus.
  • Menthol – has a cooling effect on any inflammation or minor pain. It is extracted from peppermint that also relieves you from any itchy sensation in the affected area.
  • Jasmine Oil – relieves dry, itchy, or peeling skin. It also reduces skin sensitivity.
  • Cocoa seed butter – provides lubrication and moisture.

There are no Funginix side effects noted so far. Being a natural product, you need not worry about any adverse reactions as with prescription drugs. It is an excellent product that works on mild, moderate, and severe fungal infections effectively.


Undecylenic acid should not be used on children under two years of age. It is also not to be used on open skin or if pus is present.

Dosage and Application

For best results, file the sides of the affected nail area especially top and a front portion. It is recommended to use twice a day.

Clean the affected area with lukewarm water and tap dry. Now apply Funginix using the applicator that is available with the product. Let the solution go deep into the nail plate and cuticles. Wait for 5 minutes before you put on socks or shoes.

NOTE: Always keep the feet and nail area dry. This is because moist atmosphere breeds bacteria. If your feet sweat during the day time, you can use a powder in your shoes to absorb all the excess moisture.

To prevent recurrence of infection, use funginix till the nails are completely cured of the fungus. The results may differ based on the severity of the infection. This might also delay the recovery but make sure you stick to the routine and use funginix regularly.

Funginix by Sisquoc Healthcare Reviews

  • Becca – “Wasn’t what I was quite expecting. It took too long to start showing results. I finished the treatment and my nails are clean and clear.”
  • Richard – “It is quite slow but then ultimately it gets the job done. Not exactly a miracle solution.”
  • Adam – “Didn’t work for me. Wonder why the rating is so high.”
  • Naresh – “It’s been a month and I am starting to see clear nails for almost a week now.”
  • Jessica – “I got this product and definitely pleased with the results. My nails were pretty yellow before using funginix.”

Where to buy Funginix by Sisquoc Healthcare

Funginix is available on the official website. You can also purchase it from Amazon, eBay, etc. However, it is not available at other stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, etc.

Funginix Price

The product is a bit expensive compared to other brands in the market. The shipping charges are also an added expense since the company does not ship free. Nevertheless, discounts are available when you are purchasing in bulk. Since it takes around 3-6 months of treatment, it would cost approximately $150-$300 based on the severity of the condition. The manufacturer offers a wholesale discount.

The company currently offers

  • one month supply (1 bottle)
  • 3 month supply (Buy 2 Get 1 FREE) – ALSO THE BEST-SELLER &
  • 5 month supply (Buy 3 Get 2 FREE)

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Is a natural topical solution
  • Alleviates any toenail condition due to fungus
  • Removes any dead skin cells surrounding the nails
  • Replaces damaged nails with a new, clean nail
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee of the 60-day return policy
  • Safe on pregnant and nursing women
  • Discount coupon codes available
  • Wholesale packages available at low price


  • Takes 3-6 months to completely heal the nails
  • Quite an expensive product
  • Is available online only

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return policy of Funginix?

Funginix comes with a 60-day return policy. If you do not notice any improvement, simply return and get your money refunded. It is unclear to us if the company will deduct any shipping charges.

Is it okay to wear nail polish while Funginix?

Wearing nail polish while treating your nails is not suggested. This is because the treatment can prolong when you use nail polish regularly.

If I have a medical condition, can I use Funginix?

It is always best to consult your medical practitioner before using Funginix especially if you are under any prescription medication.

Is Funginix available in India?

Funginix is shipped internationally including countries such as India, UK, Canada, Singapore etc.

Comparative reviews – Funginix Vs. Zetaclear Vs. Purnail Vs. Fungavir Vs. Lamisil

For those who are skeptical of rounding in on a particular product, here is the comparison table of the best sellers.

ProductIngredientSide effectsMoney back guaranteeRatingsReviews
FunginixTea tree oil, Lavender oil, Camphor, Menthol, Uva Ursi and moreNo side effects reported60 days3.5 out of 5 starsFunginix is one of the best selling products with many users loving the product. The only drawback is it may need to be used for long duration depending on the individual’s body.
ZetaclearOils of Lemongrass, tea tea, vitamin E, jojoba etc.No side effects90 days3.2 out of 5 starsFor some the product did work. However, some users are skeptical that using oral spray for your toenails simply does not “digest” well in mind that has lead them to find no particular effects.
PurnailUndecylenic acid derived from castor oil, tea tree oil, sunflower seed oilUsers noted nails getting worse than before60 days3.2 out of 5 starsMajority of the user reviews lean towards negative side. People report that the purnail simply does not work and they feel the condition is worse than before.
FungavirUndecylenic acid, sweet almond oil, flax seed oil, aloe vera leaf extract, bee propolis extract and many moreNo side effects60 days4.9 out of 5 star ratingsThe product has its share of good and bad reviews (majority being on the positive side). So far this is the best product seen on the comparison list.
LamisilTerbinafine hydrochlorideMultiple side effects such as birth defects on baby if used during pregnancy, ear congestion, headache, breathing problems, joint pain and more30 days4.2 out of 5 starsPrescription medication used commonly for athlete’s foot. Though a group of people have benefited from lamisil, there are many side effects of this product making it challenging for consumers to use. Use it at your own discretion.


There are many customers who have failed drastically after trying many products such as athlete creams or any other topical medications. Such creams are not much effective and provide only a temporary solution. Funginix is a safe product that will work on the fungus toenails without giving you any side effects. Of course, it takes a longer time than usual to work on the body which needs some serious commitment on your part if you want complete healing. This also means an extra amount every month. But there are bulk purchases that can be made if you are planning to use this product for a long time. Plus if you want safer benefits than other products in the market, then Funginix is also among the hotlist.

Weight Loss

Hoodithin Reviews On Weight loss, Benefits, Ingredients

Hoodithin is a natural weight loss supplement that helps you to maintain efficient weight by curbing the appetite. It is made using a cactus-like plant called Hoodia Gordonii originating from Southern Africa. A safe and effective product for those who are trying to lose weight, this is our Hoodithin review.

How does Hoodithin really work?

The manufacturer – Sisquoc Healthcare claims that this appetite suppressant is more effective in its liquid extract than Hoodia pills or in capsule formula. This is because the liquid formula enables the body to absorb faster and deliver faster results. The prominent step of digesting the pills is eliminated when you are taking the liquid extract. As a result, you can enjoy the benefits of Hoodia without having to wait for the formula to kick in.

The moment you consume Hoodithin liquid extract, it easily passes into the bloodstream and starts showing immediate results.

Hoodithin is made using professional-grade, highly potent Hoodia plant that works on the hypothalamus that enough food has been consumed. This stops the craving for more food to satisfy the never ending appetite.

Backup studies

The power of Hoodia has been well-researched. In fact, more than 200 interviews have been conducted with the San Tribe to determine the effects of Hoodia. The San Hunters have been using Hoodia to suppress their hunger and maintain their energy levels. Even better, it helps them to become more focused and improve mental alertness.

While there are not many clinical studies conducted, the hands-on experience from the San Tribe certainly justifies the effect of Hoodia.

Did you know that in 2014, there are more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and above who are overweight? In this, over 600 million adults are obese. In fact, overweight and obesity-related deaths are high than being underweight. Set things right today with a well-balanced diet, quality sleep, and Hoodithin.

Hoodithin Ingredients

Stating the obvious, the key ingredient is Hoodia that is available in a super concentrated formula. Hoodithin certifies that the Hoodia is absolutely 100% authentic. This is a very crucial factor as many companies use only lesser quality Hoodia. This may not work as a pure concentrated formula. Pure quality Hoodia is not only rare but equally expensive. It also requires a minimum of 7 years to mature and offer the benefits we seek for. As a result, the African government has limited the export quantity of this plant.

Each bottle of Hoodithin has 250 mg of 100% certified Hoodia. A single bottle offers you 30 servings i.e. approximately 2-4 weeks supply based on the dosage. As the product is available in liquid form, it releases 95% of the ingredients instantly as compared to tablets where the absorption rate is limited to 20% max.

The product is free from additives or fillers that can reduce the potency of Hoodia.

Benefits include –

  • Consuming less unlike before or indulging in a binge
  • Faster absorption rate in the body
  • Immediate results can be seen when it comes to curbing hunger pangs
  • Rapid metabolic rate i.e. conversion of fat to energy
  • Better mood levels
  • Increased energy levels in the body
  • Improved mental alertness

Dosage and Warnings

The recommended dosage is 30-40 drops (one full dropper) of Hoodithin once a day before lunch or dinner. You can use it twice a day (one full dropper) before lunch and dinner to speed up the weight loss process. Alternatively, you can mix it with water, fruit juice, milk etc. of your choice.

If you want to lose a lot of weight, then you may increase the dosage to three times a day. However, the manufacturer restricts usage not more than 4 times a day.

This weight loss formula is NOT recommended for children or pregnant and lactating women. If you are under medication or under any health condition, consult your medical practitioner before consuming this product.

Hoodithin Reviews

There aren’t many Hoodithin reviews available on the internet which makes it difficult to evaluate its efficacy. Even Hoodithin side effects aren’t available anywhere. This does not mean that the Hoodithin is a scam or fake product. The manufacturer Prima Life Nutraceuticals (mother company – Sisquoc Healthcare) has been in the health market for many years. All the products are manufactured in the USA at an FDA-registered facility that complies with GMP guidelines. So you can expect a good standard and pretty decent results.

But then Hoodithin won’t work unless and until it is combined with well-balanced diet and exercise regime. This rule applies to even the cheapest weight loss products in the market.

Another downside of the product is that it can be purchased only from the official website or their affiliates. Hoodithin is currently unavailable at Amazon, eBay etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • All-natural formula with 100% certified ingredient
  • No additives or fillers
  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that abides by GMP guidelines
  • Available in easy-to-ingest liquid extract formula
  • More effective than pills
  • Has an excellent absorption rate as compared to capsules/pills
  • No side effects were seen so far (of the actual Hoodia plant)
  • 60-day return policy available
  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA with global shipping available


  • Lacks customer testimonials or reviews
  • Is available online only
  • Bit expensive

Shipping and Returns

The manufacturer ships worldwide. Shipping anywhere in the USA is absolutely FREE!!! For international orders, the consumer needs to bear a small shipping charge.

The company offers 60-day money-back guarantee for those who are not happy with the results. This is a great relief for skeptical users who need a security that their money is on the safe hands.

Promo Deals and Discount Coupon Codes

The company itself offers many promotional deals such as –


The price of Hoodithin is a bit expensive for those on the budget especially for a 1 fl. oz bottle. However, there are many coupon codes through which you can avail of this product at an even lower cost.

The Final Verdict

Hoodithin is an actual product that promises to help you lose weight proportionately. While there are no Hoodithin reviews available, we do recommend Hoodithin for a couple of reasons – the ingredient and the company. The former is included in its highest potency while the latter has a good reputation that makes the product worth a try.

The product also takes away the side effects that come with crash diets and poorly formulated diet pills. With proper dietary lifestyle and Hoodithin, maintaining healthy weight balance can be easy.

Skin Care

Epibright Cream, Price, Reviews, Uses, CONTROLS PIGMENTATION

Are you looking for a skin brightening cream that brightens skin as well as lightens dark spots? Or are you looking for a cream that can reduce acne spots and improves discolored skin?  Your search for all these problems may end on this page with just one product – Epibright. Epibright For Brighter Skin from Sisquoc Healthcare contains natural and effective ingredients to improve skin tone and brighten skin Naturally. Keep reading for the complete Epibright Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients, and more.

About Epibright

Epibright is a skincare cream containing brightening elements and gentle herbal extracts. It is useful to whiten skin as well as treat all types of Skin hyperpigmentation such as age spots, acne spots, uneven skin tone, scars, and sunspots. The result is an extremely balanced skin bleaching cream that brightens and moisturizes. Unlike other old fashioned skin brighteners, Epibright keeps the skin moisturized and strong, not dry, and vulnerable and contains no hydroquinone like many other skin brightening products. Thus, this wonderful skin whitening cream promotes long-term radiance and a smooth balanced skin tone on the face. 

This product is safe for daily use and long term use to reduce the spots and pigmentation of your skin. It is able to provide a long-lasting effective result and works best on all types of skin.  In addition, unlike typical lightening creams, Epibright will not block your skin’s pores. It comes in an easy to use airless dispenser which maintains the potency of ingredients and dispenses perfect quantity for a single application on two areas.

Why Choose Epibright?

  • It is a safe and effective skin bleaching cream
  • It contains powerful and effective skin brightening agents 
  • Useful for all skin types
  • It is beneficial to brighten skin, lighten dark spots and age spots and control hyperpigmentation
  • It is also useful to reduce wrinkles and fine line on the face
  • Contains no hydroquinone or any other harmful chemicals
  • It maintains the radiance and health of beautiful facial skin over time.
  • It is the best to use on the hands and from the neck up but can use it on other areas of the body also. 
  • Comes with 60 Day money back Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

Epibright For Brighter Skin Ingredients 

The main ingredients in this cream are naturally extracted. The basic ingredients in this Brightening Cream are kojic acid and alpha-arbutin. Other skin whitening creams have either kojic acid or alpha-arbutin in them but this Cream is a mixture of both ingredients. Other main ingredients are Mulberry extract, bearberry extract, licorice extract and Melissa officinalis balm.

  1. Alpha arbutin – It helps reduce the element tyrosinase which is responsible for melanin production in the body, which leads to dark spots and skin irregularities. It offers higher stability and efficacy to act more efficiently in diminishing the liver and age spots as well as reducing the degree of darker skin after UV exposure.
  2. Kojic acid – It is a very effective treatment for age spots and hyperpigmentation with an effect similar to hydroquinone but without the risk of excessive burning or skin irritation. Studies demonstrate that Kojic acid is an extremely effective skin lightening agent, especially when used in conjunction with certain other elements. In addition, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties to further protect new, luminous facial skin. Moreover, it deeply adheres to the facial skin for an extended period of time allowing the other active ingredients to penetrate and lighten the darkened areas.
  3. Mulberry and Bearberry extracts – These natural extracts are useful in completing the lightening and refreshing of facial skin. It works in conjunction with alpha-arbutin to further reduce the production of tyrosinase. 
  4. Melissa officinalis balm and licorice extracts – These ingredients offer a soothing and moisturizing effect while reducing the risk of irritation. 

Epibright provides the lasting brightening and lightening effects due to the presence of kojic dipalmitate. The result is beautiful, vibrant and radiant facial skin that stays and shines for life.

Epibright For Brighter Skin – How It Work?

This cream is a mixture of natural products and herbal extracts which make skin brighter and smoother, respectively. This skin whitening cream makes the skin more vibrant and glows because of its main ingredients – kojic acid and alpha-arbutin. Kojic acid reduces the amount of melanin on your face. In addition, kojic dipalmitate works with the organic brightening ingredients to brighten skin and then lock that fresh look for weeks, months and years to come. Extracts from mulberry and bearberry work with the kojic dipalmitate to reduce skin inconsistencies, whiten skin, and dark spots. These wonderful blends of natural elements and active lightening agents work together to make Epibright the premier skin brightening cream.

Epibright How To Use?

Epibright for Brighter Skin is easy to apply. For maximum benefit, always apply this cream to

freshly washed and gently dried skin. Take enough quantity of cream on your fingers/hands and then gently rub into the areas meant for treatment until fully absorbed. After applying it properly, you should apply a sunblock cream of at least 15 SPF or any daily moisturizing cream.

Daily use may show you initial results within 2 weeks. However, people with darker skin tones should expect to notice visible results in slightly longer periods of time. It works to even the skin tones of all pigmentations and natural skin colors. But, skin condition, natural pigmentation and darkness of complexion can make result times vary from person to person.

Also, keep in mind that people with tender skin could experience some light peeling or a minor blemish or two when using a quality skin lightening cream for the first time. However, this should not discourage your treatment as it is absolutely normal. But, if the condition persists for more than one week, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Epibright Side Effects

You will find no known adverse side effects related to this product. It contains mostly organic active ingredients that are used in skin creams for decades. Also, there are no reports of any side effects from its users. However, with any skin brightening product, certain risk related with sun exposure always exists. Thus, you should ensure to use a sunscreen cream of at least 15 SPF along with Epibright.

Also, when starting to use any skin bleaching cream including Epibright; it is important to test on a small area to see how your skin will react. This cream is a fantastic combination of powerful ingredients that may cause no side effects.

Epibright For Brighter Skin Where To Buy?

Currently, you can buy Epibright only online from its official website, Amazon and other large variety of on online marketplaces. But the best place to purchase Epibright is from its official website because of several reasons –

  • Fast World Wide shipping
  • Assurance to buy an authentic product 
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • BOGO offers, Best Discounts and Best prices 
  • 1 Month Supply – 1 Bottle – $39.95
  • 3 Month Supply – 3 Bottles (Buy 2, Get 1 Free) – $79.90
  • 5 Month Supply – 5 Bottles (Buy 3, Get 2 Free) – $119.85

Epibright For Brighter Skin Customer Reviews

There are only positive Epibright Reviews from its users. Most women users of this product highly respect this brand to help them achieve desired results, unlike other skin lighteners. Customers are happy to use this very effective product with proven ingredients that work naturally for skin care. In addition, customer praises that it works best to fade scars and has no smell or no harsh chemicals.  However, considering the quantity of the product, it is slightly pricey than the competition. Some real users’ testimonials are – 

  • Rebekah feels more confident after using this product for 5 months. She says it has lightened dark spots and has brighter skin. The results were so amazing that everyone enquired about what product did the magic. 
  • Cora had used expensive skin brightening creams to remove the hyperpigmentation on her face. But none of the products work. But using the Epibright cream for only 3 weeks, her skin tone gets lighter and the pigmentation on the face are almost gone.
  • Elise was looking for an effective product that could actually work since years. Her search ended here, she says it is a very easy to use a cream that absorbs quickly. 

Epibright For Brighter Skin FAQs

Q. Can I use Epibright to brighten skin for any length of time?

A. Yes, it is safe to use as a daily skincare cream for as long as you prefer. However, always use a sun screen cream of at least 15 SPF with this product.

Q. How much content does one bottle contains? How long will it last? 

A. One dispenser contains 1.7 fl oz or 50 ml which dispense exactly 1 milliliter per pump. It comes in an airless packaging, which dispenses enough for a single application in 2 locations. With this usage, one bottle should last up to 2 months for treating the small area and 1 month for treating a larger area of skin.

Q. I am pregnant? Can I use this cream for brighter skin?

A. No, the company suggests all pregnant and nursing women should avoid using this as well as any other skin lightening creams until nursing has concluded. However, no definitive tests or studies are done on this matter.

Q. Can I use this cream along with my other existing cream?

A. You can use other creams after applying Epibright but the company suggests to not directly mixing Epibright with any of your other facial creams. However, you can use a daily moisturizer or any other skin cream after applying and allowing Epibright to fully absorb.


Considering the proven herbal and natural ingredients, no known adverse side effects, 60 days money-back guarantee and the amazing result of a beautifully even skin tone and brighter skin that may last long makes Epibright a worth try product.

Skin Care

Epibright Intimate Skin Whitener Reviews, Uses, Before & After

This article is all about Epibright Intimate Skin Whitener Reviews.

Epibright Intimate skin whitener is a carefully formulated doctor-developed skin lightening cream. It is specifically designed for your intimate regions. This product helps in removing dark spots, blemishes, and provides a light and brighter skin tone especially in vaginal and anal regions. Epibright Intimate can be used by both men and women. What makes the product so amazing is that the manufacturer does not use any harsh or drying ingredients. If you are using a bleaching agent in sensitive areas, this is something you would really appreciate.

Currently, Epibright Intimate skin brightening cream is one of the most popular products in the market. Unlike bleaching agents that use harsh and harmful skin lightening ingredients, Epibright vaginal and anal bleaching cream is all safe and can be used without any fear of adverse reactions. Few skin whitening products that contain hydroquinone (banned in the USA) can bring side effects such as itching, peeling, and so on. However, that is not the case with Epibright Intimate lightening cream.

Epibright Intimate skin whitener comes with powerful herbal ingredients that can be safely used on all intimate areas by both man and woman on the underarms, nipples, vagina, penis, and anus.

How does Epibright Intimate skin whitener work?

The main reason why your intimate regions are darker than other parts of the body is due to excess melanin production. The body has enzymes that produce this melanin. Epibright Intimate contains natural enzyme blocking agents or inhibitors. As a result, the skin gets fairer and lighter over a period of time.

Will it work on all skin types…one might wonder!!! The fact is that Epibright Intimate lightening cream targets the body’s skin darkening enzymes thus ensuring it will work on all skin types effectively. Skin pigmentation affects both men and women equally irrespective of the skin type.

Epibright Intimate skin bleaching cream Ingredients

The two main ingredients of Epibright Intimate are Kojic Acid and Alpha Arbutin. Apart from these two, it also includes Mulberry, Bearberry, Melissa officinalis balm, and licorice extracts. Benefits of them include –

  • creating a lighter and even skin tones
  • soothes any inflammation or irritation in the area
  • has a moisturizing effect that keeps the skin hydrated
  • alleviates any irritation on the skin
  • delivers a fairer looking skin within weeks

Alpha Arbutin inhibits the body’s tyrosinase activity. Tyrosinase causes the body to produce more melanin so when tyrosinase is reduced, melanin production (on the particular area) is reduced. Alpha Arbutin is much more effective than Beta Arbutin (another skin lightening agent). Many of the skin bleaching agents prefer the latter than the former.

Kojic acid is another skin whitening treatment that has similar effects of hydroquinone and blends easily with alpha arubitn. The advantage of kojic acid is it does not burn or irritate the skin like hydroquinone. Kojic acid is also famous for its anti-fungal properties.

Regular use of Epibright Intimate skin lightening cream diminishes skin spots, blemishes and helps you achieve a visibly fair skin tone.

Epibright Intimate skin whitener side effects

We can totally understand your fear of using a cream around sensitive areas. That being said, we assure you that you have nothing to fear. Since the product is void of any chemical formula, you don’t have to worry that your skin will come in contact with any harsh or dangerous ingredients. Epibright Intimate is a hypoallergenic product that is 100% natural.

Unlike other skin creams in the market that comes with hydroquinone, Epibright Intimate skin bleaching cream is free from this component. Why? Because it has been linked with many detrimental diseases such as cancer, kidney, and liver damage. Hence, the manufacturer of Epibright Intimate chose to eliminate this product completely and go with the natural remedies to brighten your skin.

How to use

Being a topical cream, Epibright Intimate Skin Whitener is very easy to use. All you have to do is apply it on the skin. There are no complicated procedures or painful side effects thereafter. For best results, use this product twice a day.

Epibright Intimate Skin Whitener Reviews

There are many Epibright Intimate skin whitener reviews available online. People who use Epibright Intimate have seen real results.

  • D. Lago – “Thank you so much for making Epibright Intimate lightening cream. Both my wife and I use the product and it is a hands-down winner even though we have very different skin tones.”
  • Karrie, WA – “I must say that I was so much skeptical of using this product. But to my surprise it works. I highly recommend this product as within a few days you can see the difference yourself. It is absolutely impressive how magically the buttocks area looks lighter. Worth every penny.”
  • Donna, CA – “I have been using this to lighten my vaginal area. It works really well. I used it for about four weeks and haven’t used it since. It is still looking great.’

Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream Price

There are many online websites such as Amazon, eBay, etc. that offer Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream for the best price. However, we always recommend buying from the official website as this saves you from buying a fake product or probably a product that has passed its expiry date.

Another advantage of ordering from official website is the promotional deals that the manufacturer offers which won’t be available if you order from any other retailer sites. Current deals include –

  • 1 Month Supply – 1 Bottle
  • 3 Month Supply – Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • 5 Month Supply – Buy 3 Get 2 Free


Are there any Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream before and after pictures?

There are no before and after pictures of Epibright Intimate skin whitener available.

What is the price of Epibright Intimate Brightening Cream in India?

The price of Epibright Intimate lightening cream differs due to the shipping charges that will be added along with the product cost.

Who is the manufacturer of Epibright Intimate skin whitener?

The manufacturer of Epibright Intimate skin cream is Sisquoc Healthcare.

I live in the UK. Can I order Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream online?

Yes, you can order from the official website of Epibright or Sisquoc Healthcare. The company ships worldwide including countries such as UK, India etc.

What is the return policy of Epibright Intimate?

The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy, simply return and you will be reimbursed.

Final Thoughts

Epibright Intimate Skin Whitener Reviews are only a few probably because people might want to keep it confidential. However, so far the reviews have been great. There are no side effects so far and the product seems to work on all skin types efficiently. There are many spas and beauty salons that offer anal and vaginal bleaching services but then you can save a lot of money and embarrassment by using a doctor-formulated product such as Epibright Intimate cream in a private manner right at your own home.

Barbeque Grills

HIBACHI GRILL For Sale – Cajun Cookware Charcoal Grill

A barbecue grill usually is large equipment that occupies a larger space. That suits you when you have more people to eat. What about when you have a small family and want to have some grilled food? You need a smaller grill for convenience. The Cajun Cookware makes this small grill named as Cajun Cookware round seasoned cast iron charcoal Hibachi grill. Phew!! Yes, the grill makes round in this name so let’s just call it the Cajun Cookware charcoal grill. Since this is the only grill from the makers that work on charcoal, the name fits just fine. 

Cajun charcoal grill- Cast iron grill

Cast iron is one of the popular metals used for making grills. The major advantage of this metal is that it can provide natural iron to the food that benefits health. 

Cast iron is easier to clean up after cooking. The cooking grates are removable and can be washed thoroughly. 

The cast iron grill can generate high amount of heat for the instant or slow cooking. It can reduce the charcoal consumption in comparison. 

The cast iron cooking grates of Cajun Cookware charcoal grills are resistant to sticking. They come seasoned with oil that protects it from rusting. 

The heat retaining ability of cast iron makes it easier to keep the food warm after cooking. 

Features of Cajun Cookware charcoal grill

  1. Cajun Cookware charcoal grill is a compact grill suitable for small families and for camping.
  2. This charcoal grill is round in shape with a diameter of 15 (14 ½) inches on the surface. The total cooking space is 468 sq inches. The grill is 8 inches high and weighs about 40 pounds. 
  3. The grill is completely made of cast iron to add flavor to the food. The cast iron grill is pre-seasoned for ready to use.
  4. The grates in the grill are replaceable. The replacement grates are easily available from the online stores.
  5. This Cajun Cookware charcoal grill gets a strong comparison with the Lodge grill. In comparison, the Cajun charcoal grill gives s tough fight for the leading brand. 
  6. The grill is made in China but has some strong quality to its name. The reviews from the customers say it as much. 
  7. You can also put on a pot over the grill for the slow cooking requirement. 
  8. The grill comes with wooden handles but recommends the use of heavy-duty gloves for safety purposes. The cast iron grill can be really hot to touch.
  9. Care must be taken not to place the grill directly on the wooden surfaces or anything that is inflammable. It is better to prefer the concrete or granite over the wood for the placement. 
  10. The grill has a metallic handle that is folded to the side while cooking. Even the handle gets hot so be careful.
  11. The charcoal loading can be a bit tricky. It cannot be done without disturbing the food on the top. There is a small window opening through which you can load the fuel and replace the door. The coal grate is V-shaped right in the center so there is a possibility of some hot spot on the cooking grate.

What comes with the product?

The Cajun Cookware round seasoned cast iron charcoal Hibachi grill comes with the entire set up. The equipment is nothing but a large pot that has a facility to accommodate the charcoal and a cooking grate at the top. There are no chimneys to let the smoke out. 

There is the porcelain coated cooking grate that is seasoned. There is the removable ash pan underneath. There are 2 openings at the bottom part for airflow. The product comes as a single piece with the exception of the cooking grate. 

There is only one grate with the product but you could get the replacement with the code GL10447H from Amazon. 

Cajun Cookware Hibachi grill reviews

  • Mitchell-“The grill is larger than what it looks in the pic. I felt it is less heavy than anticipated. I read comments that it is heavier, but for me, it was fine.”
  • David-“The grill size is just right for me. It is neither big nor small.”
  • A customer-“This grill is highly convenient to make a decent meal for a few people. It is cheaper to fuel than the usual grills. You get the same flavor and sear for the foods grilled. It is a grill for the grill lovers!”
  • Jones-“It has a larger surface area and ideal for homemade pizza and burgers. I have also used it as a cooker for the cast iron skillet for veggies and fish. It makes an ideal homemade brisket smoker that does not choke you up.”
  • Windy-“This grill works well with the hardwood charcoal stuff. You need to maintain it well. Never leave it in the open in the rain and remember to oil it regularly. It will last longer. Trust me; I have been cooking on cast iron for years. I bought this grill from Amazon and have got a decent one.”
  • Linda-“This grill has enough space to cook and feed a feast for at least 4 people. We have been using it for 4 years now. We never had any complaint with this grill. We ran out of charcoal once and used the wood chunks. It worked just fine. This simplifies outdoor cooking.”

Maintaining cast iron grills

  • The cast iron grills such as the Cajun Hibachi grill has porcelain coating over the grates. It does not suit to use soapy water over it. Using abrasive material for cleaning can cause scratches on the surface.
  • You can use baking soda and vinegar to clean the grates. Use a soft bristles brush or scrub to cleanout. You will also get special brush-like materials to clean the grates.
  • You need to clean the grates when it is still warm to get the leftover food scraped off easily. 
  • Wipe it clean with vinegar or water. Use a kitchen towel to rub in cooking oil all over the grates and also on the whole grill to maintain and protect from rusting. 
  • Keep it away from moisture and water. 


Grilling is a fun activity but can consume time and fuel. The charcoal can provide the same heat and last longer than gas or electricity. To make things simple the Cajun Cookware Hibachi charcoal grill makes things easier. It lets you cook with charcoal or wood pieces that are available. The only thing to be sure is to maintain it well. It will reward you with a long-lasting grill that is easier to handle and maintain.  

Barbeque Grills

Fire Magic Electric Grills Manual, Use, Reviews

Electric grills are easier to handle, maintain, and take with you on trips on the water. The Fire Magic electric grills come in 2 varieties, on the tabletop and the other on a pedestal. These electric grills are all that are needed by you on any day. you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy the grilled food. 

The electric grills do not emit smoke and are completely safe even in an apartment that has restrictions. It does not occupy much space like the conventional barbecue grills. You have more ease with these grills than any other.  You can use it for all types of cooking styles, just like the usual BBQ grill. 

Benefits of electric grill

  • The main advantage of an electric grill is its versatility in using indoors and outdoors. It is one of the rare grills that are safe inside all homes, including apartments. Apartments with smoke detectors are not safe for conventional grilling as the smoke from the BBQ can set off the alarm system. The electric grills have no such problems. You can cook the food and forget about the smoke.
  • Electric grills are economical in the sense that you don’t have to regularly spend on the gas. Whether it is natural gas or propane gas, you have to refill them and pay for it each time. Electricity is readily available at home so you don’t have to do any refueling. 
  • Convenient for small space apartments and condos. The electric grills are compact in size and do not occupy much space. 
  • They are portable and light-weighted. It can be carried on boat rides, camping, and tailgating. It can be used anywhere, as long as you have an electric port available nearby.
  • Cleaning the electric grills is easier than in other grills. There are no chars or ashes to clean up. All that is left would be food scraps that can be cleaned easily. 
  • The price of electric grills would be much more affordable in comparison. 
  • Finally, electric grills are safer for the environment as it does not emit the carbon monoxide like that in the charcoal. Just saying!

Fire Magic electric grill features

There are 2 electric grills available from Fire magic. The basic features of the grills are the same. They differ in their positioning and with the pedestal availability. 

The body

The grilling surface is 15 ½ inches with a depth of 16 ¼ inches. The whole body is made of stainless steel with a stylish contemporary finish to the equipment. Even the cooking grids are made of stainless steel. The body is 14 inches high. 

The body has triple wall insulation to keep the heat inside and not radiating outside the body. There is also the well-insulated double walled lid to it. 

The grill provides an overall area of 252 sq inches of cooking space. 

Heating and cooking

The heating element is larger so that it gets heated up fast and stays hotter for the cooking. The high intensity of heat ranges up to 725 degrees and more. There is also a precision thermostatic control system to regulate the temperature and to attain accuracy in cooking. the temperature control system can be read on the digital display. There is also the backlight for the thermometer for easy finding or reading when the lights are out in the room. 

Smart device

The Fire Magic electric grills are smarter that has a digital timer so you can set the time for cooking and the device shuts off itself when done. 

The Fire Magic Electric grill has got the cool-to-touch handle that is gripped easily. The devie is equipped to have a 2 hour safety shut-off within 2 hours. 

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning these electric grills are easy as it has the tilt-up the heating element. When you have this tilted up you get enough space to clean out the bottom of the interiors. The liners inside the grill are all removable. They can be removed, cleaned, dried, and replaced with ease. These lines are also dishwasher safe. 

There is a drip tray underneath that can be removed for cleaning. It reduces the mess inside the grill. 


The device works on 110 V AC current. It can be used at homes, condos, apartments, and boats, etc where the open flame is prohibited. You can have the equipment as a table-top one or get a pedestal to use it as a free-standing grill. You have the option to add a rotisserie kit with the product. 


The device would not work under a temperature of 40 degree Fahrenheit. 

Fire Magic electric grills

As mentioned you will get 2 varieties of this electric grill. You can have the table top or the free standing model. They are

  1. Fire Magic electric grills E250S is the one standing on the patio post. This equipment weighs about 76 lbs and stands on the provide pedestal in the same color as the body. This model also has 2 shelves on either side of the grills as workspace. The end length of this Fire Magic electric pedestal grill will be 42 inches from one side to the other when the shelves are up. These shelves are foldable. When they are folded, you have a length of 25 inches from side to side. You will easily get this product online form popular stores like Amazon. 
  2. Fire Magic E250T electric tabletop grill: The Fire Magic electric tabletop grill can be conveniently placed on the counter or the table. It does not have a stand or pedestal to keep on. There also are no shelves with this. It comes just with the grill. 

Fire Magic Electric grill review

The Fire Magic E250S electric grill review show that this electric grill is a decent one with a stylish look. Users say that it can be used for any speed cooking with the convenient temperature control and adjustment. In fact, it is the closest that one can get to a gas grill. When you have a prohibition on the gas grills in the apartment, this Fire Magic electric grills are your go-to-grill. 

The installation is easy and the foldable shelf takes only a jiffy. The only complaint is that there are no port to hook the extra length of the cord. 

Fire Magic electric grill cover

You will get the Fire Magic electric grill cover to cover your grill, whether it is the patio post or the tabletop grill.  The cover is black in color and the fabric is water resistant. The material is breathable and gets dry faster after getting wet or moist. The cover suits only for the Fire Magic electric grills.


Electric grills have their place in the grilling world. If you are looking for something that has an open flame, this is not for you. If you are looking for something to grill your food, faster and wanting something that tastes like restaurant food. You may not get the traditional woody taste or the smoked flavor, you will have the perfectly grilled steaks and veggies.

Barbeque Grills

SmokinTex Smokers Manual, Reviews, Models

What is your definition of perfectly cooked meat? If it is the moist, pink meat that is moist and readily falls off the bone, then smoking is the best option for you. The old-fashioned pit barbecue has the best bet to get this perfectly cooked and smoked meat. When you have no space for setting up such a BBQ in the backyard or when you have no backyard to speak of, what can you do? You can get the SmokingTex smokers that are made for domestic and commercial purposes. 

SmokinTex smokers make the traditional slow cooking smoked meat or food with the natural flavor of the wood that is delicious. It uses real wood and natural wood smoke for cooking. This low and slow cooking can make the food taste entirely different from your experience. Moreover, you will get smokers for home use as well as for commercial purposes for restaurants, etc. 

About SmokinTex Smokers

The SmokingTex smokers are pre-programmed electric smokers that take the guess work out of the equation. It makes you forget the open fires and the endless smoke when the food is getting ‘smoked’. These are highly insulated cabinet like structures with larger capacity than the ordinary BBQs. Although the temperature range may not be higher, it doesn’t matter, as the smoking is a low temperature slow cooking. 

SmokinTex smokers are made separately for residential and commercial purposes. The body is made of stainless steel with multiple racks inside. The number of racks depends on the model and purpose. You will get 4 varieties for residential smokers and 2 choices for commercial use. 

All Stainless steel residential BBQ electric smokers

  1. SmokinTex 1100 Pro Series BBQ Electric Smoker 
  • The SmokinTex 1100 Pro series electric smoker is easy to use a smoker. You just need to load the wood, place the food, and let it get cooked. It is an automated device that needs no attention while it cooks. 
  • There is a thermostat for temperature control that can be used for a variety of food items. You can cook in the smoke or get a cold smoke for foods like cheese, pasta, etc. 
  • The device is safe enough to use on the patios or inside an RV. It is safe and insulated. It does not get heated up on the outside. It stays cool to touch. 
  • The equipment weighs about 50 pounds but can be moved when placed on the compatible cart available. You can add the accessory wheels as well. it arrives assembled and is ready to use. 
  • There are 3 grills inside. The grills and rails inside are removable. They are easy to clean and can be washed inside the dishwasher as well.
  • You can use the hardwood directly as the fuel. There is no compulsion of using pellets or any special wood types. 
  • The food types that can be smoked inside this Pro series 1100 SmokinTex smoker are beef, seafood, game, poultry, sausage, fish, vegetables, etc. 
  • The device uses 350 watts of power and requires 120V. It has a capacity of 23 lbs per load for its smooth functioning. 
  1. SmokinTex Pro Series residential BBQ electric smoker Model 1400
  • The Pro series model 1400 is larger than the base model. The dimensions are 17 ½ x 21 x 29 inches in width, depth, and height.
  •  This smoker can have a maximum of 5 shelves inside. The product comes with only 3 racks as it is. each rack size would be 14.5 x 14.5 inches. It has a capacity of 38 pounds at a time. 
  • The larger capacity allows more food cooked at the same time. It suits all who have a large family or have a larger crowd to entertain during their parties. 
  • There is a stainless steel drip pan underneath the racks and a wood box. 
  • The unit uses about 700 watts of power. It fires up the wood with the help of a heating element of 10 amp.
  • The 4 legs of the device can have wheels attached to them for the portability. There is also a side shelf near the bottom part of the smoker. 
  • The total weight of the device is approximately 93 pounds. 
  1. SmokinTex  1460 Pro Series BBQ electric smoker
  • The SmokinTex smoker 1460 is slightly larger than the model 1400. It can afford slightly larger shelves, a total of 5 inside it. This model includes an additional seafood grill. The other features are almost the same.
  • A total of 4 grills comes with the product. The grills measure 14.5 x 17.5 inches. 
  • The total capacity of this smoker is 60 pounds or approximately 14 or more ribs on the racks. 
  • There are a total of 7 grill positions that can be adjusted. 
  • The wheels for the smoker device come with the product. These wheels are attached to all 4 legs of the cart. These wheels have a locking facility.
  • This smoker uses break-in wood rather than the hardwood directly. The drip pan is positioned underneath the cabinet, with holes provided.  
  • You will be getting an operating manual with recipes with the product. 
  • The dimensions are 35 x 20.5 x 20.5 inches on the outside and 25 x 18 x 15 inches on the inside. The wheels add 2 inches. 
  1. SmokinTex electric smoker Model 1500
  • SmokinTex smoker model 1500 is one heavy duty smoker and the largest for the residential use. Everything is more in this smoker.
  • You have 8 shelf positions and a total of 4 shelves available with the product. One of the shelves provided is the seafood rack. Each shelf rack is 18 x 18 inches. 
  • The overall dimension is 21 x23 x 41 inches. The smoker weighs 145 lbs. the smoker allows about 1300 sq inches of cooking space inside. 
  • This SmokintTex smoker can have a maximum capacity of 80 pounds of food inside per load. It can alternatively take in 40 pounds of St Louis style ribs. 
  • This smoker work with the help of 2 heating elements inside. Each heat element uses 700 watts. The total power usage is 1400 watts with the heat elements being 15 amp each. 
  • It has the 4 wheels attached to its legs for the portability. 
  • The package includes the operating manual, stainless drip pan and the heavy duty casters. 

All Stainless steel commercial BBQ electric meat smokers

Commercial smokers can be used in restaurants, catering units, food trucks, country clubs, corporate and concession kitchens, lodges, fire stations, etc. They can smoke their food within 2 hours and infuse the wonderful wood flavor to their food. Here are the 2 varieties if the commercial BBQ electric smokers from SmokinTex. 

  1. SmokinTex commercial smoker Model 1500-C
  • This is the smallest but larger than the residential smokers. The commercial use requires more space inside the smoker to get more amount of food ready. 
  • This model 1500-C has a capacity of 112 lbs per load. When using ribs the load could be 54 with 36 racks baby back, or so. 
  • The entire cabinet is made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel. There are a total of 9 rack positions with 6 shelves in the kit. One of the shelves provided is the seafood rack that goes to the top of the smoker. Each of the stainless steel shelf measures 18 x 18 inches. 
  • This model 1500-C smoker utilizes 1400 watts of power with the help of 2 700 watt heat elements. 
  • The steel drip pan and the heavy-duty wheels for the legs are all included in the kit, along with the operation manual with the recipe. 
  • The overall dimension of this SmokinTex smoker is 21 x 23 x 41 inches with a weight of 170 lbs. 
  1. SmokinTex Commercial smoker Model 1500-CXLD
  • The SMokinTex commercial smoker is built to fit the full-size restaurant pans inside it. It has an overall capacity of 120 lbs of heavy cuts with each load or the 54 lbs of ribs and 36 racks of baby backs. This commercial smoker is all steel from all parts with proper insulation that leaves the exterior cool to touch. 
  • The electrical components inside are 2 in number. Each heating element uses a power of 700 watts for a total of 1400 watts per use. 
  • There will be 6 rack shelves coming with the package. The smoker allows 9 different rack positions for convenient cooking with each size of the food. Each rack inside will be 18 sq inches in size. 
  • The major difference in size here from the other commercial smoker from the same brand is the increase in depth. The model 1500-CXLD has a depth of 27 inches to accommodate the cooking pans. The width and height remain the same at 21 inches and 41 inches respectively. 
  • The heavy-duty drip pan is provided in the package along with the wheels to be attached to the legs. The smoker comes ready to use except for the shelves and wheels that need their respective placements. 

Accessories for SmokinTex smokers

The all weather SmokinTex electric smoker cover

An electric smoker cover is highly necessary when you are keeping your equipment in the balcony, patio, or near the pool. You will get the suitably sized all weather SmokinTex smoker cover for each model of the residential smokers. Each cover is made of heavy-duty material and can resist all types of weather. 

Needless to say that it resists water and protects it from rain and winter. You can add the covers along with the model of smoker that you purchase. 

Pro Series cold smoke plate

The cold smoke plate is another of the available accessory. You will get a suitable cold smoke plate for each model of SmokinTex smoker. These plates can be used for smoking the pasta, cheese, salads, salsa, etc. Just make sure that the size fits your model. 

SmokinTex smoker jerky dryer

When you want your jerky to be dry, it is difficult with the smoker. The smokers leave the meat moist and the moisture locked inside. You can make use of the jerky dryer to dry the meat or chicken. You may place this dryer on any SmokinTex smoker hole. The exhaust fan inside the dryer dries out the moisture. 

SmokinTex smoker cart

Using the SmokinTex smoker cart will not only increase the height of the device but you will have better access inside the smoker. You don’t have to bend down too much. Additionally, you will have the extra space for the prepared food, ready to do inside the smoker, or for keeping any accessories nearby. This SmokinTex smoker stand has got 2 shelves and a side shelf as well. It has 4 lockable wheels also. This cart is suitable for the models 1100 and 1400. 

Additional information

SmokinTex smokers have got a 2 full year warranty. They have better capacity than other smokers from different brands. The full stainless steel body makes it more durable than other smoker types that use plastic and other materials. 

The break-in wood and the operating manuals are added with each model. 

When you need any SmokinTex smoker parts or additional accessories such as the thermostat or the heating element, you need to call the customer service to place the order. These are not directly available in the market. 

While using the smokers, no matter which model it is, line the bottom of the smoker with aluminum foil neatly. Remember to poke holes wherever necessary to let the liquid down to the drip pan underneath the cabinet. This helps you with easy cleaning after the cooking is done. Simply take the foil layer away and the cleaning can be done quickly. 

The temperature range inside these smokers is 100-250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Suitable wood types that can be used with SmokinTex smokers are Alder for sweet flavor, cherry for the fruity taste, Hickory for the strong flavor, Maple for veggies, Mesquite for good smoking but can give a bitter taste, Oak gets you a woody taste but great for briskets and Pecan for the cool and subtle taste. 

You will get the SmokinTex smoker recipes with the product. The recipes include some wonderful dishes and instructions for the smoking turkey in a SmokinTex smoker or the cold smoke plate instructions etc. 

The SmokinTex smokers can be used as a BBQ smoker oven or simply as meat smokers. 

SmokinTex Electric smoker review

SmokinTex smoker reviews are available for the most popular models- 1400 and 1100. Both of these models are available online from Amazon and other stores. From Amazon you will get different packages for the same.

As for the reviews, the SmokinTex electric smoker reviews shows that the products are all satisfactory. The reviews say that it is a good quality smoker at an economical price. It is more the residential smokers that are in demand. It has become a major hit among the city folks who do not bet enough opportunity for ‘smoking’ their food at homes. 

The smaller smokers are available at a decent price that many have even bought it as gifts. The ease to clean up and no mess with the ash has added to the charm of these smokers. The best part is that there have been no complaints and there are users who have been using these smokers for many years now. 


You can easily smoke any amount of food without much trouble when you have the SmokinTex smokers at home or in your workplace. The versatility of cold and hot smoking has increased its value. You will not regret getting one for you. 

Barbeque Grills

AOG Gas Grills Parts, Reviews, Instructions

AOG- American Outdoor Grills makes some awesome looking stylish and convenient gas grills. These all stainless steel gas grills come with all the basic features for an effortless grilling and options to add a few features and make it is more comfortable for you. There is nothing fancy about these gas grills, just the basic necessities in stylish models. 

You can find different types of AOG gas grills- portable, post grills as well as the built-in grills. You can also see the further categorization into T series and L series that are slightly different form each other. Let’s have a look at what they all are. 

Features of American Outdoor Grills

  • The gas grills are made of heavy duty 18 gauge stainless steel. The stainless steel vaporizer panel evenly distributes the heat. 
  • All the grills can have an optional brass side burner that comes on the side shelf. The side burner provides 12,000 BTUs and is flush mounted. There is also the option to add the rotisserie back burner that gives 10,000 BTUs.
  • Inside the grill, there is a flare reducing plate installed that reduces the flare ups and keep the cooking less risky and easier.  
  • There are 2 halogen 12 volt, internal over lamps. 
  • The internal burner and the warming rack makes up the interior of these gas grills.
  • There will be an analog thermometer attached for the temperature control. Brass valves are used for the temperature control. 
  • All the portable grill models have the side shelves on both sides of the grill. 
  • There is storage underneath the grill with special space for the gas cylinder. The legs of the grill have got wheels that make it portable. 
  • Except for the side shelves, the portable AOG gas grills come assembled. 
  • There are 3 varieties for the portable gas grills. The gas grills differ in their size and available cooking space inside. There also are a few additional features for the sizes. The basic features of the portable AOG gas grills are, 

L series and T series of AOG gas grills

It is the ignition that makes the different from the L series to the T series. 

  • In the L series the ignition is a push button style with the 12 volt electric system. You need the 110V plug-in electrical supply with 12 volt transformer. 
  • In the T series, the ignition is done by the push-to-light piezo system that does not use electric power or batteries. This gives a clean look for the front panel with just the knobs and you don’t have to worry about the battery replacement. 

American Outdoor Grills gas grill sizes

The AOG gas grills are available in 3 sizes of 24 inches, 30 inches and 36 inches sizes with the similar features for the same sizes but having the different ignition systems according to the series. The 3 sizes of the gas grills are,

American Outdoor Grills varieties

There are 3 varieties of AOD gas grills available- portable, built-in and post or patio type. Each type of the gas grill is available in L-series as well as in T series. Not all sizes are available with each type. 

The portable and built-in AOG gas grills are available in all the 3 sizes, while the post/patio gas grills are available only in the smallest size of 24 inches. All the gas grills have the similar features in the same series. 

You need to opt for the additional feature at the time of purchase. These features cannot be added later in time. Let us see the models of each variety of the AOG gas grills. You need to add the rotisserie and side burner at the time of purchase, if you need it, select the gas type- propane or natural gas and the optional grill cover for its protection.

Portable AOG gas grills

  1. 24 inches gas grill This is the smallest of the 3 grill sizes. It has a cooking space of 432 sq inches with the cooking grid being 24 x 18 inches in size. The grilling surface produces 32,000 BTUs, when the side burner and back burner are added you can get a total of 54,000 BTUs.  This has a total dimension of 50 x 58 x 24 ½ inches in width, height, and depth.
  2. 30” gas grill This is the medium sized grill with larger size but not overly large. The cooking grids in this gas grill are 30 x 18 inches in size that allows a cooking space of 540 sq inches. The grilling area generates 45,000 BTUs and with the additional it can be raised to 67,000 BTUs. It has the dimensions of 56 x 58 x 24 ½ inches.
  3. 36” gas grill: This is the largest portable grill in the AOG L series gas grills. It has a total grilling space of 648 sq inches over the large cooking grids of the size 36 x 18 inches. The grilling surface makes 50,000 BTUs with an option of raising it to 74,000 BTUs. The largest gas grill would be 62 ¼ x 58 x 24 ½ inches.

The L-series gas grills are available with the model names,

  • American Outdoor grill 24” portable L series gas grill: 
  • American Outdoor 30” portable L series gas grill 
  • American Outdoor Grill 36” portable L series gas grill

The T-series model names are

  • American Outdoor Grill 24” portable T-series gas grill
  • American Outdoor grill 30” portable T series gas grill
  • American Outdoor Grill 36” portable T-series gas grill 

The size is the same for both the series. 

Built-in AOG gas grills

With the built-in gas grills, you have all the 2 sizes of gas grills available. In addition to the common add-ons, you have the option to add the insulating liner with the gas grill when purchasing.

American Outdoor Grill insulating liner is the heat dispersing equipment placed under the grills or the grill in mounted on this liner. His liner is used for the built-in gas grills that are mounted on the islands that are made of combustible materials. The need for this liner is that there is no insulation at the back of the AOG gas grills and it is needing a clear space of 8 inches for safety. When that is not able to meet, you will need this insulating liner for safety.

  • 24 inches built-in gas grill has a grilling space of 414 sq inches. The coking grates are 23 x 18 inches in size. You can get the 32,000 BTUs straight away or have a maximum of 42,000 with the addition of the back burner. The dimensions are 24 ½ x 8 ½ x 19 ½ inches in width, height and depth. 
  • 30” built-in gas grill: The cooking grates here are 29 x 18 inches in size adding to the 522 sq inches of grilling space. The main burners will give you 40,000 BTUs that can be increased to the 50,000 BTUs level with the back burner. The size of this gas grill would be 30 ½ x 8 ½ x 19 ½ inches. 
  • 36” built-in gas grill is 36 7/8 x 8 ½ x 19 ½ inches in size. The cooking grates are 35 x 18 inches in size with a total grilling space of 630 sq inches. The BTU limits are either 48,000 or 58,000 according to the choices. 

AOG built-in T series gas grills

  • American Outdoor Grill 24” built-in T series gas grill 
  • American Outdoor Grill 30” built-in T series gas grill 
  • American Outdoor Grill 36” built-in T series gas grill 

AOG built-in L series gas grills

  • American Outdoor Grill 24” built-in L series gas grill 
  • American Outdoor Grill 30” built-in L series gas grill 
  • American Outdoor Grill 36” built-in L series gas grill 

AOG gas grills Post grills

The Post and patio grills are small in size that suits the need of a small apartment or condo. There is only one size available at 24 inches. You can have it in the T series or L series. The difference is also in the post. You can have either the in-ground post or the patio post that has a base. 

The In-ground model is cemented into the ground or floor while the patio posts can be bolted to the floors or ground. You can add the rotisseries system and back burner to it, along with the grill cover of suitable size. You will also need to choose the gas type when choosing the product. 

  • The post or patio grills from AOG gas grills have the same basic features.
  • There is the main cooking space, with the additions you will get a back burner as well. There is also the warming rack inside the grill.
  • The side shelves add to the work space. 
  • Here you can get a timer that automatically shuts off the system after 3 hours. 
  • The total space of the grilling area would be 414 sq inches on the 23 x 18 inches cooking grid. You would get a total of 32,000 BTUs from this gas grill. 
  • The size of the gas grills would be 50 x 59 x 24 ½ inches for grills. 
  • The base plate dimensions for the patio post variety would be 24 /12 x 17 inches. 

The models are,

  • American Outdoor Grill 24” In-ground Post T series gas grill
  • American Outdoor Grill 24” Patio Post T series gas grill
  • American Outdoor Grill 24” In-ground Post L series gas grill
  • American Outdoor Grill 24” Patio Post L series gas grill

AOG gas grill parts

When you need the AOG gas grill parts and other accessories, you will easily get it from their online shop. The available parts are the backburner knob, control panel for the back burner and side burner, drip tray with match holder, igniter module for backburner and side burner, infrared burner kit, main burner, burner electrode, main burner knob, natural gas connector hose, power supply with connector, propane regulator with hose etc. You will also get the cooking grates, warming racks, different valves, vaporizing panel kit and the wiring harness extension as well. 

The replacements are also available for the halogen light bulb,  burners, convertible regulator, drip tray heat shield, hood thermometer, igniter switch, light lens, light switch, the side shelf with the burner, hood, wiring harness, 

AOG gas grill manual

Every product of the American Outdoor Grills would have the AOG gas grill manual. The manual explains the proper installation, safety measures, and other details of each product that it comes with. Though the portable and patio post grills are assembled and almost ready to use, you need to know what goes where and how to do the troubleshooting. 

AOG gas grills review

The AOG gas grill reviews show that there are no flare ups and the product claims are all well matched. The price is the greatest of all. The AOG gas grills are available at a decent and justified price. Even if the price is felt high, it makes up with its performance. It works great like any high end grill model. 

The AOG gas grills have a decent warranty period within which you can replace any damaged parts for free. The burners and grill parts have a warranty period of 10-15 years. 


AOG gas grills are the basic grills with nothing special about it. It does have a better heat distribution and has a fair amount of BTUs as well. The BTUs may seem lower in comparison with other grills but when you just need the basic grill, these American Outdoor Grills gas grills are your go-to grill. The stellar make with the heavy-duty stainless steel makes it suitable for all types of homes and condos. It blends well with the décor. It also has an excellent grease management system that makes cleaning easier. 

Barbeque Grills

Broil King Gas Grills Reviews, Features, Products

For a person who is ardent about grilling needs a professional grill that can be versatile and flexible with the gas fuel choices. The Broil King Gas grills fulfill this requirement. Broil King gas grills are made in stylish forms in different sizes and capacities to perform various cooking types like grilling, smoking, and even baking your goods.  You can get them 7 different series that offers different grill sizes. You can choose them according to your needs. There are a total of 7 series of Broil King gas grills. You can get them in stylish silver color or in the royalty of black color. 

Features of Broil King Gas grills

  • All the Broil King Gas grills has got the commercial grade burners and most of them also have the rotisserie burner with a kit as well. 
  • The large sized grills contain a warming rack that is porcelain coated. The cookbox is made of Therma-cast for thermal efficiency. 
  • The cooking space is divided into 2 in the Imperial series while it is the one common space in other series. Professional cast stainless steel.
  • The total number of burners varies from 3-6, depending on the gas grill series. The burners are made of stainless steel with the Dual-Tube facility.
  • The cooking system is equipped with the Flav-R-Wave system.
  • The gas flow has better control with the Linear-flow valves with the 180 degree sensi-touch control. 
  • The temperature control is done with the Deluxe Accu-Temp thermometer. 
  • All the Broil King Gas grills has the drop-down side shelves. The shelves have drawers depending on the size. All of them have the hooks attached to them so that you can hang the needed tools on them. 
  • All the Broil King Gas grills are portable with the casters attached to them. The casters are of the same size for the larger grills. The smaller grills have one set of 2 large wheels or another set of smaller casters. 
  • The Broil King portable gas grills use either propane gas or the natural gar as the fuel source. You need to select the gas type while purchasing. The fuel type is not interchangeable. Some of the smaller grills are fuel specific in make. 
  • You will get suitable Broil King grill covers to protect them from the outside weather. The grill covers are specific to the grill type. 
  • These gas grills also have the 10 year warranty on the cook box. The burners and the remaining parts also have the warranty that lasts for 5 years and 2 years respectively. All the parts of these gas grills are made of rust resistant materials for its longevity. 
  1. Broil King Gas grill Imperial series

The Imperial series has the largest grills of the Broil King Gas grills. You may find 3 varieties of gas grills in this series- Imperial XLS, Imperial XL Black, and the Imperial 590. 

a. Broil King Gas grill Imperial XLS

  • Broil King Gas grill Imperial XLS is the largest grill from this brand. With 6 burners and a cooking space of 1000 sq inches and an additional side burner you will be easily able to grill and bake food for a small army.  
  • The entire cooking space is divided into a large cookbox and a separate small cookbox. These 2 cook boxes have the individual lid. The side burner is on the left shelf. 
  • The total output from these main burners would be 60,000 BTUs. The side burner provides 10,000 BTUs and the warming rack and rotisserie provides the additional 15,000 BTUs. 
  • The propane model comes with a pull-out tank drawer. For the natural gas, 10 ft hose is provided. 
  • There are built-in lights in the cook box as well as on the control knobs. 
  • The cabinets underneath have ample space for storage. You will be getting 2 large ones on the sides and 2 drawers in the middle. You can also keep the spice bottles or sauces in the side shelf storage space provided. 
  • The lid closes with the roll action. There are 6 casters attached that are 3 inches in diameter and have locking facility provided for the front casters. 
  • The grill dimensions are 49.2 x 24.8 x 76 inches and the cooking surface is 19.25 x 37.96 inches. The grill weighs about 313 pounds. 
  • The Broil King Gas grill Imperial XLS is silver color in appearance that adds style to your outdoor kitchen and is suitable for the contemporary kitchens. 

b. Broil King Gas grill Imperial XL Black 

The Broil King Gas grill Imperial XL Black is the same as the XLS type. Only here, the exterior of the gas grill is all black. You can see the silver color in the knob areas and also on the side shelves surface as well as on the handles of the cabinet doors. Every feature and dimension is the same as the other one. The Broil King gas grill Imperial XL Black suits the monotone kitchens. 

c. Broil King Gas grill Imperial 590 

  • This is the second largest gas grill from Broil King. This gas grill has got 5 burners as the single unit. There is no division of the cook box. The 5 burners provide an output of 55,000 BTUs with the additional 10,000 from the side burner and 15,000 BTUs from the rotisseries unit. 
  • The total cooking space is 875 sq inches with 625 sq inches of the primary coking space and the rest on the warming rack above. 
  • This gas grill stands on 4 legs and each having casters attached to it. 
  • There is cabinet space under the cooking space. There is one cabinet with a door and 2 drawers one above the other on the other half. 
  • The side shelves are pull-down with one having the side burner on it. Both the shelves have drawers and tool hooks attached to them.
  • You can have either the propane or the natural gas the fuel source. The propane gas option comes with the design to have the 20 lb tank. The tank is not provided with the product. 
  • The dimensions of this Broil King Gas grill Imperial 590 are 49.2 x 24.8 x 68.7 inches. The cooking surface is 19.25 x 31.89 inches. The grill weighs about 257 lbs for the Propane type and 254 for the natural gas variety. 
  1. Broil King Gas grill Regal series

The Broil King Regal gas grills are slightly smaller than the Imperial series but having the similar features as like the other. There are a total of 5 varieties of gas grills in 2 color choices. You will have a total of 9 gas grills to choose from this series. 

  1. Regal XL Pro is the largest in this series with 6 burners and 1000 sq inches of cooking space. There also are the side burners, warming rack, and rotisserie unit. The cooking space is divided into 2 cook boxes, one large, and one small with individual lids. This gas BBQ grill has 3 cabinets underneath. The side shelves have one drawer each with tool hooks. The dimensions are 49.2 x 24.8 x 70 inches. The weight of the grill is 255 lbs or 251 for the propane gas and natural gas variety respectively. The Broil King Regal XL Pro is available in black color and the Broil King Regal XLS Pro comes in silver color finish.
  2. Broil King Regal 590 Pro gas grill and the Broil King regal S590 Pro are the next in this series. The only difference between these 2 is their color. The S590 is in silver color finish while the 590 Pro is in black. The Regal 590 Pro gas grills have 5 burners that together give you 55,000 BTUs. There is the standard Broil King side burner and the rotisserie burner attached to these grills as well. The total cooking space available is 625 sq inches. Add in the porcelain coated warming rack, you will have the total cooking space of 875 sq inches inside the grill. Dimensions are 49.2 x 24.8 x 62.5 inches with a weight of 217 or 214 lbs.  
  3. Broil King Regal S490 Pro and Regal 490 Pro: The Regal 490 Pro gas grills are available in 2 standard colors. The total cooking space inside the single unit grill is 500 sq inches from the 4 burners. There is also the additional warming rack inside, the side burner on the side as well as a rotisserie rack. It uses either the Propane gas or the natural gas as fuel source. The height and width are the standard size for the Broil King gas grills. Here the length of the grill would be 56.3 inches from side to side. The total weight of the unit would be 188 or 187 lbs depending on the fuel type chosen. 
  4. Broil King Regal S440 Pro is a small unit for grilling. It is available only in the silver finish. The grill contains 4 burners with 10,000 BTUs each. The cooking space is 500 sq inches on the grid. The size or dimension of this grill is the same as the Regal units at 49.2 x 24.8 x 56.3 inches. It differs mainly in its weight at 186 or 180 lbs and the lack of a rotisserie unit inside the grill. You will be getting only the main burners, warming rack and the side shelf with this model. 
  5. Broil King Regal S420 Pro and regal 420 Pro is the smallest available gas grills from this brand. This small unit if grill contains 4 burners and a warming rack inside the grilling area. It has got 2 side shelves but no side burner. The total cooking space is enough at 500 sq inches that is fueled by either propane or natural gas. The dimensions are the same as the other small units. The weight of the grill here is just 178 or 173 lbs, the lightest of all. 
  1. Broil King Gas grill Baron Series

The Broil King Baron gas grills are available in 9 models. The cooking space available here ranges from 330-500 sq inches. These are more compact grills with most of the facilities provided from the brand. 

  1. Broil King Baron 590 grills are available in silver with the Baron S590 and the black model in the name Baron 590. The grills have got 5 burners, a side burner, and a rotisserie burner. The cooking space available is 555 sq inches, on the main burner. There is also a warming rack inside. You have a choice with the fuel type. The length of the grill is 63.5 inches from one end to the other with the total weight being 185/188 lbs for the propane unit and natural gas unit respectively. The cooking surface is 17.48 x 32.21 inches. 
  2. Broil King Baron S490 is available in silver finish. There are 4 burners, side burner, warming rack, and a rotisserie with thus unit. The cooking space is 444 sq inches son the grid and 200 sq inches on the warming rack. You can use propane or natural gas for this gas grill unit. The length if the unit is 57 inches. It weighs 158 lbs and 157 lbs for the propane and the natural gas units respectively. 
  3. Broil King Baron S440 and Broil King Baron 440: Here you will be getting 4 burners, a warming rack, and a side burner. There is no rotisserie unit. The cooking space is 444 sq inches. The length of the unit is 57 inches and weighs 154 lbs for all grills in this model. You still have the choice with the fuel type.  
  4. Broil King Baron S420 and Baron 420 gas grills have just the 4 burners and a warming rack inside it. There are no side burners or the rotisserie unit. The cooking space available is 444 sq inches. It has the side shelves and 2 cabinets underneath. The unit is 57 inches long with a weight of only 150 lbs. You can choose either the propane gas or the natural gas for fuelling. 
  5. Broil King Baron S320 and Baron 320 are the smallest units of this series. It comes with just 3 burners and a cooking space of only 330 sq inches. The cooking surface is 17.48 x 19.12 inches. There are no additional burners in this.  There is a warming rack inside the grill. There is only a single cabinet underneath the grill. It still has all the features of the Broil King gas grills. The length of the unit is only 50 inches and weighs only 124/125 lbs. 
  1. Broil King Gas grills Sovereign Series 

The Broil King Sovereign gas grill series has got a variety of combination with the basic features. There are only 4 models in this series but is wider with options. 

  1. Sovereign XLS 90 is a standalone model that has 4 burners, a side burner, a rotisserie unit, and a warming rack. It is available in a combination of silver and black in finish. The total cooking space is 600 sq inches on the grids that are 34 x 17.12 inches in size. There are 2 sets of wheels for this unit. The larger wheels are 8 inches and the smaller ones are 3 inches in diameter. The side shelves have the spice rack and the tool hooks on them. The dimensions of the grill are 50.4 x 24.4 x 65 inches with a weight or 196 or 199 lbs for the propane and natural gas models respectively. 
  2. Sovereign XLS 20 has 4 burners but there is no side burner or the rotisserie unit. The cooking space is at 600 sq inches with the foldable side shelves, spice rack and tool hooks. The size is the same as the Sovereign XLS 90 but lighter in weight at 184 or 183 lbs. There are 2 cabinets with steel doors. It has a larger warming rack that is 400 sq inches in size. It also has the 2 sets of wheels. 
  3. Sovereign 90 is what you will be finding ideal when you requirements are a medium sized burner, warming rack, side burner, and a rotisserie unit. Here you will be getting 3 burners and a cooking space of 450 sq inches on the grid and a warming rack of 325 sq inches. The 2 sets of wheels are 7 inches and 2.5 inches in diameter. The dimensions of this grilling unit would be 50.4 x 24.4 x 56.5 inches with a weight of 148 or 149 lbs. 
  4. Sovereign 20 is the smallest in this series. With 4 burners there is ample cooking space at 450 sq inches. But there are no side burner and rotisserie units. You have the side shelves with storage facility and a double door cabinet underneath. The wheel sizes here are 7 and 2.5 inches that carry a weight of 145-146 lbs in it. The dimensions of this unit would be 50.4 x 24.4 x 56.5 inches. 
  1. Broil King Gas grills Signet Series

The Broil King Signet Series has 4 models of gas grills that differ only slightly from each other. 

  1. Broil King Signet 90 gas grill with rear rotisserie is the largest of the 4 models here. The Signet 90 has 3 burners, a side burner, a rotisserie unit, and a warming rack that makes it a complete package. The cooking space on the grids is 400 sq inches. The warming rack allows about 235 sq inches. The double door cabinet and pull down side shelves are standard with the brand. The finish of the grilling unit is silver-black combination. The wheels are 7 and 2.5 inches in size. The dimensions are 48.4 x 23.2 x 56.5 inches with a weight of just 138/141 lbs for the propane and natural gas units respectively. 
  2. Broil King Signet 70 gas grill is almost like the 90 model. The only difference here is that there is no side burner; instead you get the simply flat side shelf on either side. It has the warming rack and the rotisserie unit attacked inside. The coking space is the same as 400 sq inches. Even the size is the same as the other model. The next difference is in the weight. The Signet 70 weighs 134 and 139 lbs for the propane and natural gas units. 
  3. Broil King Signet 320 and Signet 320B are basically the same. They differ only in their finish. The Signet 320 has silver-black combination in its finish while the Signet 320B is all black from top to bottom. These gas grills have 3 burners and a warming rack but no additional burner options. The cooking space is 400 sq inches on the 3 grids. The dimensions are also the same as the other models in this series. The weight of the grill here would be 140/141 lbs for the propane and natural gas units. 
  1. Broil King Gas grills Monarch Series

The Broil King Monarch gas grill series has the gas grills that have the burners with a power of 10,000 BTUs each. There are 3 units in this series.

  • Broil King Monarch 390 is the largest among this series. There are 3 burners, a side burner, and a rotisserie unit. The cooking space inside is 350 sq inches on the grids and 170 sq inches on the warming rack. There is only a single door cabinet with this unit. There are double sets of wheels that carry the unit with a dimension of 48 x 22 x 51.8 inches. The weight of the gas grill is 120/123 lbs and is available in the black finish. 
  • Broil King Monarch 340 is the same size as the Monarch 390. The difference is that, Monarch 340 does not have a rotisserie unit. It still has 3 burners and a side burner. The total available cook space inside is 520 from the grid and warming rack. The 2 sets of wheels carry the weight if just 114/115 lbs. this gas grill dimensions are 48 x 22 x 51.8 inches. 
  • Broil King gas grill Monarch 320 is the basic unit with just the 3 burners and a warming rack. The cooking space is the same as the other units. There also are the 2 wheel sets and side shelves to it. it comes in the all-black finish as well. It is the same size as the other units in this series but is lightest at 112-113 lbs in weight. 
  1. Broil King Gas grill Gem 

The Broil King Gas grill Gem 320 is the only model in this series. It is the smallest gas grill from Broil King and is just barely movable on the single set of wheels. The wheels are 7 inches in diameter. The gas grill works on only Propane gas. There are 3 burners with an output of just 24,000 BTUs together. The warming rack is 132 sq inches and the cooking space on the grids would be 294 sq inches. It is the smallest and basic gas grill in the black finish. There is no storage cabinet underneath the unit. The dimensions are 42.6 x 21 x 45.3 inches with a weight of just 49.6 lbs. 

Where to buy Broil King gas grills?

You can find several Broil King gas grill dealers across the world. The Broil King gas grills are made in Ontario, Canada as well as in Huntington Indiana and Dickson Tennessee in the USA. The Broil King gas grills are on sale in various countries like Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Singapore etc. You can find the nearest dealer from the official site of the manufacturer. 

Broil King Gas grill parts

The Broil King gas grill replacement parts are readily available in the online market. The replacement parts available are the grill grates, burners, heat tent, grill igniters, control knob, handles, brackets, nuts, warming racks etc. 

The Broil King gas grills accessories are also available are the likes of grill toppers, racks, baking accessories, skewer racks, etc. 

Broil King Gas grills reviews

The Broil King Gas grill reviews show that the Broil King Gas grill Monarch 320 and the Broil King Baron gas grill are the most popular choices. The Monarch 320 being the smallest grill and the Baron being the largest and ideal for home users took the cake from the brand. The Broil King Baron gas grill reviews show that these are the easy to use and can be used for a variety of food. In general, the Broil King gas grills have earned a reputation of good quality grills with great performance and value for the money spent. 

Bottom Line

Broil King Gas grills are surely one of the easy to use gas grills. Most of these grills are flexible with propane or natural gas so you can choose which variety you want. These grills are compact and can be large enough for a decent amount of food cooked in no time. These gas grills may not have the highest BTUs from their burners, but they are no less than other brands in the market.