Athena Deluxe Portable Massage Table

Athena deluxe portable massage table from Custom Craftworks is a splendid construction that has high-end features.

Athena deluxe portable massage table from Custom Craftworks is a splendid construction that has high-end features. This table is one of the best picks if you are a licensed masseur or a client who wants some luxury stuff right at his or her own home. It is an epitome of luxury with top-notch quality. It is a simple creation with every single feature possible.

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This is a best selling portable massage table and one of the favorite picks in most of the luxurious spas and beauty clinics. The table is strong, sturdy, and secure with every detail given a complete finish. It has extra fittings like breast recesses and prenatal feature additions that you can add to the basic package if you like to have them.

Construction Of Athena Deluxe Portable Massage Table

Constructed with first-class Levante, 3-inch Deluxe Wrap foam, topped on a North American hard rock maple base, the Athena has a stunning look and offers sturdy support. It has Reiki style endplates and a dual action headrest that adjusts easily. This table has an armrest shelf and is adjustable to a height range of 25 to 35 inches easily. To hold the table in position this table features a double locking knob at its legs. This table is stable and has greater weight bearing capability. It offers comfort and is easy to maintain.

The high-quality Levante cover is easy to clean and is highly durable. The foam system used is dense and firm that offers total support to the person resting on the table. To add to the comfort factor a medium density cushioning, cradles the body and offers maximum relaxation. The whole table uses an integrated frame system that retains all the movements and allows optimum performance. When the massage takes place it is easy for both the client and masseur to stay put without unnecessary table movements. The base of the table is super solid and built to last long.

Athena Massage Table Best In Terms Of Comfort

Athena massage table has a dual action face rest, which tilts and elevates above the surface of the table. This feature is a great add-on especially when you need more space to rest and relax. It easily accommodates broad chested people and gives a comfortable position for the neck and shoulders. The arc face rest with soft cushion has an apt position such that it does not cause any strain or uneasiness while at massage.

The dual action helps to keep the head in face-up position making it easy for the masseur to do his job. The face rest is lightweight and folds evenly which saves a lot of storage space. This table also has an armrest shelf that helps for joint mobilization and gives a greater access to the shoulder or upper body. Overall, the face rest, dual action, and the armrest gives a complete therapeutic experience by offering a wide range of motion easily.

Prenatal And Breast Recess – Athena Massage Table

If you love to buy the prenatal upgrade, you will get a double benefit. You will get breast and stomach cutouts so that it accommodates your body smoothly. This feature enables expectant mothers, breastfeeding moms, and people with larger bellies to feel at ease. It also includes a padded adjustable sling, which offers support to the round ligaments in the pelvis area. Plugs for the cutouts are included so that you can use it only when needed.

The massage table with breast recess is a great deal for clients who large breasts or implants. It is not just for woman clients but also for males who suffer from shoulder pain and for others who have broad shoulders. The breast recesses improve the comfort factor and help to feel at ease while undergoing massage. The plugs fit in easily and come out easily with a pull.

Storage – Athena Portable Massage Table

This table is simply easy to fold and you can transport it or store it without much issue. It weighs around 34 pounds and is lightweight to carry. If you want to carry it you can do it using the three-pocket carry case which comes with a top carry handle. Again, to make things easier the carry case is detachable over the shoulder carry strap. The shoulder carry strap comes with a pad, which helps to balance the weight while carrying the table around.

The whole compartment has a zippered design on its three sides. This helps in easy loading and unloading of the table whenever needed. The carry case is strong and prevents any damage to the table while at transit. To keep your accessories and massage supplies in an organized fashion you have three outer pockets attached to this table. No more will you have to mess around searching for massage supplies when you keep it next to where you work.

Athena Deluxe Portable Massage Package

The Athena Deluxe Portable Massage Table Package comes with a bag of 25 disposable face rest covers and the main requisite Custom Craftworks Ankle Bolster. You can dispose the face covers after use and they are biodegradable. These face covers are simply easy to use and add comfort to your treatment. The bolster enhances the therapeutic experience by offering support to your body parts.

You have a variety of colors from which you can choose what you like. In addition, you can buy the table according to your desired height, length, and width. It is available is a few different dimensions so that it can suit every individual. If you want, you can add the breast recess and prenatal features to the package and you will have to pay a bit more than the usual price.

Customer Reviews

Athena massage table has excellent customer ratings and positive reviews from therapists and masseurs. Even normal clients love to buy these tables for their home purpose. Custom craftworks are a reputed dealer who sells quality massage accessories to its customers. Athena massage portable table is an awe-inspiring creation with great features.

  • Anonymous therapist says: I received the Athena massage table after doing a lot of research and comparison online. I placed an order and got the best ever table. It has a superb quality and I got a bolster free of charge. The customer service people are excellent as they guided me through the package details. I am looking for more products from custom craftworks in the future.
  • Another client says: This was the best table recommended by an expert masseur whom I know. Therefore, I went forward and ordered one for my personal use. I love the massage table with  breast recess and stomach cutouts as they offer superior comfort and relaxation. It is strong and sturdy and I hope it lasts for long.


From the reviews at various sites and other online portals it is quite clear that this massage table is one of the favorite picks of customers. This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty and the customer support is first class when compared to other products. Overall, this product is worth a try.