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AOG Gas Grills Parts, Reviews, Instructions

AOG- American Outdoor Grills makes some awesome looking stylish and convenient gas grills. These all stainless steel gas grills come with all the basic features for an effortless grilling and options to add a few features and make it is more comfortable for you. There is nothing fancy about these gas grills, just the basic necessities in stylish models. 

You can find different types of AOG gas grills- portable, post grills as well as the built-in grills. You can also see the further categorization into T series and L series that are slightly different form each other. Let’s have a look at what they all are. 

Features of American Outdoor Grills

  • The gas grills are made of heavy duty 18 gauge stainless steel. The stainless steel vaporizer panel evenly distributes the heat. 
  • All the grills can have an optional brass side burner that comes on the side shelf. The side burner provides 12,000 BTUs and is flush mounted. There is also the option to add the rotisserie back burner that gives 10,000 BTUs.
  • Inside the grill, there is a flare reducing plate installed that reduces the flare ups and keep the cooking less risky and easier.  
  • There are 2 halogen 12 volt, internal over lamps. 
  • The internal burner and the warming rack makes up the interior of these gas grills.
  • There will be an analog thermometer attached for the temperature control. Brass valves are used for the temperature control. 
  • All the portable grill models have the side shelves on both sides of the grill. 
  • There is storage underneath the grill with special space for the gas cylinder. The legs of the grill have got wheels that make it portable. 
  • Except for the side shelves, the portable AOG gas grills come assembled. 
  • There are 3 varieties for the portable gas grills. The gas grills differ in their size and available cooking space inside. There also are a few additional features for the sizes. The basic features of the portable AOG gas grills are, 

L series and T series of AOG gas grills

It is the ignition that makes the different from the L series to the T series. 

  • In the L series the ignition is a push button style with the 12 volt electric system. You need the 110V plug-in electrical supply with 12 volt transformer. 
  • In the T series, the ignition is done by the push-to-light piezo system that does not use electric power or batteries. This gives a clean look for the front panel with just the knobs and you don’t have to worry about the battery replacement. 

American Outdoor Grills gas grill sizes

The AOG gas grills are available in 3 sizes of 24 inches, 30 inches and 36 inches sizes with the similar features for the same sizes but having the different ignition systems according to the series. The 3 sizes of the gas grills are,

American Outdoor Grills varieties

There are 3 varieties of AOD gas grills available- portable, built-in and post or patio type. Each type of the gas grill is available in L-series as well as in T series. Not all sizes are available with each type. 

The portable and built-in AOG gas grills are available in all the 3 sizes, while the post/patio gas grills are available only in the smallest size of 24 inches. All the gas grills have the similar features in the same series. 

You need to opt for the additional feature at the time of purchase. These features cannot be added later in time. Let us see the models of each variety of the AOG gas grills. You need to add the rotisserie and side burner at the time of purchase, if you need it, select the gas type- propane or natural gas and the optional grill cover for its protection.

Portable AOG gas grills

  1. 24 inches gas grill This is the smallest of the 3 grill sizes. It has a cooking space of 432 sq inches with the cooking grid being 24 x 18 inches in size. The grilling surface produces 32,000 BTUs, when the side burner and back burner are added you can get a total of 54,000 BTUs.  This has a total dimension of 50 x 58 x 24 ½ inches in width, height, and depth.
  2. 30” gas grill This is the medium sized grill with larger size but not overly large. The cooking grids in this gas grill are 30 x 18 inches in size that allows a cooking space of 540 sq inches. The grilling area generates 45,000 BTUs and with the additional it can be raised to 67,000 BTUs. It has the dimensions of 56 x 58 x 24 ½ inches.
  3. 36” gas grill: This is the largest portable grill in the AOG L series gas grills. It has a total grilling space of 648 sq inches over the large cooking grids of the size 36 x 18 inches. The grilling surface makes 50,000 BTUs with an option of raising it to 74,000 BTUs. The largest gas grill would be 62 ¼ x 58 x 24 ½ inches.

The L-series gas grills are available with the model names,

  • American Outdoor grill 24” portable L series gas grill: 
  • American Outdoor 30” portable L series gas grill 
  • American Outdoor Grill 36” portable L series gas grill

The T-series model names are

  • American Outdoor Grill 24” portable T-series gas grill
  • American Outdoor grill 30” portable T series gas grill
  • American Outdoor Grill 36” portable T-series gas grill 

The size is the same for both the series. 

Built-in AOG gas grills

With the built-in gas grills, you have all the 2 sizes of gas grills available. In addition to the common add-ons, you have the option to add the insulating liner with the gas grill when purchasing.

American Outdoor Grill insulating liner is the heat dispersing equipment placed under the grills or the grill in mounted on this liner. His liner is used for the built-in gas grills that are mounted on the islands that are made of combustible materials. The need for this liner is that there is no insulation at the back of the AOG gas grills and it is needing a clear space of 8 inches for safety. When that is not able to meet, you will need this insulating liner for safety.

  • 24 inches built-in gas grill has a grilling space of 414 sq inches. The coking grates are 23 x 18 inches in size. You can get the 32,000 BTUs straight away or have a maximum of 42,000 with the addition of the back burner. The dimensions are 24 ½ x 8 ½ x 19 ½ inches in width, height and depth. 
  • 30” built-in gas grill: The cooking grates here are 29 x 18 inches in size adding to the 522 sq inches of grilling space. The main burners will give you 40,000 BTUs that can be increased to the 50,000 BTUs level with the back burner. The size of this gas grill would be 30 ½ x 8 ½ x 19 ½ inches. 
  • 36” built-in gas grill is 36 7/8 x 8 ½ x 19 ½ inches in size. The cooking grates are 35 x 18 inches in size with a total grilling space of 630 sq inches. The BTU limits are either 48,000 or 58,000 according to the choices. 

AOG built-in T series gas grills

  • American Outdoor Grill 24” built-in T series gas grill 
  • American Outdoor Grill 30” built-in T series gas grill 
  • American Outdoor Grill 36” built-in T series gas grill 

AOG built-in L series gas grills

  • American Outdoor Grill 24” built-in L series gas grill 
  • American Outdoor Grill 30” built-in L series gas grill 
  • American Outdoor Grill 36” built-in L series gas grill 

AOG gas grills Post grills

The Post and patio grills are small in size that suits the need of a small apartment or condo. There is only one size available at 24 inches. You can have it in the T series or L series. The difference is also in the post. You can have either the in-ground post or the patio post that has a base. 

The In-ground model is cemented into the ground or floor while the patio posts can be bolted to the floors or ground. You can add the rotisseries system and back burner to it, along with the grill cover of suitable size. You will also need to choose the gas type when choosing the product. 

  • The post or patio grills from AOG gas grills have the same basic features.
  • There is the main cooking space, with the additions you will get a back burner as well. There is also the warming rack inside the grill.
  • The side shelves add to the work space. 
  • Here you can get a timer that automatically shuts off the system after 3 hours. 
  • The total space of the grilling area would be 414 sq inches on the 23 x 18 inches cooking grid. You would get a total of 32,000 BTUs from this gas grill. 
  • The size of the gas grills would be 50 x 59 x 24 ½ inches for grills. 
  • The base plate dimensions for the patio post variety would be 24 /12 x 17 inches. 

The models are,

  • American Outdoor Grill 24” In-ground Post T series gas grill
  • American Outdoor Grill 24” Patio Post T series gas grill
  • American Outdoor Grill 24” In-ground Post L series gas grill
  • American Outdoor Grill 24” Patio Post L series gas grill

AOG gas grill parts

When you need the AOG gas grill parts and other accessories, you will easily get it from their online shop. The available parts are the backburner knob, control panel for the back burner and side burner, drip tray with match holder, igniter module for backburner and side burner, infrared burner kit, main burner, burner electrode, main burner knob, natural gas connector hose, power supply with connector, propane regulator with hose etc. You will also get the cooking grates, warming racks, different valves, vaporizing panel kit and the wiring harness extension as well. 

The replacements are also available for the halogen light bulb,  burners, convertible regulator, drip tray heat shield, hood thermometer, igniter switch, light lens, light switch, the side shelf with the burner, hood, wiring harness, 

AOG gas grill manual

Every product of the American Outdoor Grills would have the AOG gas grill manual. The manual explains the proper installation, safety measures, and other details of each product that it comes with. Though the portable and patio post grills are assembled and almost ready to use, you need to know what goes where and how to do the troubleshooting. 

AOG gas grills review

The AOG gas grill reviews show that there are no flare ups and the product claims are all well matched. The price is the greatest of all. The AOG gas grills are available at a decent and justified price. Even if the price is felt high, it makes up with its performance. It works great like any high end grill model. 

The AOG gas grills have a decent warranty period within which you can replace any damaged parts for free. The burners and grill parts have a warranty period of 10-15 years. 


AOG gas grills are the basic grills with nothing special about it. It does have a better heat distribution and has a fair amount of BTUs as well. The BTUs may seem lower in comparison with other grills but when you just need the basic grill, these American Outdoor Grills gas grills are your go-to grill. The stellar make with the heavy-duty stainless steel makes it suitable for all types of homes and condos. It blends well with the décor. It also has an excellent grease management system that makes cleaning easier. 

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