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Allergy Be Gone Products Reviews – Masks

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Why need many products to make allergy be gone?

What do you find at Allergy Be Gone?

  • Allergy Bedding
    • Pillow encasings
    • Mattress and box spring encasings
    • Washable pillows
    • Comforters and mattress pads
    • Mattress, beds, covers, and bed sheets
    • Allergy Travel kits
    • Buggy Beds bed bug trap
  • Air Filtration and Air Cleaners
    • Air filters
    • Air Cleaners
  • Air Conditioners and Electric heaters
    • Air Conditioners
    • Electric Heaters
  • Humidifiers 
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Water filtration 
    • Drinking water filters
    • Shower head filters
    • Whole House water filtration system
    • WaterSafe water test kits
  • Mold Control
  • Respiratory Care
  • Personal Care
  • Face Masks
  • Cleaning Supplies


Allergy can be an irritating obstacle in the lives of many. Though there are many drugs that keep the allergy bouts under check, eliminating it from life is what they all look for. 

Allergy is caused by many factors such as the common dust, pollens, dust mites, and other minute particles in the air. Even a thorough cleaning cannot eliminate them from the indoor atmosphere. It requires an extensive elimination process that covers a wide range of products in the day to day life. Allergy Be Gone is an online brand that specializes in allergy preventing products. You can find all sorts of products that eliminate the allergens, prevents them from affecting us, and also keep us immune to them. 

Why need many products to make allergy be gone?

Many people use air filters to remove the allergens but they have limited reachability. They are either useful for a single room or just for the entire home. What about when people get out of their homes? Even then, they need to have some kind of protection in the form of face masks. These face masks are useful for those with pollen allergy. 

There is a vacuum cleaner that is a must to remove the allergens from many household surfaces. The special kinds of bedding that can resist the accumulation of dust mites or that are washable to maintain the cleanliness and make the sleep peaceful. 

Then there are the humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The atmospheric moisture should be inadequate. It shouldn’t be less or more than necessary. Both extremes are harmful to those with allergies of many kinds. To tackle these problems, Allergy Be Gone offers humidifiers and dehumidifiers. 

The need for these many products together is that the single solution is not a permanent solution. When these products work together, the extent of the allergens in the household or the work space can be reduced drastically. It also helps prevent the allergic bouts than it works with a single solution. The availability of these many products help when you know exactly what is causing the allergy and find the product to eliminate the issue. 

What do you find at Allergy Be Gone?

Allergy Be Gone offers a range of products under the categories like allergy bedding, air filtration, air cleaners, air conditioners, various cleaning supplies, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, electric heaters, mold control products, products that help with respiratory care, personal care, etc, face masks, vacuum cleaners and water filtration systems and accessories. 

Allergy Be Gone makes a one-stop store for all kinds of allergy prevention products and supplies. It makes life easier and does not force you to live WITH allergy instead, makes life without allergies; no matter what causes it. They offer personalized assistance in getting the right tools for your fight against allergy. 

There are both indoor and outdoor using products that offer round the clock protection for the person. These products will keep you and your family safe and healthier in all kinds of climates and weather conditions. 

  1. Allergy Bedding

The bed is the most used item in any household. It is also where you take rest to gain health and energy for the next day. The bedding could also be the most vulnerable item where many allergens also take refuge. It has to be hypoallergenic and easy to wash. It should be able to make a stealth barrier for the sleeping person against the allergens. Allergy Be Gone offers mattress encasings, pillow protectors, washable pillows, comforters, inter liners, travel kits, and bed bug traps for a complete arsenal. 

  1. Pillow encasings

Pillows are the dirtiest things in your home. It is something that many of us don’t wash often enough. They definitely have some expiry dates as well. Unfortunately many have their favorite pillows that they refuse to get rid of. These pillow encasings protect pillows of any age. The old-age pillows can be a hub to many allergens and it is also not possible to eliminate every single one of them from the home. These pillow encasings make a protective barrier against the allergens inside the pillow. The material is soft to touch and cool to feel. 

These Pristine pillow encasings are of basic and premium. The basic variety separates the allergens from the person and the premium is even denser in make to prevent all of the allergens, even the micro allergens. The premium encasings are antimicrobial and keep the mold and mildew also. They are machine washable and close with a zipper. 

  1. Mattress and box spring encasings

It is not just the pillows that need protection from the allergens; the mattress and even the box spring also need a cover over them. They come as economy, basic and premium qualities. The economy is a basic encasing that prevents much of the allergens like dust mites from penetrating. The basic encasement has got a better ability in stopping the allergens. The premium encasings are top quality that can make a barrier against all allergens. 

These encasings come in all sizes to fit the mattresses or box springs. They are also available for the crib mattresses. These encasings keep the sleeper safe from any type of allergic reactions from the allergens or from the mattress itself. 

  1. Washable pillows

There is a range of washable pillows made in different materials. These pillows can also go into the washer every week whenever you change the other bedding items. They are durable and do not become lumpy. They are available in different sizes to suit the mattress sizes. There are polyester, fiber, traditional foam, and contour latex foam pillows as the variety. 

  1. Comforters and mattress pads

There are comforters, mattress pads, comfort covers, and inter liners that go in the comforter. The comforters here are non-allergenic and fully capable of resisting the accumulation of dust or dust mites on them. The comforter covers make double protection. The inter liners here are some unique way of extra protection against the allergy-causing organisms. It is a thin layer of cover immediately over the comforter. The comforter cover comes over this layer. This makes the comforter more comfortable and safer. 

  1. Mattress, beds, covers, and bed sheets

Allergy Be Gone also offers entire bedding range in all sizes. You can select your mattress, box spring, bed sheets or bed covers all from here. All of them are made in hypoallergenic material and soft to feel. The sheets and covers are washable, in hot water also. 

  1. Allergy Travel kits

People suffering from allergies have difficulty while traveling. Those places could be allergenic and cause trouble. This allergy travel kit includes 2 standard pillowcases, one travel pillowcase, flat mattress cover, la[ throw to make the sleeping environment allergy free and safe for them. The flat sheet can be purchased as per the choice, all other inclusions in the kit are of standard size. All of those are washable in hot water and completely hygienic. 

  1. Buggy Beds bed bug trap

Bed bugs can bother anyone, anytime. It does not matter whether you have any allergies or not, one must have protection against these creatures. There are many measurements to eliminate them from the existence of found. They are too tiny that it is not until they populate too much that we catch hold of them. The Buggy Beds bed bug traps are some sticky pads that can go between the mattress and box spring, under the sofa cushions, car cushions, or anywhere the bed bugs can appear. These traps catch them easily. If you notice any of them, it is easier to get the exterminator and eradicate them completely before it can cause any problem. 

  1. Air Filtration and Air Cleaners

Air filters

The air around us is contaminated with god only knows exactly what all. It has all sorts of chemicals and microparticles that can cause various kinds of allergies. Allergy Be Gone has the widest range of products to get the breathing air pure in one way or the other. There are window screens to filter the air right from its entrance; furnace filters to have better air from the furnace, car cabin filters, air conditioners, air purifiers, face masks, etc. 

The window screens allow you to open the windows and let the fresh air in without having to worry about the air particles coming in. the many types of air filters clean the air from the various inlets of air. The furnace filters are available as permanent and disposable. You can get them as per the convenience. 

There also are air conditioner filters and car cabin filters. The car cabin filters will help you have a healthier ride with no allergic reactions as much as possible. Allergy Be Gone has car cabin filters for all leading car brands. The air conditioner filters ensure that the incoming air contains no intruders in it. They reduce the indoor air exposure to pollens and other allergens from outside. Air filters are available for the air vents, refrigerators, and that for the air purifiers as well. 

Air Cleaners

The air cleaners or the air purifiers filter the air through them and let out the fresh allergen-free air to breathe. Breathing air can be the biggest problem for all asthma and allergy patients. They need some respite at their homes and these air cleaners make it a reality. The portable air cleaners can be carried from one room to another, making it easier for the user to have a single device to keep with the person in any room. 

Allergy Be Gone has air cleaners from many leading brands like Austin Air, HoneyWell, Hamilton- Beach, AllerAir, etc. these air cleaners are portable and use high-grade HEPA filters to get maximum benefits. They come in all sizes and shapes to suit your rooms. These air cleaners are suitable for in-home use and also for the industry uses. The replacement filters for these air cleaners are also available here. 

The HEPA filters can remove almost 99% of the air particles and freshen up the indoor air within minutes. The dust, pollens, pet dander, tobacco smoke, chemicals, and spores of mold or mildew, are all eliminated by these air cleaners. 

  1. Air Conditioners and Electric heaters

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners help regulate room temperature which plays an important role in the growth or death of mold and mildew. The air conditioners at Allergy Be Gone have HEPA filters to make maximum air filtration and prevent allergies. These air conditioners can be wall mounting, window mounting, slider casement type, portable, coolers, electric fans, etc. Most leading brands are available from this store along with the necessary accessories. Brands available include GE, Haier, Danby, Kenwood, Friedrich, DeLonghi, etc. 

Most homes can have window air conditioners unless you live in extreme climate areas. The HEPA filter system makes these products suitable for all kinds of homes, especially the old houses that can be a hub for many allergens even after a repeated thorough cleaning. 

Electric Heaters

The olden way of heating the air with forced air can cause more allergens to spread across the room that makes things worse for allergy sufferers. These electric heaters do not let out any air. They are also easy to keep clean by simply wiping the surface. The electric heaters here are portable and can be placed closer. 

The electric heaters are proven apt for people who have extreme sensitivity or respiratory issues. These electric heater from Allergy Be Gone are economical and space-saving. It consumes less energy to heat up the room. There are 2 heating products here- Cozy Eco-Save space heater, Indus tool cozy toes mat. 

  • A cozy eco-save space heater is small equipment meant for personal use. They are compact to place over the countertops, desks, shelves, etc. it consumes very less energy than other heaters. It has an adjustable thermostat and a safety tip-off for extra protection. Adjust the fan speed for your needs. 
  • The Indus Tool Cozy Toes is a foot warmer that works on electric power. The electric heating element of this mat is protected by rubber, which avoids any electric shocks. It takes up little energy to heat the pad. The warmth can travel up the body to keep it warm and comfortable. This mat is practical for the kitchen during the cold season. The temperature of the mat is controllable. The mat measures to 18 x 19 x ½ inches. 
  1. Humidifiers 

One of the causes of allergy is dry air. Dry air makes everything go dry and make them lose the water content easily. This leads to the accumulation of dust particles in the air rather than making them settling down. Adding a humidifier adds more water content to the air and helps reduce such situations. 

People suffering from excessive dry skin, dry mouth, and frequent shock due to static energy are all relieved with a humidifier in the room. This is most useful in winter when the air gets dried up too fast. 

The humidifiers are basically something that has water that creates water vapor to humidify the air. The humidifiers at Allergy Be Gone have an additional filter in it to clean the air as the humidified air comes out of it. 

Most humidifiers are portable and compact in size. There are devices to humidify larger areas and also that for personal uses. The humidifiers will have a motor part and a water tank where water is stored to create vapors. The capacity of the tank depends on the type of humidifier and its size. There are humidifiers with 1.2-gallon water and that with 2.4 gallons of water. 

The whole house humidifier humidifies the air in all the rooms of the house. Attaching this device to the central circulation system will bypass the air through this. It has a humidistat to adjust the humidity. It also does not require a drain. It can also work with a furnace. 

There also are accessories like humidifier water softener, tank cleaning cartridges, and other devices like filter free humidifier, aromatic inhalant pads, inhalant for cold and congestion, etc for personal use. 

  1. Dehumidifiers

Humidity is a necessary element in the air but it can cause a problem when in more amount than necessary. Excess humidity in the air can allow the mold and mildew to grow fast and more. It makes the environment damp and makes a foul smell of the mold. It can cause allergy or many kinds. 

Dehumidifiers are a short cut to cut down the humidity. The machine can draw moisture from the air and make it drain out of the home. The collected moisture from the air is condensed and is routed to the water tank. Within a few days, you can enjoy the dry, fresh-smelling air. 

The machines are equipped with an automatic system that alerts you when the water tank is full. By connecting a garden hose to the drain gets the water out. The continuous drain system allows the collected water to drain out as it comes it, automatically. 

Dehumidifier also has a filter that can be removed. This filter is washed to eliminate accumulation of bacteria inside the machine. It could work on 3 speeds. The machine features auto defrost mechanism that allows it to work smooth even in low temperatures. The longer cord allows the machine to install near the drain. 

Apart from the electric machines, there are also the pellets that can absorb moisture. It can absorb 50% more moisture than its weight. 

  1. Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are a boon that reduces the dust particles floating in the air. It sucks the dust and other particles settle on the floor or surfaces into it and prevents them from floating around. There are many types of vacuum cleaners. 

There are the electric vacuum cleaners and also the cordless sweepers that are rechargeable. There also are carpet cleaners and spot cleaners. The vacuum cleaners are mostly of dry vacuum but there also are wet vacuums that can take up water as well. 

Allergy Be Gone offers both the domestic vacuum cleaners and heavy duty industrial cleaners. The brands available for these are Bissel, Eureka, Hoover, Sanitaire, Shop-Vac etc. They are available in the types of canister, steam, stick, sweeper, upright and wet/dry varieties. 

  1. Water filtration 

The water running out from the pipes of our homes are not as pure as we think. There are many unwanted and harmful elements in them. An effective water filtration system can filter these out. The resultant water that comes out of the taps would be pure with only the useful minerals in them. 

Allergy Be Gone as got whole house water filtration system, filters for drinking water and that for the individual showers in the bathrooms. You also don’t have to look anywhere else for the needed accessories for these water filters. 

  1. Drinking water filters

The drinking water filters are of many kinds. There are fixed filters on the countertop, attached to faucets, under the counter, water pitcher filters, water bottles or canteens, etc. The countertop, under the counter and faucet filters, is fully capable of filtering the unwanted elements and the waterborne bacteria out. The capacity of the filters lasts for 100 gallons of water running through them.

The under-counter filters can be fixed to the existing plumbing and can remove many sediments and elements from the water. The 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter helps in this task. They have an automatic shut off technology.   The stainless steel filters are easy to clean and maintain. The water from them comes out in full pressure. 

The portable pitcher filters and bottle filters can remove most of the heavy metals from the water. Water that is free of sediments can easily filter through these filters. They are even compatible with the refrigerators to keep it cool. The filter replacements are also available here. 

  1. Shower head filters

Chlorine and the chemicals in the running water can cause many skin diseases and damage the hair easily. In order to filter them out here are the innovative shower head filters. These shower head filters are a piece that has the filter at the top end and a showerhead at the bottom. Simply fit them on the shower where you usually mount the showerheads. These filters are available in white color. The replacement cartridges are also up for sale. 

The filtering unit is usually made in plastic and it is also available in all-metal steel filters as well. These showerhead filters can prevent scale buildup also. It can balance the pH of the water to make it safer. This helps greatly for those with sensitive skin and dry skin. The cartridges are self-cleaning so you don’t need to worry about the scaling on them. The cartridges are reversible so when done with one side reverse its position and use it again. 

  1. Whole House water filtration system

The whole house water filtration system cleanses and filters the water that runs out of any of the tap inside the house. Be it the kitchen, sink, bathroom, or even the outdoor taps. It keeps you from checking the individual filters from time to time. It is a one-stop solution for the whole house and ideal for bigger houses with many rooms. 

This filtration system eliminates the dirt, sediments, chlorine, tastes, and odors from the water and makes it safer for humans and also for the appliances, pipelines and the fixtures. Attach it to the RO filter system at the sink for additional filtration of the heavy metals. 

To get this whole house water filtering system, you need to find out what is in your water ad fill out a questionnaire to get the right components for you. There is also a water test kit for you to check it yourself. 

This filtering system can ensure that the most harmful arsenic, trihalometanes and MTBE are eliminated completely to make the water safer. These compounds can cause harm both internally and externally. 

This whole house filtration system includes a sediment filter, carbon tank and an ultraviolet unit. It works computerized and automatic. The filters are customs sized. There are 2 carbon filters for effective filtering along with the UV that kills the bacteria and other microbes. It can allow 27 gallons of water per minute. 

The resultant water will be free of any pesticides, dirt, sediments, parasites, iron and anything that is harmful. It does not reduce the hardness of the water. There are water softener available as additional for that purpose. 

  1. WaterSafe water test kits

The WaterSafe water test kits are for you to test the quality of the water. The test results will show what the water in your taps contains and what you need to do to choose to eliminate those contaminants. The test kits are ready to use and no need to add measure or mix anything.

There is all-in-one test kit that can detect all of the contaminants in the water. It contains kits for bacteria, pesticides, nitrate, nitrite, chlorine, pH and lead test separately. Then there are those exclusive test kits that concentrate mainly on one category. At Allergy Be Gone there are lead test kit and bacteria water test kit. The lead test kit is one step test. The lead and bacteria deluxe test kit takes 2 steps to check both lead and bacteria. The results are shown within 10 minutes then and there.   

The pool and spa bacteria water test kit allows you to detect the E.coli, Peodomans, Enterobacter species of bacteria and can show the results in 20 minutes. You could keep this kit handy while on travel and check the quality of the water that you are taking a dip into. The well water kit contains a bacteria test, lead test, nitrate/nitrite test, Ph or hardness test, copper test, iron test and chlorine tests. 

  1. Mold Control

Mold is common where the humidity is high, like in the basements, bathroom, garage etc. the mold causes allergies and other respiratory diseases that could also lead to asthma.  Mold is reduced with the help of dehumidifiers but the surfaces where it had grown are still vulnerable. Those surfaces must be cleaned carefully to prevent them in the future. The mold cleaners are a cheap way to get rid of it. 

There are mold cleaners, mold resistant shower curtains and tub mats that are constantly exposed to moisture. There also are the disinfectant wipes that can clean the surface and also prevent the mold growth. It can effectively prevent TB virus. 

Allersearch Allermold mold and mildew removal spray can be used on all surfaces that allow mold growth. It prevents the mold growth and reduces allergy and asthma attacks. It is no toxic and is effective for 2-3 months. Larger bottles are also available to use on entire house. 

Mold Zapper is a small device that can draw moisture from the air and dries it by heating. This makes the mold and mildew spores to dry up and non-viable. The dried spores are not able to spread. It can cover an area of 125 sq ft area and could work 24 hours. It is also available in a smaller model to cover 500 cubic feet area. 

  1. Respiratory Care

Allergy bouts need some personal protection t maintain the respiratory health. There are many types of respiratory care products at Allergy Be Gone. There are nebulizers, compressors, masks, CPAP units, oximeters, pediatric spacer devices etc. 

The many compressors and nebulizers make the asthma medication delivery effective and better useful. They can also be portable to carry with the person when going out. They deliver the medication directly into the respiratory system and bring relief faster. The PARI baby nebulizers allow the medication to reach the respiratory system of the babies. 

The peak flow meters check the amount of air that is exhaled from the lungs and see when the asthma patients need assistance. It is a great addition in monitoring the symptoms and regulates the need from the home. 

AllegyBeGone also has a range of CPAP machines and its accessories to help the sleep apnea patients. The oximeters help you monitor the pulse and blood oxygen levels. It is a small personal device that helps many heart patients and athletes to keep track of their body. 

  1. Personal Care

Asthma and allergy requires round the year care regardless of the season. There are many personal care products to maintain the good health from Allergy Be Gone. You can find the steam inhalation devices to keep the air ways open, oral hygiene products, skin care products, vicks vaporizers, oximeters, gloves, thermometers, light and aromatherapy methods etc. 

The skin care products include, body wash, moisturizing cream, hand soap, sunburn cream, bath oils and other aromatherapy products. They soothe and nourish the skin without causing dryness or further damage. The personal skin care also includes the shower head filters. 

  1. Face Masks

Face masks may not be the most necessary accessory for allergy and asthma sufferers, but they are an integral part of their life. The face masks are useful when they need to mow the lawn and they are allergic to pollens. Having the masks keep them safe and allow them to continue with their tasks without hindrance. 

There are contour face masks, HEPA and pollen masks, respirator gas masks etc for their protection. There also are the, protective goggles and respirator gas masks. 

Face masks are useful for all when there is an outbreak of a contagious disease. The HEPA masks are highly capable of preventing the bacteria and other viruses from entering the system. 

The face masks and respirator masks do the same work but the level of protection varies. The face mask is just a basic barrier against the air borne particles while the respirator is a complete protection for the respiratory system. The face masks can still leave some minute space between the skin and air but the gas respirators are tight fitting with no loop holes anywhere. In the dire situations like a blue flu or influenza, wear the respirator mask for complete protection. In other situations like a common work or flu in family make use of the basic facemask.

  1. Cleaning Supplies

Above all the other methods to tackle allergy and prevent it, the most important is to keep the home and environment clean. Allergy Be Gone has got many cleaning supplies that are safe for allergy and asthma. They are non-toxic products to keep the home clean without any irritations. There are home cleaning supplies, carper care products and hypo-allergenic laundry care products. 


Allergy can be prevented only with such extensive preventive measures. There are no short cuts to tackle allergens. It is a larger process with many steps. It is also not a complete barrier against this problem but just a start. One needs to have better immunity also to resist the allergens and you may also have to check for the simple immune-boosting home remedies also. 

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