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Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh Replacement Filter: TF30 Reviews

Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 is fitting for the air purifiers from Alen Corporation, in the series T300 as well as T100. The Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 package ha got 2 filters and they can be used as per the requirement by the different air purifiers specified. The Alen T100 will need only one filter while the T300 will have to use two filters. The Alen T100 is a small air purifier that can be used as a desktop device. It is small and compact and covers only a small area of 125 sq ft. This Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 can clean the air from mild to moderate amounts of air pollutants unless it is too heavy or has more volatile compounds in it. 

About Alen T100 and T300 air purifiers

Both Alen T300 and T100 air purifiers are similar to the tower air purifier Alen T500. These two are compact and is more space-saving. These two air purifies are apt for condos and small rooms. The coverage range for these is 125 and 156 sq ft on an average for 6 air changes in an hour. This coverage ensures the removal and most of the allergens from the air and makes the room asthma and allergy-friendly. 

Alen T100 can work on using only one HEPA-Fresh filter while the T300 series need two filters at a time. The same filters need regular replacement every 6 months. The filter change indicator has got 6 bars which have 2 bars each for green and yellow and one for red. The bars start with 2 green initially and after 2 months one yellow will illuminate. One bar is illuminated with each passing month and by the time all 6 bars including the red illuminates, it is time to replace the filter.

In addition to the HEPA filters, pre-filter and the carbon filter layer,  there is also a UV lamp that kills the bacteria and the microbes. The pre-filter traps the larger air particles so that they do not go and clog the HEPA filter. The activated carbon layer at the back of the filter removes the milder odours from cooking and other sources. The odour removal is not as effective as one may expect but it is positive when used in a small and confined area. 

These Alen air purifiers have ionizer in the device that makes the air particles charged so that they are naturally attracted to the electrostatically charged HEPA layer. Simply pressing the ION button will make it ON or OFF. 

As for the electric and other safety matters concerned, both Alen T100 and T300 needs an input current if 120V and is better used within the US. Safety measures advice that the devices are to be connected directly to the power socket and not to any extension cords or adapters. They are also to be kept at least 6 inches away from heat sources and 2 ft away from walls, curtains or furniture. Choose the fan speeds from the 3 and 4 choices for Alen T100 and T300series respectively. 

Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 work mechanism

  • The Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 has 2 filters in the pack and each filter will have three layers of air filtration. The pre-filter will stop the large pollutants and help extend the life of the HEPA filter. 
  • The HEPA layer is charged and the ionized air particles are attracted to this layer easily so that they do not escape to settle down in the room. The air circulation ensures that the charged particles reach the HEPA filter. Here, the dust, pollens, allergens, and other airborne pollutants are filtered. 
  • The carbon filter comes the last where the old odors are removed. Do not expect the major change in the odors around but there is a significant difference nonetheless. 

The ioniser in the air purifiers work safely without clung any ozone formation. The device will only charge the air particles with an additional electron so that they can reach the positively charged filter sooner. The ioniser button can be switched off if you do not wish to operate it But it is recommended for the safer and effect time air filtration, Since the HEPA filter is charged already, the ionising the air particles will enhance the performance of the filter as well as the air purifier. 

Care, maintenance and replacement of Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30

Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 is easy to use and safer for the environment. The filter is designed for easy use and replacement. The black foam layer is the pre-filter which is attached with the help of velcro. This layer can be detached and washed to vacuumed to keep the outer surface clean and devoid of any larger clogging particles like hair. One the pre-filter is washed and dried completely re-attach it to the filter and reuse it until it is time for the actual filter change. 

The filter comes as a single unit in which the pre-filter layer is detachable. Every  single filter in the Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 will have the pre-filter, HEP layer and the carbon layer in it. The air quality is maintained only of the filters are in good condition and are changed regularly to have clean and fresh layer to start the filtration once again.

The timer allows 12 hour automatic functioning of the air purifiers. It would be a good idea to run the air purifiers continually as long as you will be tyyaing in the room. 

The average life period of the Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 is 6 months. Some times, heavy usage may bring down this time period to 4-5 months also. Since the dust and other air pollutants that are trapped in the HEPA layer will clog the air path gradually, the filter MUST b changed regularly to have effective air purification and for the life of the air purifier itself. Only if you regularly change the filter, every 6 months, can you get the Lifetime limited warranty offered by the Alen Corporation. 

  • To replace the Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30, unplug the air purifier and push down the filter cover tab and then lift the cover. 
  • Take out the filter in the case of T100 and the filter in the T300 (the filters are arranged one above the other) and immediately transfer it into a plastic bag for disposal. 
  • Replace the filter so that the foam layer part faces outside while inserting. 
  • Cover the filter part once again and snap it into the place. 
  • Plug-in the air purifier and RESET filter indicator button with the help of a small pin or a paperclip. Press down this button until all light bars disappear. The light bars will start appearing when the air purifier is used for one month. 

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