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Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter Reviews

Generally, many household products such as paint, cleaners, printer cartridges as well as kitchen cooking odors contain volatile organic chemicals (VOC) that affect the home environment plus your health. The Air purifier with activated Carbon is capable to remove over 9,000 different chemicals. Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter air purifier contains large volumes of activated carbon to efficiently remove chemicals and heavy odors available in the air. Air Purifiers America is an online store selling a wide range of air purifiers and replacement filters from branded manufacturers. Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter is one of the products made by Alen and supplied by Air Purifiers America at most affordable rates.

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About Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter

The Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter air filter is of your great help in removing odors like kitchen cooking, chemicals, and home renovations. The Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter provides maximum protection against VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and chemicals. It contains 3 times more Activated Carbon than any other Alen filter products. This Activated Carbon reduces heavy odors and chemicals commonly found in the air from personal products, household cleaning, and kitchen cooking odors. Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter air purifier helps you get rid of those airborne chemicals leaving your home air smelling fresh and clean. 


Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter is the perfect purifier you need to eliminate chemicals providing you the most effective performance. The many features of this air purifier are:

  1. It comes with a HEPA-FreshPlus filter to provide maximum protection against VOCs and chemicals that are found in your homes from cleaning products, personal care products, and other household materials.
  2. This air filter comes with intuitive controls 
  3. Its perfect stylish and customizable design easily fits with any home décor.
  4. Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter includes intelligent technology such as SmartSensor and WhisperMax.
  5. This product is able to deliver powerful performance and also operates silently without bothering the environment.
  6. This product is best suitable for removing chemical and cooking odors
  7. It efficiently covers rooms up to 1100 sq. ft.
  8. This product is available in different colors such as White, Espresso, Carbon, Maple, Primer, Oak, and Safari Black.
  9. It comes with automatic airflow adjustment mode to constantly monitor and remove chemicals from the air.
  10. The filter that comes with Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter has 6-8 Months Filter Life
  11. This product can easily be customized with your choice of air filter and designer panel
  12. It is the perfect air purifier for living rooms and open concept homes
  13. It comes with a manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty
  14. This product is Energy Star Certified
  15. It works best on Automatic Mode continuously offering you the best coverage and protection from airborne chemicals and other impurities. 


 The Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter Air Purifier includes HEPA-FreshPlus Filter specially builds to eliminate chemicals and cooking odors. The various benefits offered by this product are:

  1. HEPA-FreshPlus is one of the most powerful air purifier designed for effectively cleaning open rooms or living areas of up to 1,100 square feet. 
  2. It is powered by intelligent technology to deliver maximum air cleaning with minimum noise.
  3. This air purifier cleans air very easily when on auto mode. Its automatic mode constantly monitors the air in your homes and on its own adjusts the fan speed when any change in air quality is detected.
  4. Its auto mode benefits you by extending air filter life and optimally utilizing energy.
  5. Its designer panel options allow you to coordinate and compliment any home decor. 
  6. Using versatile filter options to address additional concerns such as allergens, tobacco smoke, light, and heavy odors, bacteria, and mold are also provided.

Intelligent technologies of Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter

  • SmartSensor Technology – This technology automatically turns the air purifier up or down based on the home air quality when any airborne allergens, pollutants or chemicals are detected.  
  • WhisperMax Technology – This technology makes the air purifier both powerful and quiet. Using this it is able to clean a large amount of air while also maintaining quiet surroundings.  

Utilizing both these technologies, the Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter air purifier is best for open concept homes eliminating up to 99% of particles covering up to 1100 square feet areas. 

How an Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter Works?

Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter contains WhisperMax Technology. Using this technology the air is drawn into an exceptionally designed fan and air chamber. The fan and air chamber work collectively to purify large amounts of air and keep the surrounding peaceful. The air then enters the purifier it moves through advanced HEPA-FreshPlus Filter where chemicals and pollutants are captured. Thereafter, the air moves through a large layer of air filter’s Activated Carbon to remove odors and chemicals ultimately bringing out pure and clean air into the room.


The various functions that come with Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter to operate the unit are:

  • Ionizer
  • Filter life indicator
  • Timer
  • Power/Sleep Mode & Air quality feedback light
  • 4-speed fan
  • Automatic mode
  • Handle for easy moving
  • SmartSensor technology
  • Available custom designer panels in a variety of color choices


The following are the specifications of Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter:

SpecificationsAlen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter 
Filtration rateRemoves 99% of particles greater than 0.3 microns
CFM (airflow in Cubic Feet per Minute)Speed 1: 150 CFM; Speed 2: 185 CFM; Speed 3: 225 CFM; Turbo: 286 CFM
CADR300 (per Energy Star Test)
Noise levels41.5 dB (whisper); Speed 2: 44 dB (light rainfall); Speed 3: 50 dB (heavy rainfall); Turbo:56 dB (box fan, medium)
Fan SpeedsFour (4)
Power Consumption64W on lowest speed to 105W on highest speed
Standard and ComplianceUL (Edison Testing Laboratories) listed, indicating product compliance to safety standards
Power ConsumptionEnergy Star Certified – 105 watts on highest speed
Power Supply120V, Safe to operate in North America and not in countries with 220-240V power supply
Filter Life6-8 months depending on usage
Size26.75″ x 17.75″ x 10″
Weight21 lbs

Product Inclusions

The Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter comes with the following items:

  1. Alen BreatheSmart air purifier
  2. HEPA-FreshPlus filter
  3. Optional Designer panel 
  4. Quick start guide for easy operation
  5. BreatheSmart Owner’s Manual for set up and future use


Alen is the first and only industry manufacturer offering the Lifetime Limited Warranty on the air purifier. The makers warrant that the Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter air purifier will be defect-free and remain intact as long as you own it. However, the company clarifies that the Lifetime Limited Warranty will remain in effect only if:

  1. The air purifier is operated as per the company’s user manual
  2. It is connected to a suitable power supply
  3. No evidence of tampering, mishandling, neglect, accidental damage, modification, and/or unauthorized repair is held.
  4. Only the buyer of the air purifier can claim warranty and remains void if the ownership is transferred.

The Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter is one of the best air purifiers that effectively removes chemicals and provides you with pure and clean air in your home. It is useful for getting rid of chemicals in your home is recently renovated or to reduce kitchen cooking odors and other impurities from rooms.

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