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AirRestore air naturalization systems Reviews

Worried about the smell of the smoke or the smelly leftovers of the snow crab boil party lingering indoors? It’s pretty true that every bit of cooking leaves out different odors into the air. Too add to this your pets, smelly socks and shoes, garbage bins, garage smells and other odors keep invading indoors. Now imagine the mix of smells that you are actually breathing.  Gross isn’t it?

No wonder it is alleged that indoor air is highly polluted when put side by side with outdoor pollution. By staying inside the home you won’t notice the odors but when a person enters your home he or she can clearly smell the difference. Indoor odors not only cause embarrassment but they are also unhealthy for the body especially for infants and elderly lots. Today it has been increasingly a necessity to install air purifiers to reduce the ill effects of indoor air pollution. Air purifiers are on high demand as more and more people around the world are getting aware of the health risks caused due to air pollution.

In this article we will discuss about air restore air naturalization systems a brand dedicated to curb air pollution and provide healthy living options to mankind. Scroll below to know about their interesting products and detailed reviews from real life customers.

About AirRestore air naturalization systems

  • Everything about organic air
  • How do these AirRestore units work?
  • Variety of products  from AirRestore
  • Maintenance
  • Benefits of using AirRestore
  • Customer reviews
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Conclusion

About Air restore air naturalization systems

Air restore products are of great demand and are manufactured by AirRestore USA.  They have their foothold nationwide and are fulfilling the needs of its customers with cutting edge innovative technologies. They have implemented breakthrough science in each of their products that give fresh breathing air. All their products work at the molecular level and focus on how to improve indoor air to help people live healthier.

Air naturalizers and their organic air technology is all about getting healthy by breathing fresh organic air. Air naturalizers are not mere air purifiers but miniature units that provide long term benefits to its customers by protecting them from various ailments. Their innovative organic air technology gets down to the business by producing energized elements that get rid of indoor air pollutants.  The interesting part is that it works without filters, perfumes and artificial chemicals. According to AirRestore USA “air isn’t healthy and fresh unless it’s organic and energized”.

What is organic air? (I know a lot of you all must be confused about this concept)

AirRestore naturalizers produce organic air and are the best alternative available in the category of air purifiers.  Just go along the country sides where the grass is the green and where the verdant paddy fields blossom blissfully.  There you would get to breathe natural air which is free from chemicals and odors. You will experience plain and fresh air that will touch you with all its purity.

The air in such places remains clean and organic because they are unadulterated with factory emissions, vehicle pollution, dust and other air pollutants. Moreover the air is kept fresh by the Mother Nature with the help of sun and wind. These two elements naturally energize the air and remove all the pollutants.  Thus keeping the air fresh, organic and energized fit for breathing. AirRestore products use this same concept of organic air. It does the whole process exactly as how the Mother Nature does but without the assistance of any chemicals.

How it works?

Air restore systems employ a unique way to cleanse the air indoors. They make use of the same ways used by Mother Nature to cleanse the air.

The air restore units gulp the indoor air into its plasma chamber area. Here the air gets re-energized and it regains its cleaning abilities just like the air outdoors. The energized air is then spread out to the every corner of the room by the unit’s ionic engine. 

These reenergized elements start their work by causing oxidation and reduction reactions that make use of all elements in the air to carry out the cleaning process. The ionic engine is capable of altering the air pollutants and makes them fall out of the air. The whole system works proactively unlike other air purifiers that have limited coverage. Air Naturalizer systems are so efficient that they can be used to remove odors from carpets, curtains, and upholsteries.

Products from air restore air natural

Air restore provides a wide variety of choice for each home as they very well understand that every house has different needs. It is not a good idea to design a single unit for every home as it won’t cover specific needs. Now you can choose from the below options to keep your home safe from pollutants and save money by staying energy efficient.

Whole Home System Options – here you can choose four air naturazlier units in the below given options depending on your home and requirements

  • Traditional Pack: 2 Corded Units, 2 Wall Units
  • Convenience Pack: 1 Corded Unit, 3 Wall Units
  • Flexibility Pack: 3 Corded Units, 1 Wall Units
  • Corded Pack: 4 Corded Units
  • Wall Pack: 4 Wall Units

Studio Systems

This is best suited for smaller homes and they allow choosing any two units that suit your personal needs.  There are three options from which you can choose from and they are:

  • Traditional Pack: 1 Corded Unit, 1 Wall Unit
  • Wall Pack: 2 Wall Units
  • Corded Pack: 2 Corded Units


Car Adaptor – the perfect companion for road trips as it helps to install your corded air restore unit easily to cleanse the air inside the vehicle. It helps to get rid of smoke, fog, and every damn bad odor dwelling inside your car.

Vehicle Mount – now you can safely mount your corded AirRestore unit inside your car using this accessory.  Just attach the mount to your dash or windshield and experience organic air where ever you go. The mount is sturdy and stable enough to hold the unit at its place.

Accessory Travel Kit – for those who keep traveling like a vagabond, having an AirRestore unit is a boon. It helps to breathe in fresh air no matter where you are. Travel kit includes vehicle mount, car adaptor, velvet travel bag, and a power cord. All these are compact and easy to use whenever you need it.

Easy single units for flexible uses or specific uses

  • Single Corded Unit – you get these single units that have 10 feet cords that give an additional advantage to use them anywhere. You can set them in an ideal location and use it where it is needed accordingly. If an accidental spill occurs in your carpet then you can just bring the unit to the specific area and put it into use. This is a great pick to use inside the kitchen, garage, and pantry areas. 
  • Single wall unit- this is designed for those homes inhabited by naughty kids and pets. Keeping them fixed on the wall makes it easy for kids and pets to navigate around with ease. Corded units can make the trip down and fall which is not a safer option.

Both these options are great as they can help to meet specific needs like getting over the odors emanating inside the kitchen or around the litter boxes. No matter where you want to use them; clean organic is guaranteed. Plug and play easily and breathe fresh air for a healthy life.

Maintenance of AirRestore units

Unlike other products AirRestore air purifiers are easy to use and to maintain.  They do not contain any sort of filters or accessories that you have buy or replace periodically.

The main factor that determines when you need to clean a unit is “the level of pollutants that each unit is working to clean”. If you have installed a device in a room where there is fewer sources of odors then probably you can wait for a few months to clean the unit. If the unit is placed near your kitchen or garbage areas or other areas where there are high pollutants then it may need cleaning pretty often.

If you maintain your unit properly by cleaning it whenever needed then you can avail one-year manufacturer warranty. Those devices that are poorly maintained will not receive any warranty.  Therefore make sure that you clean your device thoroughly so that it works perfectly without causing any buildup of pollutants. Check out this video to know “how to clean the unit thoroughly”. Here is the link:

Benefits of using AirRestore air naturalizer systems

  • Helps to remove urine or other accidents right from your carpets and upholsteries. Imagine the odor that comes out of your carpet even after cleaning it. Air restore units can easily cleanse the odor without leaving anything behind. All you need to do is clean the spot using vinegar or water or whatever you use to do it. Later sprinkle some water and keep your air restore unit face down with the plug on. There you go and the odor disappears just like that into thin air. These units are great when it comes to spot treatments.
  • Provides organic air just like what you get on the rural areas. These air Naturalizer units provide clean air by working at the molecular level.  It keeps the indoor air fresh and you can notice instant results as soon as you plug in the device.
  • Babies need clean and healthy air to breathe as polluted air can prove harmful for them.  Infants have a higher chance of acquiring asthma and other respiratory problems due to air pollution. Installing AirRestore units will improve indoor air and make it baby-friendly. It helps to kill microorganisms, bacteria, and other odors.
  • AirRestore units can be paired with humidifiers to increase air quality. Humidifiers are a great relief for sore throats, certain skin conditions, and eye problems. When both these systems work hand in hand it results in a cleaner and healthier air.
  • Prevents airborne diseases caused by pathogens dwelling indoors. The germs float along indoors searching for the host and the right conditions. AirRestore systems proactively catch these microorganisms and kill them. Thus keeping the air fresh and clean for human use.
  • Elderly people are the ones who suffer the most due to air pollution. It causes heart problems, stroke, and many other ailments according to the American heart association. AirRestore units can be of great help to prevent such problems as it supplies organic and natural air.
  • Air pollutants can cause sleeping problems especially when there is less ventilation indoors. AirRestore provides natural air and prevents problems like snoring and sleep apnea. Certain studies have pointed out the link between snoring and air pollution.
  • For those who suffer from insomnia can largely benefit from using AirRestore units. The natural air with all the energized elements promotes healthy sleeping habits and puts the body at complete rest.
  • Air pollutants can cause sinus, headaches, and hinder normal functions of the body. Living in between concentrated and polluted air creates havoc inside our bodies. Installing AirRestore units will keep your mind and health in perfect condition.
  • AirRestore units can help to put an end to your seasonal allergies by turning off all the allergens.  As you all know asthma is a common problem in the US and the number is on the rise. Strong odors, dust, pollen, and other irritants can setoff asthma problems. Hence it is exceedingly essential to put an end to such pollutants that AirRestore does effectively.
  • It is said that air pollution can have a negative impact on the brain, especially on kids. It hinders brain development, reduces intelligence, and in certain cases causes ADHD problems. When we have an option of cleansing the air then why wait for inviting troubles. AirRestore units are the best which works effectively.
  • AirRestore units consume less power and are energy-efficient devices.

Customer reviews about AirRestore air naturalizers

AirRestore air naturalizers are a hit among the category of air purifiers. Every proud owner of AirRestore units has given huge applauses and positive reviews. You can check for the reviews in their official site and other online sites.  Below I have listed a few reviews which were posted by customers themselves. By reading those you will get an idea about these air naturalizer units.

  • “I entered my new house but it had a strong odor of paints and polishing from the furniture.  Thanks to AirRestore units which worked almost instantly and my family could breathe organic air right away.”
  • “We had a party at our home and there were all types of dishes. The next day all the leftovers and craps had a stinking smell. Even after cleaning and moping, I couldn’t get over the smell. I had a travel kit AirRestore unit and I readily used it for cleaning the indoor air. It worked and I have planned to install a  customized system for my home”
  • “I have a lot of cats in my home and it is really hard to mask their odor. But after installing AirRestore units the odor has gone away like shooo and I no more smell like a cat….”

I hope from the above reviews you would have understood how effectively it tackles indoor air pollution. When talking about the cost it is economical and easy on the pocket. Also it is designed for each home with a lot of options to choose from. Whether you want to install it inside a vehicle or your house it is compact and easy to use. These are the best portable units which work effectively and provide organic air to breathe.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose air naturalizer when there are many types of purifiers available?

It is true that there are many types of purifiers available and it is increasingly become difficult to choose the right product. Some people have a preoccupied mindset that costly units are effective when compared to cheaper ones. But that is entirely a wrong perception and effectiveness has nothing to do with the cost.

Clean and organic air is very important to lead a healthy life so installing the right purifier is very important. AirRestore naturalizers are simple devices that employ natural ways to clean the air. They do not use any chemicals or artificial substances to clean the air. These units help to contain the odors and prevent pathogen growth by proactively killing them.

Where should I put my AirRestore?

Actually you can install it anywhere you want to work. In general it is better to install these units where you spend your time the most. If you have corded units then you can take them and use it as you wish but make sure not to get tripped on. Also it is highly recommended to install a unit in your kitchen so that it helps to control the irritants and pollutants effectively.

How much air does each unit clean?

AirRestore units are designed to clean up to 800 square feet of air. But this is largely depended on the air circulation. If there are many objects inside the room like furniture’s that can limit the effectiveness of these units. It is always better to install a whole home system option to cover your entire house.

What option should I choose for my home?

If you are not sure what to buy to meet the specific needs of your home you can directly talk to an AirRestore dealer. They help you to find out the best deal suited for your home. They allow customized options depending on your needs and size of your house.

Where to buy AirRestore units?

You can buy them online from or from other sites like, eBay and other registered sites. It is always better to buy the units from their official site to avail discounts and getting replacements.

How about electricity bills while using these devices?

All AirRestore units are energy efficient and there won’t be any spikes in your bills after installing these units. Unlike other air purifiers units AirRestore units consumes only 3 watts on its highest setting. That simply means that even if you leave it to run for 24/7 it will not consume much power. It will be equal to a light bulb burning for an hour. This feature makes it an excellent choice to invest on and installing a whole home system won’t produce much power bills.

How to return the product if I am not satisfied?

Only unused products are eligible for a refund or replacement within the 30 days of time frame from the date of purchase. Note that the item must be in good condition (re-sellable condition) with all original packaging, paperwork and accessories. While returning the product, make sure to send it via a traceable method so it can be tracked promptly.  For lost or missing returns the company is not responsible for the loss and no refund will be availed.  When you want to return the products kindly obtain a return authorization number for initiating the return process. Note that the refund does not include shipping and return freight charges. If the item that you received is damaged then you are eligible to obtain shipping costs and freight charges. For more details you can place a call at this number: (800) 687-4188 and return your merchandise.  If you have any doubts then you can get all the information by calling the above number.

Conclusion: Air purifiers have become an essential part of our life as air pollution is on the rise. It is not possible to prevent pollution as such but we can surely curb the ill effects caused by pollution. This can be effectively done using an air purifier not just any air purifier but AirRestore naturalizer units. Now feel the zest of organic air just like getting outdoors in the natural environment. Natural air which is free from chemicals is the best way to live healthy and to get rid of problems. AirRestore units are best when it comes to price and effectiveness so hurry up and grab you units soon.

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