AirQ is a creation that can replace the many aerosols and electric air fresheners, diffusers and scented candles. These may be effective but can cause many health problems. AirQ eliminates any odor from the air around and provides a fresh and pleasant fragrance without any fire, flame, or heat. It does not produce any volatile compounds also. The AirQ products do not require plugging-in or heating of any sort. Simply place them in the room and feel the freshness in the air that was never experienced before.

Indoor Air Quality Vs Outdoor Air Quality

Believe it or not, the indoor air is more polluted than the air outside. With volatile emissions from almost everything from the appliances and other items at home the air is bound to be polluted. Between school or office, sleeping time, etc people spend most of their time indoor than outdoor, the quality of the air they breathe is much more important. The majority of the pollution enters the body through the indoor breathing. The various chemicals, mold, mildew, pet odor, garbage, and the poor ventilation reduce the air quality inside. Even with air conditioning system it is difficult to ward off all the pollutants from the air.

Air Q Home Air Freshener Products

All the products are categorized according to their ingredients that produce the pleasant aroma. The air fresheners are made with extraction of aroma oils of the aroma of the lavender, coffee, mint, incense, vanilla, nature, fresh cotton, fresh water, rain shower, rose, cardamom, saffron, basil, lemon, chamomile, verbena, certain fruit juices, jasmine,, honeysuckle, lotus, cedar, moss, pepper, mango, chocolates, cotton candy, fresh bread, pine tree, clove, apple cider, orange peel etc. The products contain either one of these fragrances or a blend of two or more to come up with the air freshener. Between all these fragrances there are 27 different fragrances to make the air at home or office fresh and pure.

Air Q Home Air Freshener Ingredients

All ingredients to get the required fragrances are taken from the plants. It poses as a good example of eco-friendliness and causes no harm to the people who breathe it. Most of the fragrances have been using in aromatherapy and can provide a calmness and relaxation to the mind. It is a great addition to come home from the stress and pressure of the school and office to the purity and relaxation that the AirQ air fresheners can offer.

Air Q Home Fragrant Cartridges

The cartridges are available for a whole room or the whole house. The capacity of the cartridges is 250 and 75 ml. Each cartridge can last for almost two months depending on the use. The cartridges are also recyclable. The ambiances you get with the fragrances available are holiday, gourmand, nature, and fruit, and fresh, aromatherapy, citrus and floral. One can create the desire d ambiance at home in order to have a mod elevation or change of environment. The lavender, coffee, mint, incense, and vanilla fragrances are stand alone ones, while the others are used in combination to have the right effect intended.

Air Q Home Air Freshener Specifications

The whole room freshener or the whole house freshener, the input power required is 100-240V or Lithium battery with 3V. It requires a temperature between 0-40 degrees to function properly and humidity of 85% or less. The whole room freshener can perform as far as 1000 sq ft where as the whole house thing can freshen up as big as 40,000 cu ft.

  • AirQ Whole Room Air Freshener: The AirQ whole room freshener is a cube of 5 inches. The cube is attractive and modest. The system is managed by the built-in programming. It is effective to produce the right amount of treatment needed for the room. There is a user control switch with on-off options, scent intensity, which is + or -, and the start up and stop can be pre-programmed. The machine produces the patented micro droplets of the scented liquid into the air. The emitted droplets are in ultra low concentration when compared to the aerosols. The cartridges are recyclable and cause no harm to the environment. The freshener produces the right ambiance to the room and freshens up the air, more efficiently than any other kind of air freshener. The scent is like an aromatherapy. The non usage of any solvents and propellants or the VOCs makes it more suitable for the indoor environment.
  • AirQ Whole House Air Freshener: Most of the time it is not possible to have an electric air freshener in every room of the house. It can use a good amount of electricity. Many a times we forget to get the new refill pack for the scented candles or the non-electric air freshener. Both of them have many solvents, chemicals or volatile oil compounds which are not good for the health. AirQ air freshener can be a suitable and efficient replacement for them and can run for more days also. It can produce the enough micro droplets to refresh the air of the whole house. It erase the odor and create a nice and favorable ambience inside the home depending on the chosen flavor. It neutralizes the air polluting chemicals.

The Effect of the Scent from the Air Q Home Air Freshener

Each of the liquid is made unique with the combination of the ingredients. All the fragrances are mild and in the adequate amount that it creates a favorable ambiance, similar to that of hotels or professional spas. Many fragrances have been used for aromatherapy and it creates the safe effect without harmful chemicals. It neutralizes the odor causing chemicals from pets, cigarettes, mold, mildew, garbage, food etc. Placing a single machine can eliminate odors from the closet, attic and others parts as well. This has been widely accepted by the pet owners and certifies that it is much more effective to erase the odor from the pets and their items and create a nice and fresh fragrance inside their homes. The homes that used to stink with the pets now smell like heaven and there is no trace of smell in the air that can give away the fact that there is a pet residing inside those homes. Even the bathroom smell is eliminated. The micro] droplets do not leave any residues after them making the AirQ air freshener even more suitable for the homes with little children and elders.