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Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier Amazon Reviews, Manual

Clean the air indoors with Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier that promises you to get rid of invisible particles and microorganisms not to mention vaporing VOCs that can trigger breathing problems, runny nose or other respiratory diseases in the body. Read on to know more about the product such as reviews, pros, and cons, etc. and more.

Why airpura air purifier?

Not everyone realizes that one of the underlying factors for health issues are not just lying outdoors but indoors too. The smell of paints on walls, smoking, varnishes, mold, mildew, etc. are some of the allergens that can cause health risks such as asthma. For instance, chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, ethylene glycol, and more from certain cosmetics, cleaning products can cause breathing problems in the body. One of the best in the market, the Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier has a large maximum coverage area of more than 1650 sq. ft. and can trap 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. The product comes with pre-filter and HEPA filter that purifies all the air indoors and kicks out the bad elements outside.

The airpura air purifier is ideal for those who are having low immunity power and need full refreshed air to breathe in. The purifier also works best for those who are living or working in an environment where they are exposed to high level of bacteria or virus. A moldy basement can be a best house where undesired mold creeep in. With Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier you can eliminate the chances of succumbing to airborne diseases.

Features of Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier

  • arrives with pre-filter and true HEPA filter
  • does not produce ozonized ions
  • reusable pre-filter and can be vaccumed from outside for increasing the life period
  • an 18lb high performance carbon filter that can challenge any negative airborne chemical lurking outside
  • adjustable fan speeds ensure silent performance
  • choices of colors available as per your preference
  • sealed individual electrical and motor chamber to prevent off-gassing
  • 5 year warranty on parts and 10 years on labor service

How Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier works for you

The UV lamp is one of the most silent but equally power packing feature of the air purifier. Even the slightest micro-organism that comes in contact is killed by the lamp as they are easily trapped by the filters. Unlike other filters that affix the UV away from the filter, Airpura ensures that the UV lamp is affixed near to the filter for optimum function of the purifier. The 20 watt UV lamp comes with switch that can be on/off as desired.

The pre-filter and carbon filter provide double filtration to any allergens lurking around indoors. Be it an apartment or office or individual villa that you are residing outdoor pollution can bring on allergens indoors causing health risks in the long run. The true HEPA filter bags to trap 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and promises to change the environment every 30 minutes. Though you need to change the pre-filter every 12 months depending on the use you can prolong the life of the filter by simply vacuuming the mesh outside.

Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier is certified by ANSI/UL 507 that says a lot about the product and quality.

Pros and Cons of Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier


  • removes any type of pollutants in a jiffy.
  • Eliminates any odors including cooking, perfume or other cleaning products leaving you crisp and clean neutral air at all time
  • Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier can remove twice as much air as its competitors
  • consumes less energy – 120 on high and 40 when set on low speed
  • solves the air quality issues that is lacked by many of the purifiers available online
  • not only promotes healthy air flow but also performs quietly
  • right warranty for the product from airpura


  • no indicators to know when your filter needs change.
  • Replacing the filters can be a pain in the neck. For instance, if you are accessing the filters of Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier, you need to turn the system upside down so you can unscrew the bottom plate. Another drawback is the filter that weighs 18 lbs making it difficult for users to pick it up solely and replace it all yourself.

Reviews – Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier

Though the reviews for this product is rare, it is quite satisfactory and ahve good things to say about the product. However few complain about the noise of the fan when set on high speed. While the unit works silently in low speed, fan when set on high speed can be boisterous making it difficult for those who are hitting the sack after a day’s work. This is one of the issues that the company Airpura needs to take a look.

“Ultimate clean air machine” – DJ Chicago, Illinois

“I purchased this air cleaner as my mom gifted me a cat and I knew i would be having allergy issues. Though I was considering getting an air cleaner I knew this is the best time for controlling allergens.

Airpura UV600 is perfect and I am having no problem with the cat allergies. I purchased the airpura in black color and its a compact product that just stays there without making any noise. No, its not obtrusive at all. I recently remodelled my home and had lot of plaster dust here and there so I operated the airpura and set it on highest speed. It totally controlled all the dust. Fantastic.”

“A solid performer at affordable price” – Slm (from a popular marketing site)

“I had purchased the airpura purifier based on the star rating. I have to say at such an affordable price I was expecting some kind of a drawback but this product works excellently. It tops many of its competitors such as Airgle, Blueair, Iqair and many more. I have to admit the noise is a bit disturbing at times but I think I will pass over it as the other features are extremely top notch”.

“Great” – mfhorn (taken from marketing site)

“Works great and really scrubs the air nicely. It has a good hum and needs to be set on medium to push some really good air.”

Frequently Asked Questions – Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier

How are the airpura air cleaner and purifier reviews online?

All the product have received good reviews online. Though rare reviews claim noise, it can be easily overlooked when you check out the features available.

Where will you find airpura air purifier at a best price online?

There are many websites such as that provide you the same product at a discounted price.

Can airpura air purifier be used as bedroom machine?

Yes, airpura air purifier is suitable for purifying indoor climate so be it bedroom or your living room, you can keep your indoors fresh at all time using airpura air cleaner and purifier.

Are there any airpura air purifier coupon codes or discount codes available?

Yes, there are discount codes and coupon codes available online that will help you to get the product at a further cut off price.

Can airpura air purifier and cleaner eliminate cigarette smoke?

Yes, from pet danders to cigarette smoking, airpura air purifier filters undesired and pungent odors and completely eliminates them.

Are there airpura air purifier complaints received?

So far there haven’t been any complaints registered against the company airpura. However few users do say that fan when set in high speed tend to get noisy.

Where can I find respective airpura air purifier manual online?

While you will be provided with hardcopy of instruction guide along with your airpura air purifier, you can even download the instruction manual at

Can airpura air purifier chuck off mold at bathroom?

Yes, moisty climates tend to collect good amount of mold not just in bathroom but also in your home/work. With Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier you can completely eradicate mold from your bathroom and breathe fresh air at all times.

Does airpura air purifier release ozone air?

No, Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier or any other purifiers from Airpura for that matter do not release ozone air that can be dangerous for your health.

How much power consumption does Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier take?

It is a known fact that you will notice a slight change in your energy bills but trust me they are pretty much less than other products in the market. As a matter of fact, the airpura UV600 consumes only 120 when set on high and 40 on low speed.

Where to buy airpura air purifier?

There are many websites such as, from where you can buy products from airpura at an economical price.

What is the warranty available for airpura air purifier?

All the products from airpura air purifier and cleaner come with 5 year warranty for parts and 10 years for labor.

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