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Airmega Air Purifiers, Benefits, Reviews

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What are Airmega air purifiers?
  • Features of Airmega Coway 
  • Airmega smart air purifier models
    • Airmega 400
    • Airmega 400s
    • Airmega 300
    • Airmega 300s
  • Airmega air purifier review
  • Airmega placement
  • Where to buy Airmega air purifiers from?
  • Airmega warranty
  • Bottom Line

It says the air inside the homes is dirtier than what is outside. What with the exterior air being polluted or getting dirtier every day, you deserve to breathe some clean air. Air purifiers like Airmega air purifiers not only cleanse the indoor air but also works smarter. It works according to the air conditions inside the home and even lets you remotely monitor the working with the help of a Wi-Fi facility and a smart app. These air purifiers are made to clean the air in a larger area and do not quite confine to the living room or the bedroom. 

What are Airmega air purifiers?

Airmega air purifiers are smart air purifiers that look stylish, work powerful, smart, and effectively to eliminate most of the air contaminants. The ability to control the device remotely is a great addition here. 

The stylishly made air purifier has a sleek white color with panels covering the 3 sides- the front and the 2 sides, in white or black granite color depending on the color you choose. The device stands on a black stand like structure and also has a top mesh-like cover on the top. 

All the control buttons and the indicators are displayed at the top panel which is black in color, regardless of the color of the air purifier. 

With the Wi-Fi feature, you can control the device and plan the air cleaning as you come home. The device is connected to the Wi-Fi and the mobile app will help you from anywhere. If you have to return home unexpectedly, no worries. You can set the air purifier on and have the home welcome you with cleaner air to breathe. It also looks stylish to suit most homes. 

The Airmega air purifier may not be compact but it does not take up too much space inside. It is available in 2 colors to choose from. Here are the most prominent features of Airmega air purifiers.

Features of Airmega Coway 

Airmega air purifiers are made by the company, Coway in South Korea. They have made these air purifiers suitable for larger homes that need more coverage with the air purification or that suit the larger indoor spaces. 

  1. Airmega smart things

The Airmega air purifiers flaunt some smart features like auto mode, eco mode, auto sleep mode and mobile app etc. 

The Airmega smart mode is a collective term for smarter features. The smart mode of the device, especially the ones with Wi-Fi facility and the 400 series devices, can work automatically to change the fan speed according to the air conditions. The device can detect the change in the air and kick starts the air cleaning process. It will also adjust itself with the lighting conditions and reduces the fan speed as the light goes down. In the dark, it works on night mode that has minimal interference with the sleep.

  • Eco-mode: When the indoor air quality stays the same for a good 10 minutes, the device auto shuts down to conserve energy. At the same time, the sensor works continuously. When a pollutant is detected in the air, it automatically exits the eco mode and starts the device to eliminate the pollutant. 
  • The Sleep mode is what helps with the light-sensitive working of the air purifier. The sensor detects the light inside the room. When it detects darkness, it goes into sleep mode. The fan inside the air purifier rotates very slowly so as not to disturb the sleep. This light sensor is available with the Airmega 400 series air purifiers
  1. Airmega Mobile app

The Airmega mobile app is available for download online. The app is available for Android phones as well as for the iOS systems; once downloaded it can be easily connected to the air purifier. 

  • This app allows you to have real-time monitoring. The app screen displays the air quality and you can rest assured that you are breathing in pure air. It shows filter notifications as well. This displays the life of the filter and would also notify you when it is time to change the filter so that you have cleaner air all the time. 
  • You can schedule the air purifier to work according to your preference. It can also be turned on and off at any time of any day as you need. 
  • The app sends you the indoor air quality report that details the working and air quality over the days or weeks. It even analyses the statistics and sends a precise report that is easy to understand. 
  • The smart app is also useful in getting outdoor air quality. It shows the city air quality levels. 
  • You can remotely control all the smart features of Airmega air purifiers with a Wi-Fi facility with this app. You can set the timer from the app as well. 
  1. Dual suction

The Airmega air purifier sucks in the air from both the sides to have more amount of air purifier at the same time. It also allows faster air cleaning and efficiency of the device. The air enters the device from both sides and is let out from the top of the device. 

  1. Airmega filters

There are 3 filters for this air purifier, a pre-filter, the more efficient Max2 HEPA filter that has 2 components. The pre-filter is washable and removable. It captures the larger air particles to let the interior filter to work more effectively. 

The Max2 filter comprises of the activated carbon layer that comes in black color and the true Green HEPA filter. The formers deals with the odor in the air and catching smaller air particles while the latter eliminates the more finer particles including the microbes, spores, pollens etc. 

  • The presence of the carbon filter assures that the clean air does not have any of the VOCs or other harmful chemicals anymore. It would also eliminate all kinds of odor, like the pet odor, cooking smell from the kitchen, or smoke to make the home feel inviting. 
  • The HEPA filters kill all the microorganisms to allow an allergy-free living inside the home. There would be no more allergens like dust mites, mold or mildew spores, etc in the air makes the indoor air safer. 

These air purifiers also display the filter life on the device with a color indicator so that you know when it is time to change the filter for maximum efficacy. The filter life indicator is available individually for the HEPA and the carbon filters. It is seen on all models of Airmega air purifier. 

  1. Real-time monitoring

The real-time monitoring is done with the help of the indicators that display good, moderate, unhealthy, and very unhealthy modes activated accordingly. You can see for yourself the quality of your home as the device is working. The only difference here is the coloring of the indicators, which are more solid colors for the non-WiFi devices. The indicator will be displayed at the brightly colored LED ring that is visible on the front panel of these air purifiers. You can check for the color change in this ring to see the air quality. 

Airmega smart air purifier models

The Airmega purifier is available in 4 models. There are basically 2 series Airmega 300 series and Airmega 400 series. The smarter version of each series comes with the names Airmega 400S and Airmega 300S. 

Airmega 400 the smarter air purifier

Of the 2 series of air purifiers from Airmega, the Airmega 400 seems to be smarter as it has all the prominent features present whether the WiFi facility is available or not. 

1.  Airmega 400

  • Airmega 400 can cover an area of 1560 sq ft at maximum with 2 air changes in an hour. For a smaller area up to 780 sq ft, it can have 4 air changes in an hour. This model does not come with Wi-Fi or mobile app functions. 
  • It does have the smart mode on the device that works automatically with the auto mode, Eco mode, and the sleep mode for hands-free working. 
  • The LED ring shows 4 colors for the air quality which are noted as blue, violet, purple, and red for good, moderate, unhealthy, and very unhealthy levels of air quality, respectively. 
  • The filter indicator shows one each for the pre-filter and the Max2 filter. The indicator has 5 blocks. The pre-filter indicator lets you know when to wash the filter. The mAx2 filter indicator will let you know when to have the replacement filter ready and when to change it. 
  • The fan works on 4 speeds of sleep, low, medium, and high. The fan speed changes automatically with air quality and light conditions. The timer can be set for working it for 1, 4 or 8 hours but you cannot schedule it for when to start. 
  • The Airmgea 400 air purifier weighs about 24.7 lbs or 11.2 kg and has a dimension of 22.8 x 14.8 x 14.8 in height, width, and depth. The device consumes about 66 watts of power and the sound output is about 22-52 dB according to the speed of the fan. 
  • The device is available in 2 colors, white and granite black. 

Airmega 400 review

The Airmega 400 is available in 2 color options that come as n advantage. The larger coverage area is the biggest advantage. This is the second sorted after model among the Airmega purifiers. The Airmega 400 filter and the Airmega 400 manual are included in the product box. It comes semi-assembled and it is easier for you to finish the device. 

2. Airmega 400s

Airmega 400S is the Wi-Fi enabled smarter air purifier. It comes with all the above mentioned features as of the Airmega 400 with a few additional ones. 

  • Similar to the model 400, the Airmega 400s can cover a maximum area of 1560 sq ft with 2 air rotations or 780 sq ft area with 4 air rotations in an hour. 
  • This smart air purifier comes with the smart features with the Wi-Fi connectivity and the mobile app for convenient controlling. It has auto work mode, power-saving eco mode, hands-free automatic sleep mode etc.
  • The additional features include the scheduling of the air purifier working and the timer facility for 4 different time sets. You can turn on or off the device anytime, from anywhere. Moreover, the timer allows you to run the air purifier for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours at a time. 
  • The fan runs automatically and runs at a 4-speed ranges of sleep, slow, medium, and high. 
  • The other common features here from the less smarter model in this series are the real-time monitoring of the air quality through the LED ring, filter-life indictors, size, weight, noise level, and power consumption. 
  • The device comes semi-assembled with the pre-filters and the set of Max2 filter. You will need to insert the filters in its place. Instructions are given in the manual. 

Airmega 400s review

The reviews show it as one of the luxurious air purifiers in the market. You will be getting a higher end device with more air capacity and the smart features with the double filtering core. It is rated high for the performance, usability and the smart features. The negative remark is its higher price that reduces the overall value. 

Airmega 400 Vs 400s

The comparison of the Airmega 400 series air purifiers comes down to the Wi-Fi facility or the lack of it. While the 400s has the Wi-Fi connectivity, it comes at a higher price, even though marginally. Otherwise, the efficacy, coverage, noise level, power consumption and even the cleansing values are all the same for these air purifier models. 

3. Airmega 300

Airmega 300 air purifier is the simplest of all. It is smaller, compact and covers lesser area than the higher models. 

  • This model covers only 628 sq ft area for 4 air changes or a maximum of 1256 sq ft area with 2 air changes in an hour. The air changes happen at an interval of 30 minutes or 15 minutes according to the size of the room. This works well for a room with a ceiling height of 8 ft. 
  • Although the Airmega 300 is not smart enough to have the remote controlling through the app, it is a smarter air purifier with the auto mode that adjusts the air filtration rate according to the current air quality of the room. 
  • Airmega 300 also has the Eco mode that saves you energy by shutting down the fan when the room constantly stays in the same air level for 10 minutes. It again kick starts the fan when there is any contaminant detected in the air. 
  • What the Airmega 300 model air purifier lacks is the auto sleep mode. You need to manually move the device to the sleep mode when it is dark or its time for sleep. There is no light detector to do it automatically. 
  • It does have the filter indicator so that you don’t have to guess when it is time to wash the pre-filter or change the HEPA filter. The device would let you know clearly.  
  • The LED ring on the front panel shows the air quality levels of 4 ranges- good, moderate and unhealthy. This is shown in the colors of blue, violet, purple and red respectively. 
  • The timer can be set at 1, 4 and 8 hours but you won’t be able to schedule the auto on and off as needed. 
  • The Airmega 300 series is smaller in size in comparison. The dimensions are 21.2 x 13.6 x 13.6 inches in height, width and depth. The device weighs lighter at 21.4 lbs or 9.7 kg. 
  • The noise level from this device stands at 22-52 dB according to the speed level of the fan working. It consumes about 57 watts of power at maximum. 

Airmega 300 review

The reviews reveal that this air purifier is suitable for the medium to large sized rooms. IT is an ideal choice for such rooms to have better air scrubbing. The power saving settings and the convenience of the indicators are well accepted. 

The Airmgea 300 filter is available for replacement and it is safe from any ozone emission. The Airmega 300 manual comes with the product that explains how you can assemble the unit and how to operate them properly. 

4. Airmega 300s

Airmega 300s is the smarter version of the simplest model. It comes with the mobile app connectivity. The package includes the 300 filter as well as the user manual for your reference. 

  • The mobile app lets you know the indoor air quality from time to time and monitor the working remotely from anywhere. It also shows the outdoor air quality to see how smart the device is working to give you cleaner air. 
  • The smart LED ring shows you the 4 different air qualities of the indoor, whichever is applicable. The smart mode comes with all the 3 modes of auto fan modes and eco mode for energy efficiency. 
  • The sleep mode for the night time will have work only manually. There is no light sensor present here to detect darkness but you will be able to change the mode manually. 
  • There are the filter indicators and 4 different fan speeds available here. The additional features from the Airmega 300 would be the extra timer setting with 4 timer settings at 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours. You will also be getting the scheduler that is controlled by the mobile app. 
  • The size and weight are the same as the base model with the noise level being similar at 22-52 dB and the power consumption at 57 watts for this device.  

Airmega 300s review

The Airmega 300s reviews show that this model is not that well accepted when you get almost the same features with the base model. The major reason for anyone going smaller, is fulfilled well with the Airmega model 300. The model 300s adds just the remote controlling that one can go without. But this is a good choice for a tech savvy and has a smarter device handy. 

Airmega 300 Vs 300s

As with the other Airmega air purifier series, the purifiers in this series also differ in the price. The smarter device with the Wi-Fi, mobile connectivity would cost you higher than the other model. Otherwise, the models are the one and same. The other difference is that the Airmega 300 has only 3 timers available while the 300s allows you to have 4 timer settings. 

Airmega air purifier review

The Airmega air purifiers are safer for indoor usage as none of the models from Airmega 400, 400s, 300 or the 300s uses an ionizer. It is safer in terms of ozone production as it emits no amount of ozone

The Airmega purifier reviews on these products applaud the stylish make of the air purifier. Although a small device, it needs an average amount of space but the advantage here is that it is made to look in sync with the décor. 

The greatest advantage of these air purifiers is the facility to use the mobile app to control the mechanism. Though the price of the Airmega air purifiers is its biggest disadvantage, one has to look at the good points like the smart app and the larger coverage of the device that does not allow too many air pockets in the room. 

  • Matheny says that the Airmega manual is not such a great help as expected. The instructions given are not well explained or covered completely. There were also a few concerns regarding the setting up of the app and its usage that should have been made simpler. It is also commented that the price is higher by a good few hundred bucks. 
  • Brian loved the app control and the notifications it send. According to him, the device is quiet, fantastic and elegant. He says it is expensive but the double filtration and the more coverage compensates for it.  
  • Andy says that the Airmega air purifier is great and solid. But he has a few complaints about it as well. For starters, it is the price. Then it is the chime when the purifier turns off at night. The chime is loud enough to scare anyone. The next concern is that there is no way you can turn the LED lights off unless you can get to the control board. The makers should have been more careful to add such feature. 
  • Peekay is impressed with the flawless design, silent working and modern look of these air purifiers. But the concerns are about the touch screen which is too sensitive and the buttons could be activated easily when you try to move the device. 
  • Morgan is a user who had a decent purifier at home but he has issues with the app connectivity with his Android device. 
  • Carlos also has the similar opinion that the device and filter are great but the software is too bad for convenience. 

Airmega placement

Placement of the Airmega air purifier or of any air purifier is highly important. The Airmega purifier should be placed with enough space from the nearest object. One should not place the device on any other object. It should be placed directly on the floor. It should also not be placed underneath any stand of the table as it can obstruct the outlet air. 

Where to buy Airmega air purifiers from?

Airmega air purifiers are easily bought online from the makers- Airmega. You can go to the official site to buy the products. It is also available from Amazon. You can get air purifiers as well as the replacement parts from any of these online stores. You can find all the available stores from the makers site. 

You can apply the Airmega promo code to get additional discounts on the final price of the products when buying directly from the makers. Just make sure that you are purchasing the compatible replacement parts for the respective models that you have. You will also get the Airmega support from the official site and you can refer it for any queries regarding the usage of the products. You will also see a few support videos. 

Although the official site delivers the products only within the USA, you can get Airmega in UK from other stores. The products are also available for purchase in Australia and a few other countries as well. 

Airmega warranty

The Airmega air purifiers have a warranty period of 5 years for the device. All you need to do is to register your device with the makers to get the warranty when needed. 

Bottom Line

The day-to-day life and the festive seasons, all bring home quite a large number of air pollutants that lead to discomfort and long term health issues. While the air purifiers were a luxury in the past, it has now become a necessity. One needs to breathe in cleaner air at least for the few hours that you are back home, if not all the time. With the Airmega air purifiers, you are assured to get a cleaner air with no harmful contaminants in the air. It will sure improve the indoor air quality and you can also monitor the changes as it happens. 

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