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Air Purifiers for Kennels & Eliminating Pet Dander & Odor

Easing The Task Of Choosing Air Purifiers for Kennels, Pet Shops, Veterinary Centers

The veterinary centers, kennels, and pet shops are hubs for various microbes and strong odor. Only a high-quality air purifier can thoroughly clean the air. What you should look for in the air purifiers for these places is its ability t clear out the odor and a high-grade HEPA purifier that is capable of killing those microbes. 

The veterinary centers have a high level of contaminants that can spread the diseases and these contaminants must be eliminated from the root source. Diseases like kennel cough are easily spread as airborne and are associated with infection caused by bacteria. You need an air purifier that can continue its work round the clock. 

The air purifiers for kennels, pet shops, and veterinary centers should be able to, 

  • Eliminate the strong odor from the dogs. These odors are categorized under the VOC, volatile organic compounds. 
  • The vet centers will also have the smell of the medicines and disinfectants. The air purifiers that can eliminate this smell at a faster pace would be just the thing you need. 
  • Sanitization of the room is essential and that part is taken care of by the HEPA filtering layer. High-quality medical-grade HEPA is what is needed for these places to make it completely sterile. 
  • The air purifier should be able to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases by eliminating all kinds of allergens. 

Portable air purifiers or HVAC

Both are good choices if they can work efficiently. Unlike the home air, the air in the vet centers and pet shops is not under complete control of the occupants and could be polluted anytime by anyone. A constant vigil is called for in these areas. I would suggest having an HVAC filtering system than a portable air purifier. It allows complete coverage and works the same for all the rooms in the area. 

If going for this kind of air purification system, ensure that you have a UV light installed in the ducts to double-check the sanitization process. The portable air purifiers are ideal choices for the kennels. You can get many air purifiers with the above-mentioned qualities. 

Popular air purifiers for pets and pet owners

The most popular among them is the Austin Air Healthmate and their Austin Air Pet Machine. Both contain medical-grade HEPA filter as well as high quality activated carbon layer incorporated with additional filtering abilities. 

These machines are fully capable of eliminating the odor-causing organic compounds from the dog’s body, pet dander, and the allergy-causing proteins from them. The HEPA filter can take care of the virus, bacteria, mold, and other fungi, making the environment safe for both the pets as well as for the people around. The filter guarantee is for 5 years and the replacement filter is also easily available. 

Other choices of air purifiers are Air Oasis, Air Pura, Honeywell Pet Clean air, Alen air, etc. These air purifiers can be used in a medium sized room to a larger area of 1500-2000 sq ft. Even if there is a commercial air purifier set up for the overall coverage, it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra portable air purifier in case the rush is too much. 

Comparing the best home air purifiers meant to eliminate the pet dander and odor

Do you have pets at home and that the air is almost stinky no matter how you clean the home? It is really hard to choose an air purifier that can keep the indoor air clean and at the same time deal with the pet dander as well as the pet odor. 

You will come across all sorts of varieties in air purifiers and it is confusing what to choose for the best results. For choosing a device that gets rid of the pet odor and pet dander, there are quite a few choices. Here is a comparison between the best of the air purifiers voted to be effective in doing this job. 

The best air purifiers for pet dander elimination

  • Alen BreatheSmart air purifier
  • Austin air pet machine air purifier
  • GermGuardian air purifier
  • Winix WAC 9500 air purifier

The similarities among them

These are considered the best air purifiers for pet dander and have also been effectively eliminating the pet skin as well as the odor in similar manners. All of these air purifiers have a highly efficient HEPA filtering layer. HEPA layer is considered the best in business to remove the airborne pollutants that are submicroscopic. 

The HEPA filter can remove almost 99% of the smaller particles from the air. Since the pet dander is one of these particles, the air purifiers need the help of the HEPA filter. The working mechanism of this layer all these air purifiers are the same.  

All these air purifiers, Alen BreatheSmart, Austin Air pet machine, GermGuardian and WinixWAC boasts of the HEPA filter that can filter even the smallest of the air particles. 

Since pet dander is one of the leading contender for allergy causing agent in the air, eliminating them from the air makes the air feel far better. 

What makes them different from each other?

Alen BreatheSmart air purifier is effective in removing the pet dander from the air with the help of its smoke and pet odor (heavy odor) filter in it. The HEPA filter comes as a default filtering layer, the additional layer of smoke removal works well when you have pets around. It is impossible not to have a pet odor when there are pets. The pet dander and odor come as a team so one must have the air purifier that works against both these. This Alen Breathesmart is available for the 800 sq ft area which is the average size of a family room and most probably the pet frequents. This air purifier has an intelligent sensor and auto mode to detect air quality and adjust its activity accordingly. 

The Austin air pet machine is also able to remove the pet dander and the odors thanks to its HEPA- activated carbon blend layers. It has larger reachability of 1500 sq ft area. The pet odors are rather strong especially of the dogs and the carbon blend filtering layer juts capable enough to do this job. 

GermGuardian air purifier is another popular air purifier for pet dander elimination. It is slender inbuilt and has the HEPA layer as well as a charcoal layer to remove the odors. The additional feature is a UV light technology that kills the virus, bacteria, fungus, and spores in the air is an added advantage. It works to keep the home odor-free, dander free as well as safe for the pets to live in. 

Winix WAC 9500 air purifier has the usual HEPA and carbon filtering layers. In addition to these, there is another feature that the carbon layer is washable to prolong its usage. It also has a Plasma technology where the airborne microorganisms and spores are neutralized at their molecular level.

All these air purifiers do come with a pre-filter layer to catch the larger air particles. It is most probably washable and can be reused many times. The pre-filter helps extend the life of the inner filtering layers. The best part is that none of these pose the threat of producing ozone, intentionally or otherwise, and safe to use in all kinds of households. 

It all matters to what you really need and if the features meet your requirement. The area capacity of the air purifiers is a significant factor while choosing. 

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