Air/Q is an advanced air freshening system which eliminates the unpleasant odors of pets, smokers, kids, trash cans, mold and mildew. The system enables the user to get the odor of their preference and thus can have a pleasant ambiance at their homes.

Air/Q is completely adjustable and is an eco-friendly system which is completely healthy and efficient. The specifics of the reason behind the creation of Air/Q are to replace the aerosols, plug in air fresheners or any other practices which has serious health hazards depending upon the exposure. It can cause health and ecological problems. Read on to know more about Airqhome Air Freshening System, features, reviews etc.

Airqhome Air Freshening System works automatically and is especially designed for the new generation for the erasing of odors and providing the scent of your choice without any hazardous process which involves flame or heat like in traditional modes of scent creation. Air/Q does not let out any harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Airqhome Air Freshening System – Uses

  • Creation of Ambiance: Air/Q helps in creation of that ambiance with the help of your preferred scent that makes you feel home. The technology used in Air/Q enables you in the creation of ambiance that represents you.
  • Effective: Airqhome Air Freshening System unlike other scent agents erases the scent rather than masking the unpleasant odors. Air/Q eliminates the smell through the use of proprietary neutralizing agents that comes in scented forms to give you that ambiance.
  • Adjustable: Air/Q comes with an on board computer which can used to control the intensity and the effectiveness of the conditioning. The user can set it to his preference by selecting the strength of the fragrance, it also has many preset control which can be used by the customers. The computer helps in enhancing the effect of the air conditioning and the fragrance.
  • Micro- Droplet technology: this technology uniformly treats the air in the house by using only a very low amount of liquid compared to other traditional fragrance devices. The technology is patented for its micro droplet technology.
  • Safety aspect: The treatment of the air is done without the use of any harmful materials. It does not use any solvent, propellants, or any harmful VOCs.
  • Efficiency: The cartridge of Airqhome Air Freshening System lasts for more than 60 days of average use and this makes it both effective and economic.

AirQhome Air Freshening Products

The products of Airqhome Air Freshening System include Whole Room, Whole House and Fragrances.

  • Whole Room: The whole room package treats the house in a room to room basis eliminating any sorts of bad odors and also spreading the fragrance of your choice. The product is cube shaped with over 5 inches in dimensions which makes it attractive and efficient. It is especially designed to replace aerosols and other plug in air fresheners that can let out harmful ingredients into the atmosphere and can cause harmful reaction to humans. The whole house system also acts as a aromatherapy delivery system if correctly synchronized with the fragrance and the effect.
  • Whole house Air freshener system: This system uses the heating and the air conditioning system to bring out that ambience through the use of fragrance. This system is used to control the air scent through the air condition system. The effect is enhanced through the use of the automated controls that enable the user to set the fragrance according to his needs.
  • Cartridges: Airqhome Air Freshening System provides the users with an array of selections in the fragrance department with flavors like gourmand, Floral Lavender Fields, Fresh: mint energy, incense royal and many more.
  • Accessories: Air/Q also provides accessories used for the implementation of the Air quality system. There are many accessories which is supplied by the company for the installation of the system and also for replacement purposes.

Scent and its positive effects

Scent and fragrances has huge effect on the health of the residents. The right combination of the fragrance and the air quality has lot of advantages and positive effects.

  • Ambient Scent: The right scent enables the residents to experience a healthy and good mental feeling about them and their home. This helps in creating an ambiance which you think represents you as a person or a character. This also helps in reducing your mental stress as you would feel comfortable and relaxed with under your preferred ambiance.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a major field of study where the a person undergoes a mode of therapy where the natural and aromatic plant oils are used to improve mood and behavioral aspects of a person’s life. The usage of aromatic fragrances can enhance the productivity and the morale of people of applied in a scientific way. There are various modes of fragrances and the apt selection can you build the needed attitude. There are energizing fragrances which can be used in work spaces and exercise rooms and there are relaxing fragrances which can be used in bedroom and living rooms.
  • Odor Cancelling: the unique odor cancelling technology is created with state of the art technology applications which include the theories of mass spectrometry and other analytical instrumentation. The technology senses the odor and creates a cancellation fragrance and let it into the air in the form of ultra-Nano droplets for covering more surface area and also not to create any difficulties for the occupants.
  • Pet Malodors: Pet odors are one of the unpleasant feelings that you can get in a house as it can lead to allergies other healthy issues. Air/Q offers the users with a successful alternative for cleansing the pet problem. The old solutions were enzyme cleaners, aerosol sprays, plug-ins etc. Some of the problems which can be attributed to the traditional method are its effect on the pets as pets have very sensitive sensory organs especially when it comes to smell. Air/Q helps the users by making its efficient and not effecting the senses of both the humans and the pets.

Airqhome Air Freshening System is a completely innovative product which helps the user maintaining a calm and peaceful atmosphere inside the house by providing fragrances that would make people happy and calm and also avoiding bad smells which can act as a ruining factor in the lives of the people.