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AeroOne Purifiers Features, Reviews, Products

Breathing clean and pure air is made easy with one of its kind AeroOne Purifiers. AeroOne Purifiers are innovatively designed air purifiers, providing you with the much needed clean air. Dr. Kirschman, a former neurosurgeon turned entrepreneur founded a company named Aerobiotix Inc. that is dedicated to developing AeroOne air purifier to enhance the air quality for home and offices. These air purifiers are proven to clean and disinfect air with a True 99.97% HEPA purification system. AeroOne Purifiers are the finest air purifying devices that not only clean air but also kill bacteria, viruses, and living spores. Let’s have a look at features of AeroOne Purifiers and AeroOne air Purifiers product details.

Features of AeroOne Purifiers

AeroOne air purifying devices are designed to help you with allergies, asthma and other illnesses. These ultimate home air purifiers use medical grade 3D-UV filtration system and are proudly made in USA. Below mentioned are some more features of AeroOne Purifiers:   

  1. Uniquely Designed – Aerobiotix’s AeroOne Air Purifiers and Disinfection units are the first and only residential air disinfection and filtration system which are proven to endlessly work towards eliminating living threats such as viruses, bacteria, and living spores and improving air quality. 
  2. Professionally Planned – It is planned and designed by a physician keen on developing various medical devices including AeroOne to improve air quality for people with allergies, asthma, and vulnerable to other infections. These air purifiers are safe for both adults and children. They can be used at home or office to breathe healthiest possible clean air.
  3. Commercial-Grade Construction – Unlike other plastic units, AeroOne air purifying units use all heavy-grade steel construction giving the most durable and professional appearance. 
  4. Mobility – The AeroOne air Purifiers are mounted on smooth rolling, ball bearing lined wheels to ensure portability and easy movement. Moreover, portability allows you to move the unit in different rooms to give clean air wherever and whenever needed. 
  5. Proven Performance – It uses a patent-pending ultraviolet microturbulence technology which is tested and proven at CDC-affiliated Research Triangle Institute. It has shown to abolish nearly 99 percent of bacteria, viruses, and living spores from the room air in controlled laboratory conditions. Also, this same powerful technology is used in hospitals to reduce the risk of infection.
  6. Efficient Air Flow – The AeroOne Air Purifiers are known to clean air in a matter of seconds, it cleans 200 cubic feet of air in a minute, and it is efficient to treat up to 800 square feet of air successfully. The included AC induction motor is powerful and works silently. 
  7. High Power Ultraviolet – These devices operate on an internal reactor system that uses a full 32 watts of ultraviolet power with a solid matrix of UV-transmissible lenses that is actually more than any competitions’ residential HEPA/UV system. This solid matrix creates turbulence in the airflow by reducing microorganisms in the air and increasing the effective ultraviolet exposure. Moreover, it does not release any kind of harmful gas like ozone and thus, has the ozone-free certification. 
  8. True HEPA Filtration System – Besides the UV microturbulence system, AeroOne air purifiers come with a true HEPA 99.97 % medical-grade filter that helps eliminate non-living contaminants. It also includes a carbon-based pre-filter to remove odors.
  9. Simple Operation – AeroOne Air Purifiers are made simple and easy to use. Unlike other complex air purifiers, the AeroOne is designed to be used at one optimal speed offering you the most powerful, efficient, and effective device. It is designed to operate at one speed by pressing just one button on the unit and everything operates. There are no complicated programmers or unnecessary confusing displays that do not contribute to improving air quality.
  10. Plug And Play – It is ready to work and disinfect air immediately after unboxing. You just have to remove the device from the box, turn the switch and breathe the cleanest air in the healthiest possible environment.  

AeroOne Air Purifiers Product Details

AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System


The AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System is amongst the best-rated air purifiers for eliminating mold and other contamination from home or office air. It is a portable and easy to use unit that utilizes Top HEPA filter and UV technology to clean air. 


The many distinct features of AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System are as mentioned below:

  1. Air purifying Plus Disinfection system – AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System uses a professional grade HEPA filter and UV air disinfection system which is proven to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungus from room air.
  2. UV air disinfection system – It comes with a Patent-pending 32-watt ultraviolet (UV-C Lamp) system that maximizes air disinfection.
  3. HEPA filter – The True HEPA 99.97 main filtration system included in AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System improves air quality.
  4. Design – This air purifier is the first-ever design by a physician that is tested as well as proven to remove 99% of air contaminants, spores, and viruses from the air.
  5. Ozone-free – The AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System is certified ozone-free by the California Air Resources Board.
  6. Construction – The heavy-duty all-steel construction along with brushed stainless steel front and top body make AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System different from other air purifiers.
  7. LCD display – The new units of AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System are now available with an LCD display that shows the life of the filter. 
  8. Silent Operation – The quiet brushless AC motor/ blower included in AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System helps in noise reduction.
  9. Color choices – The AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System is available in two colors: Silver/ white side and Silver/Black side.
  10. Two-stage pre-filter with odor-controlling carbon layer – The Activated carbon pre-filter removes odors originating from pets, smoke, cooking, and other sources from the air. The medium 10 in x 10 in. pleated commercial-grade MERV 11 pre-filter efficiently captures small dust and dirt particles to provide you clean and pure air.
  11. Coverage – The AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System is effective in rooms up to 800 square feet.
  12. Easy to use – This unit comes with a simple easy to use one switch/one-speed control. The included UV system is cautiously integrated to operate at one optimal speed while maximizing microbial elimination.
  13. Durable – Its solid steel body, sturdy frame, and proven performance is built to last.
  14. Guarantee – It comes with a 5-year manufacturing guarantee.
  15. Manufacturing – AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System air purifier is proudly made in the USA with top quality materials.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System air purifiers are:

  • Works at 200 CFM and cleans up to 800 square feet of air in a room
  • Operates at Low noise i.e. 42 dB 
  • The all-steel construction comes with a stainless steel front
  • Capable to run at a single speed
  • Included a silent and vibration-free brushless AC motor
  • Matches to the UL and CSA safety standards 
  • Made in the USA with the best quality materials
  • Improved efficiency with True HEPA filter 99.97% 
  • Includes two-stage pre-filter, with an odor-absorbing activated carbon layer
  • Dimension – 25” high x 12.5” wide x 15” deep
  • Weighs only 50 lbs
  • Allows mobility with its ball-bearing casters
  • Improved elimination of allergens and dust with two 6W ultraviolet sources
  • No Ozone or similar toxic gas generation 
  • Comes with lamp integrity LED indicator
  • Operation at 115 volt AC, 60 hertz, 5 ampere 


The AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System air purifiers come to you with:

  1. AeroOne Air Purifier Device
  2. 1 carbon pre-filter
  3. 1 pleated pre-filter
  4. 1 HEPA Filter
  5. 1 UV-C Lamp

AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter


AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter air purifiers are designed by a physician that uses state of the art technology. Its True HEPA filters work at 99.97% efficiency to eliminate 0.3 microns. The True HEPA filter acts as a post-filter and is essential for ultimate air cleaning and preventing any inert living spores’ from being released back into the air.

Features and Specifications

The many features of AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter air purifiers are:

  1. Construction – The AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter air purifiers come in a Metal frame.
  2. Color – these air purifiers come silver in color.
  3. True HEPA replacement filter – AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter utilizes a True HEPA 99.97% Filtration technology.
  4. Large filter size – The true HEPA is a large 12 in. x 12 in. x 6in. filter that is rated to operate at 99.97% efficiency.
  5. Medical-grade 99.97% Efficiency – The AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter captures particles as small as 0.3-micron particles. 


The AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter air purifiers come with one HEPA filter which has a filter life of 6 months on continuous use. It also requires a pre-filter which is sold separately. It includes:

  1. AeroOne Air Purifier Device
  2. 1 HEPA Filter

Tips on Changing Filters 

The Carbon and pleated pre-filter, as well as HEPA filters, must be changed every 6 months if used continuously. However, when used in more dusty environments, you must change it sooner. The included UV lamp works for 10,000 hours after which replacement is needed. The new AeroOne Air purifiers unit comes with a digital counter that indicates you with the time to change the filter. 


The AeroOne Air purifiers such as AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System and AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter utilizes the best in class technology, are durable, portable and easy to use units that effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and dust particles providing with the best possible clean air. 

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