Adlens Adjustables Eyeglasses

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The cost of a prescription lens is too high that not everyone can afford a spare lens handy in case of emergencies. To solve this problem here is Adlens adjustable lens whose focal length could be adjusted by anyone as per requirement. It does not involve any complication. Simply rotate the small dial provided on the frame and adjust the focal length. It is made in such a way that anyone can use the same pair of glasses and adjust it to their convenience.

Adlens adjustable instant prescription eyeglasses from AdlensFocuss

AdlesFocuss is the first company to make the adjustable eyeglasses. The main feature is the variable power optics that can almost mimic the prescription glasses.

Adlens adjustable are a special type of glasses made with 3 layers. Both the layers are made of polycarbonate. There are dials provided on the corner of the outer frame. Each dial adjusts the lens on each eye. Rotate the dial slowly to have the desired focus.

Adlens adjustable glasses –how it works?

The workiing mechanism is that when the dial is adjusted, the polycarbonate lens either moves apart or come closer to suit the user. These lenses are paired with a thin layer of silicone to stay together. They are connected to have the right focus.

By adjusting the focus of each eye, you have the instant prescription eyeglasses ready for you. The best part is that you can adjust the lens anytime, anywhere with no problems.

As a person ages, the focal length of the eyes changes dramatically. When they start having problems with the current prescription glasses they can make use of these Adlens adjustable instant prescription eyeglasses, until they get an appointment with the optician and have their new glasses made. They do need to stay blind until then.

The maximum each lens of Adlens adjustable instant adjustable glasses is between -6D and +3D. This is also suitable for multiple users. Have a pair of this Adlens adjustable at home and everyone in the family, who has prescription glasses, could make use of it.

Adlens continuously adjustable working glasses

Adlens adjustable can be a continuous working glasses that helps you adjust the focus length. The dial that controls the focus length is adjustable at 3 points, near far and intermediate.

The adjustable knobs are useful since the lens focal length is applicable for the particular straight view. For those who use bifocal lenses, this is beneficial as they can adjust the lens as they needed.

The knob stays hidden inside the frame that others don’t see them and you can flaunt the Adlens Adjustables as any regular glasses.

Other features of Adlens Adjustables

  • Adlens adjustable glasses are suitable for men and women. There is no gender bias with these glasses.
  • They are light weighted and also durable to last longer.
  • The shape of these Adlens adjustable glasses is in such a way that can suit everyone, no matter what shape their face have.
  • They can be worn over the prescription glasses and help those with temporary vision problems.
  • Adlens adjustable have a width of 5 ¼ inches with the lens 1 inch high.
  • This is a great use for those who need separate glasses for reading and watching TV.
  • Adlens adjustable glasses can be an alternative for the prescription glasses but they are not a replacement for them. If someone is in dire need of a prescription glass, they need to have it. They can use adjustable lenses as an emergency or wear them over their glasses to fine-tune their vision.
  • The best feature is that it is way cheaper than the prescription lenses.
  • It matches well with any type of clothing or occasion.

Adlens adjustable where to buy

Adlens adjustables are available in many retail shops and also online. You can visit the Adlens site to check the nearby retail shops that have Adlens adjustable glasses. It is available at Walmart.

These glasses are popular in the popular online stores like Amazon and the likes. It is also available from Homedepot, both online and in the retail shops.

Adlens adjustable in UK, Canada, Europe

Primarily, Adlens adjustable instant eyeglasses are available in all states of USA. Adlens adjustable glasses are also available in many countries across the globe. They can be found in the UK from their official Adlens site for the country. It is also available on Amazon there.

The other countries where Adlens is available are Canada and some countries in Europe.

Adlens adjustable coupon code

Coupon codes and promo codes for Adlens adjustable glasses are available from many popular code sites. These coupon codes are applicable for getting discounts on purchases from Adlens site. It also lets you have free shipping for the purchase.

Adlens adjustable review

The general Adlens Adjustables review is that the glasses are useful and suitable for one and all. The flexibility to use with or without the prescription glasses makes them more popular. They make excellent replacement or alternative for contact lenses also so that they can still enjoy good vision while giving some rest to their eyes.

Mark uses this as reading glasses and a backup for his contacts. It worked well for him for the low price. The only trouble he had was that the lens has limited field view that was affecting his view while driving. He still manages with it and is happy. He says the lens is not scratch proof so be careful with it.

Steven says the Adlens Adjustable lenses has been godsend to him after his surgery. He had to wait 4 weeks to get the prescription glasses. The only problem was that the lens is plastic and could have scratches easily. It is also that the solution, when poured directly on the lens, can go between the layers. He suggests pouring the liquid on the rag and then cleaning it.

Not all are happy with these lenses. The lack of wider field view has troubled many. Some have even turned the glasses as they had limited peripheral view which was uncomfortable.

The cheap plastic material did not go well with many. There are users in the same family who have had success with these adjustable lenses and those who failed to have any effect. Maybe it all depends on how each individual’s eye adjust to the new glasses. As I the case of any new glasses, this Adlens Adjustable also need some time to sink in.


Adlens adjustable eyeglasses are low priced glasses for instant eyesight adjustment. They are flexible at the nose piece to adjust to anyone. The multi-user facility is also a high point to try them. The biggest advantage is that the glasses come with the 60-day money back guarantee so that the user if unsatisfied, or get any damage or defect on the glasses, it can be returned to get a full refund. No worries there.