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5 Ways To Boost Your Sex Life By Improving The Indoor Air Quality

No Mood For Sex? Here Is Why. 5 Ways To Boost Your Sex Life By Improving The Indoor Air Quality

Is sex off the table nowadays? It’s not just you. There are many people who feel the same. Undoubtedly stress is one of the contributing factors in the depreciation of sex, but there are many reasons that can kill the mood.

Apart from lifts or a parking lot, the most preferred hotspot is obviously the home where you will feel the comfiest. But how often have you checked the air quality indoors? Well,  whether you believe it or not, certain components in your home can contribute to cut down sex life.

So basically, sex is just not off the table, its probably the table you are experimenting on that has the allegens making you keep the pants on. Your indoors contain several polluted allergens that can not only hinder the brain functionalities but can also raise the stress hormone leaving you frustrated and irritated.

As per a recent study, Americans spend 92% of their time indoors and spend only 2% outside with 6% percent spent on transit. An article published in Environmental Health Perspectives shows that the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and carbon dioxide that are found everywhere indoors right from furniture to upholstery to plastics to newspapers negatively impact the cognitive function and decision making. If your home is poorly ventilated that’s an additional reason for stress buildup and lack of quality sex life.

Here are few tips on how you can fix the indoor quality and enhance your romantic life.

Get few House plants

There are many power plants that can be easily grown indoors and have the ability to get rid of any pollutant chemicals lurking inside. Be it formaldehyde or any other toxins, air filtering plants show that having a 10-12 potted plant per 100 sq. ft. of the room can chuck off unwanted odors and allergens such as cigarette smoking, pet dander, chemicals used in furniture, and so on. Plants not only refresh our mood and body thus alleviating blood pressure, improving focus and attention level, productivity, and lowering high anxiety levels. Few of the best houseplants include English Ivy, Spider Plants, Snake Plant, Bromeliads, Jade, Schefflera, Rubber Plant, etc.

Air purifier actually works

Apart from houseplants, a HEPA air purifier that delivers quality air will also work in your benefit. There are many models available ranging from portable to desktop to carbon filter induced air purifiers that have received amazing reviews from people when it comes to eliminating air inside.

Check your Mattress

The bed you sleep on also contains little allergens that can affect your romantic experience. If you are using a wrong bed to sleep on or still working on a decade-year-old mattress, it can give you back pain, stress on the pressure points of the body, and affect any romantic adventures as well. Few mattresses such as memory foam (especially during its initial days of use) can emit a smell that can also affect the indoor air quality. Make sure you are opting for the right one that is organic and allergen-free to maintainable air quality in your home.

Change your ambience

Are you using CFL lights in your bedroom? If you are not aware of the truth, well here is the breaking news. CFL lights are loaded with mercury that is one of the toxic elements ever found on Earth. They come with at least 5 mg of mercury that is about 200 times of mercury in a flu vaccine shot. In fact, a CFL bulb has enough mercury to mess 6000 gallons of water. While tube fluorescent bulbs have diffusers to cut off the UV radiation emitting from the lights, CFL does not have a diffuser and can easily harm people who are exposed to UV rays by triggering various skin disorders, skin cancer, etc.

If you want to lead a better life, take care of your ambience indoors to a pleasant one that is romantic, welcoming and offer a safety for your life and precious ones as well.

Hows your bedroom?

Have you installed a fireplace in your bedroom? Do you light candles to add a tinge of romance in your life? While consummating at a cold night near the fireplace might leave you starry-eyed, the smoke releasing from the wood can leave you lethargic when you wake up in the long run.

If you are planning a romantic gesture with candles, you might as well use beeswax that filters the air and clear out any poisonous elements indoors than paraffin candles that come cheap but might cost you your life. This is because normal candles release carcinogenic soot when you burn them which is the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes.

Above are a few of the changes to improve the air quality indoors. Ultimately a clean home and true love are keys for a happy relationship that will leave you both wanting for more.

Do You Make These Indoor Mistakes – Why You Should Experience Indoor Air Quality At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Bottom line, we are humans and we are prone to make mistakes. We are not perfect and are in a stage to learn gradually. But then certain mistakes cannot be rectified once made. Indoor quality mistakes are one among them. Now you may ask how?

Imagine leftover pizza boxes under your bed or messy carpets that are growing mold, furniture that breed dust, shower curtains that have not been cleaned for a while and are now growing mildew and moist…not a pretty picture, is it?

These are a few of the things that are easily overlooked and one cannot even picture that it will affect your body. Now I won’t scream “I love my home which is oh so spic and span”. I slog every day from the morning to night to get my share of pennies and weekends are the only time when I have to take a break from daily routine. I do try my best to maintain a good home but I cannot run corner to corner with a vacuum and a microscope hunting for a spec of dust.

But yes, of course, slight arrangements here and there and you are better off maintaining good health and a clean home rather than taking a tour of your nearest clinic every now and then.

If you are making any of the following mistakes, then its high time you clear the air indoors to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Smoking indoors

While smoking itself is not a healthy habit, smoking indoors is even worse. Many people get affected more by second-hand smoking than by the habit of smoking itself. If you or any of your family member has the habit of smoking indoors, its time to set things right. Throw them outdoors and do not let them enter in till they have puffed out the chimney.

Pet danders

Pet danders are another problem faced by many. From tiny, flecks of skin shed by pets to their hair, it can hover in the indoor climate and trigger allergies in people. Even proteins found in urine, drool, or feces of pets can cause allergic reactions especially those who have sensitive health. Many experience symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, runny nose, wheezing, etc.

The only way to get rid of such a situation is by keeping the pet away from home. Use pet houses if possible or keep them away from jumping around in your furniture, worse from your bedroom if you are dealing with sensitive skin. Note that even if the pet is gone, the allergens will remain and it might take months/weeks to improve the indoor air quality.

Leave your footwear outdoors

Do you have the habit of using the same footwear outside and in your home? Apparently, you are bringing in all the outside allergens inside. Always keep your outside wear for outdoor uses only. Always wipe your feet when you enter the home and it is better to stay barefoot indoors. If you have the habit of using footwear indoors, keep two pairs – one for indoor and one for outdoors.

Get rid of bad habits

Piled up kitchen vessels in the sink, leftovers in the kitchen counter, pizza boxes under the bed, cluttered up bookshelves breed dust, mold and whatnot. I know clearing them out seems overwhelming but here is a healthy tip to fix it. Plug into music while cleaning up the mess. This will take you the pressure of cleaning the home. In fact, from my experience, you will find it quite a stress buster and make you realize how clearing the clutter has been so much fun.


Clearing out the mistakes is the first step towards self-improvement. A good quality air purifier will surely help in clearing any odor or allergens in the indoor atmosphere but then the primary cleaning you have to do it yourself. I understand cleaning is a lifetime habit and is not a one-time thing. But why make a mess and double the effort of cleaning? Stop piling unwanted accessories in your home to call a “decor”. Over a period of time, they gather dust making things difficult for you. A few times spent on a daily routine of cleanliness will take a huge burden off your shoulders.

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