3M Thinsulate Convertible Mitten Gloves by Igloos

3M thinsulate convertible mitten is a 2-in-1 hand warmer that can be converted into a glove when needed. Winter is right on and if you are looking for a gift for anyone, man or woman, this is something you can buy without delay. It is not only useful, for sure, but can keep the palm warm and cozy. The best feature is that it is made of thinsulate material.

The convertibility would leave your fingers free when you want to have access for it. This 3M thinsulate convertible mittens would still let you type, text, or write wearing it.

What is thinsulate?

Thinsulate is a synthetic fiber that can be the best thermal protection at the same time having light weight to the item that is made into. This is mostly used for clothing. These are microfibers that can stay as a barrier between the cold weather outside and you.

Thinsulate is breathable material and can also absorb moisture to keep the hands dry. These finer fibers can trap more air and prevent it from getting in touch with the skin. These fibers make the mittens many times thinner than other fiber materials.

Features of 3M Thinsulate Convertible Mittens by Igloos

  • The mittens are obviously convertible between being a mitten and a glove.
  • The finger covers can be folded back to expose the 4 finger when you need access.
  • The folded finger cover is secured behind with the help of Velcro and does not come in the way or interfere with any work that you do.
  • The mittens cover the thumb always and expose only the 4 fingers, that too only the top part.
  • The thin fabric is comfortable for any use.
  • The 3M thinsulate convertible mittens are unisex and can be used for both men and women.
  • It can also be used for children, mostly teenagers.
  • These mittens are washable.
  • This is easily useful for hunting also.
  • The separate covers for the thumb and the fingers allow you to use the fingers for using your Smartphone and yet be covered by this warm mittens.
  • The mittens are made of 65% olefin and 35% polyester for the insulation. The glove is made of 100% polyester for the outer shell.
  • The dimensions of the sizes are 10.5 inches of the medium-large size and 11 inches for the large-XL size. Both these sizes would have 9 inches around the wrist.

Where to buy these mittens?

You get to buy these 3M thinsulate convertible mittens online from many stores. It is available at Amazon, eBay etc and also at many other sites such as 13deals.com.

They cost very less for the comfort it offers. It is light weighted to suit high to moderate activity with the hands or in mild to moderate cold conditions outside.


If there is anything that you need to keep with you always, during this winter seasons it is this pair of 3M thinsulate convertible mittens.