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3 Things To Keep In Mind During Detox

Detoxification is the process of eliminating wastes of all kinds from within the body. Our body needs some internal cleaning regularly. The one who does occasional body cleansing may have better health than the one who does not do at all.

What is detox 

Detox is a way of overcoming many of the bad habits and addiction. People take up the body cleansing programs for various reasons. Some take it for the general cleansing while others have it for a particular reason. Often ex-smokers do a detox program to get toxins out from smoking habit.  

It is one of the healthy ways to heal and repair the body. A clean body is better able to do the repair and healing than an impure body. Detox is also a way to start a healthy lifestyle and habits. It is ideal to consult a doctor before you start a detox program. When you are ready to start the program, here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while doing the revitalizing detoxification. 

  1. Know your goal

Detox or body cleanse is not equivalent to weight loss. Although weight loss happens as a result of detoxification, it is mostly the water waste that comes from the muscles and tissues. Detox is only the first step towards a healthy weight loss. The weight that you lose during cleansing is not fat. This is where people misunderstand and complain about ‘gaining weight’ later. 

An effective detox program affects all the vital organs and improves their functioning. The kidneys, digestive system etc are affected that results in the natural elimination of the accumulated waste inside the body. The ingredients in the detox program are most likely to have diuretic and laxative effects that promote these changes. 

The longer the detox program is, more is the amount of toxins that are released from their hideouts and are expelled. The duration of the cleaning depends on the sustainability of the person. One may have a 1-day detox or the one that lasts for 3, 5, 7 or even 10 days.  Choose the one that suits you better. Just because the other person has a longer cleansing process does not make it suitable for you. 

In order to get effective weight loss along with detoxification, one needs to understand that detox is the first step. The second step is to control the diet. This will surely help you lose some fat weight also. Burning fat can also release toxins that are attached to them and make the body cleansing more effective. 

  1. Detox exercise plan

There are many who believes, exercises should not be part of the detox plan. But that’s not true. You need to do some minor and non-exerting exercises while on detox program. The lighter exercises ensure the blood circulates normally and can make the detox much more effective. The more blood flowing through the organs better are the chances of betting toxins out of those areas. 

Exercises improve the functioning of the vital organs. It can move the digestive system, kidneys, lungs and the liver to function better. All of these organ systems are part of the toxin elimination task force and can benefit by light exercises. 

A few warm ups or a 30-minutes walk can suffice. Yoga would be a great idea during detox. It is relaxing to the body. It would not make you feel tired. Over exhaustion is not a good idea so keep the activities to minimal and do the exercises every other day rather than every day. The body needs rest to help in the cleansing process. 

Foam rolling is another option for those taking part in the liquid detox. This helps in the lymphatic fluid movements in the muscles and detoxifies these areas as well. This is also beneficial for releasing tension from the tissues. 

Over exertion of the body is not recommended especially if you are on a liquid detox program. The body may not have enough energy to sustain the hard activities and can make you weaker. 

  1. What to expect

You can be well prepared when you know what to expect. The detox or the cleansing process can bring changes in the body. It can also make you feel fatigue and dizzy at times. Fatigue happens because of the reduction in calories consumption. 

The headache and brain fog are also to be expected. The lack of calories can cause headaches or even upset stomach in some people. These are normal changes during detox.

The changes happen as a result of the effects on the general functioning of the body. Some people may have skin rashes, acne, pimples etc appearing on their skin. These are due to the presence of toxins in the blood that comes from different parts of the body.

Drinking more water helps flushing them out. The water keeps the body hydrated and carries more toxins out of the system when expelled. 

Because of all these expected changes, you need to have ample time and opportunity for the task. Start a detox program only when you are sure that you have at least a week’s time. This allows you to attend to your body and to do the needful to make a relaxing environment. You can relax, de-stress, meditate, and can even catch up on some sleep that you deserve. All of these processes helps in healing the body and rejuvenate it. 

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