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12 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Indoor Odors – Fresh Air At A Cheap Budget

After a short trip, we reached home and really wondered why it is getting uncomfortable for all of us to stay indoors. To our surprise, we discovered stale smells and odors were all around our home. We had stayed breathing fresh air for the last few days and expected the same fresh air indoors. My kid came to me and said “mommy lets go back”. These words from him really touched my heart as the natural and fresh air there had helped him relieve from allergies. He was not sneezing and was enjoying each day of his stay. I right away thought of getting rid of indoor odors and provide him similar natural and fresh air inside our own home. 

From day one I start exploring internet to find ways to get rid of indoor odors and provide fresh air at lower cost. Air purifiers seemed to be one of the best option but they are expensive, requires maintenance and proper care. Then, I came across home remedies to get rid of indoor odors. I immediately thought to give them a try as you get nonstop fresh air at a cheap budget. I tried and tested a number of home remedies to get rid of indoor odors and inhale fresh air. Introducing here the best 12 home remedies I thought are effective in removing indoor odors and providing fresh air on small budget.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a routine ingredient readily available in your home which helps eliminate indoor odors naturally. To remove stale odors from your home, just add a small amount of vinegar in one bowl and place in the room. You will notice this cheap method gives clean and fresh air in just few hours. 

Also, to quickly remove cigarette smoke, pour some vinegar into hand towel and swinging the towel in air walk through entire house. This will get rid of indoor odor in no time. This natural way using vinegar entirely eliminates odors such as pet odors and cigarette smoke.

  1. Baking Soda 

Carpets can cause your living room to smell badly, especially when you have pets. Baking soda is a cheap way to remove this bad smell. Trick is – before vacuuming just sprinkle some baking soda on your carpets and allow it to rest there for nearly 15 minutes. Then simply vacuum your carpet to notice stale odors are disappeared. Also, baking soda helps eliminate odors from litter boxes and trashcans.

Baking soda also helps to get rid of smell from antique, second-hand, or unused furniture. Simply put some baking soda in a bowl and place inside the furniture like drawers, cupboards, etc. Allow it to stay there for longer time or overnight and note the musty smell getting disappeared. 

  1. Cotton balls

There are many home remedies which you can try using cotton balls to get rid of indoor odors. For a peaceful and sweet smelling sleep take a cotton ball and dip in lavender or chamomile essential oil and place into your pillow case. This will provide a slight, calming fragrance in your bedroom and help you sleep better. 

Alternatively just soak a cotton ball with your favorite cologne and put it into your vacuum cleaner bag. Now as you start vacuuming, this scent will get gently permeate in your home. At times your refrigerator also emits odors, to help get rid of them, damp a cotton ball into vanilla extract and place it on the shelf inside the fridge. It will work as a deodorizer, providing a pleasant scent indoors.

  1. Lemons

Lemon is acidic and contains powerful pleasing scent providing you with the easy and cheap home remedies for indoor odors. Lemon juice is efficient to get rid of strongest odors from the fridge, kitchen or any room of your house. Slice a lemon and boil these pieces to help you remove cooking odor from seafood and onions.

Lemons can be used as cheap home remedies to get fresh air in bathroom or from pet litter box. It helps you save from spending on aerosol spray and freshen the air naturally. Simply cut few lemons in two pieces and place them in your room to smell lemon-fresh air in sometime.

Lemons work as a deodorizer for your humidifier when it starts to smell funky. You just have to pour 3 or 4 teaspoons lemon juice into the water. This will not only remove the odors but your home will start smelling with lemon-fresh fragrance. Repeat this in every few weeks to keep the odor from returning.

If your garbage disposal is making your sink smell yucky, then deodorize it with some leftover lemon, lime or orange peels.  Toss them down the drain to eliminate odor and keep fresh air moving indoors. 

  1. Orange

Citrus fruits and specifically Oranges make the best home remedies to get rid of indoor odors and fresh air in no time. Take an orange to cut into half. Remove or eat the orange part/ pulp and then fill the orange shell halfway with salt. Place orange shell in a small bowl and place it behind the fridge to freshen air – the salt will absorbs stale and yucky odors while the orange shell fills the entire fridge with a fresh, citrus scent.

Save orange or lemon peels to use them during winters to light fire in your fireplace.  They work far better than newspaper to keep fire on by burning for longer than paper. Moreover, it also gets the room to start smelling better.

Fill your home with a refreshing citrus scent by simmering some orange and/or lemon peels. Take an aluminum pot, put in 1-2 cups of water and some orange and/or lemon peels for few hours. Add water as required while the simmering process in going on. This process freshens up the pot and also the air in your home.

  1. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one of the best natural deodorizer as well an anti-bacterial agent to help remove indoor odors and give wonderfully scented fresh air in your home. It is an aesthetic plant, with round or heart-shaped leaves, and with strong scented foliage.  To get rid of the musty smell from your closets, put few essential oils or eucalyptus oil drops. Repeat this in few weeks to have constant fresh air coming from your closet. You can also take few fresh or dried eucalyptus branches in a vase, and place it in your room to not only breathe fresh air but also look good. 

  1. Dried Lavender

Lavender is often used in scented forms like soap, perfume, room fresheners, etc. For cheap and better use as home remedies take equal parts of dried lavender buds and baking soda. Mix these two ingredients into a small jar and shake well. Then, add 3 drops at a time of lavender essential oil, total of 24 drops and shake after every 3 drops. Punch few holes on the jar’s lid and place the jar in any room and to smell fresh aroma.

  1. Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener is another great way to get rid of indoor odors and give your home a fresh wonderfully clean air. Simply add a capful of fabric softener to 2 capfuls of water and then allow it to simmer. This is great to remove yucky smell from bathrooms and laundry rooms. You can even use fabric softener sheets to tuck few sheets into closets, behind curtains, or under chairs to have fresh-air fragrance in any room of your house.

  1. Stovetop Potpourri 

For a long-lasting great aroma to permeate your entire home, try Stovetop Potpourri, effective cheap home remedies. This works best during winter holidays to create a warm, homey ambiance in your home. It is also useful in summer to get rid of stinky smells from indoor air. Here is the ingredients list:

  • 1 sliced orange
  • 1 sliced lemon
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 4 whole cloves
  • 1 fresh bay leaf preferably or dry

Add all the above items to a medium sized pot or a small crock-pot. Fill the pot halfway with water. Turn on the burner to low and allow it to simmer all day long and next day onwards feel the fresh air inside your home. Regularly check the water level in the pot and add water whenever needed.

  1. Home Potpourri

Home Potpourri remedies are like bringing natural outdoor scents into your home. For this you just have to gather few items from outside and easily make a wonderfully smelling potpourri to get rid of indoor odors. Collect things such as pinecones, acorns and leaves. Then just include cinnamon or dry orange/ lemon peelings to give Potpourri a clean scent and place some in every room to have nice fragrance all over the house.

  1. Tea Bag 

Used tea bag is perfect and cheap home remedies to add aroma in small areas. Small areas in your house such as bathroom, laundry room, or musty closets could easily through strong odors all through the house. A much cheap yet great-smelling option is to hang three or four tea bags on the back of the door to get rid of bad smell. Refresh your tea bags with few drops of essential oil when you want to have different aromas.

  1. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract serves as other cheap and simple home remedies for fresh air indoors. To get rid of strong smell from your microwave, take a small quantity of vanilla extract in a bowl and microwave on high for a minute. You can also cover those unbearable paint smells by adding little of vanilla extract with the paint. Now your house will smell delicious. Please note to use only clear vanilla extract for white or cream paints. Another trick is to put one or two drops of vanilla extract on a light bulb when it is off. When the lights turn on, your house will entirely be filled with the appealing scent of baked foods.  


From the above mentioned 12 home remedies to get rid of indoor odors, it is suggested to follow the one that is best as per need. Now as you have found separate remedies to eradicate odors from the living room, bathroom, kitchen, closet, etc. try them and let me know your experiences. My kid now loves the different fragrances and fresh air that smells indoors. 

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