Yesvideo is an innovative initiative by a group of young entrepreneurs who aims at giving the pleasure of recollecting of old memories. Not clear?? Yesvideo is an initiative where a person can send his personal collection of video tapes and can get it converted to an electronic format stored in an online database for future watching. Yesvideo is headquartered in Santa Clara in California located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The orders are placed through the website and are processed through their studios which are placed around USA.

Yesvideo has been helping families in preserving their memories for more than 15 years now. Yesvideo is the largest of its kind with worldwide service and uniqueness.The company has been successful in keeping the service simple and convenient by efficient management and by quality efforts.

Yesvideo Review – How it Works?

Yesvideo Review mentions that any user can join the Yesvideo online through registering online by giving your email address. The online registration is a simple process which takes only takes a matter of minutes. The steps in the process are:

  • Online ordering: This is the first step in the process where the user has to place an order online by giving the personal details along with the information about the number of tapes (of any types apart from CDs). The user is supposed to measure the gauge of the tapes that he is possessing and give the details regarding the measurements of the tapes.



  • Shipping: The next step is the sending of the appropriate boxes to the user’s residence for the collection of the tapes that he is possessing. Yesvideo provides the best courier service for the transferring of tapes with advanced tracking facilities. The user can send the tapes to the mentioned address which would be normally of the studios where the conversion of the tapes is done.
  • Online uploading: The videos are generally converted within 15 days and can be accessed by the user online through a dedicated portal. The online medium also contains editing tools which can be used for cropping or editing any unwanted sections of the videos and be saved in the database for anytime viewing. The videos are stored in massive database and is stored there still further intimation by the user.
  • DVDs: There is  also an option for the users for converting these videos in DVDs for special occasion with an additional cost. The DVDs will be sent to the user within 3 working days. The User is also given the option to add custom music and themes along with the videos.

Yesvideo Order Components

  • The first facility that you get along with the order is an unlimited video storage which can be accessed by the user any time.
  • The account also provides the users with editing and trimming tools which can be used by the users to get only the needed parts of the video.
  • The user is also provided with free IPhone and IPad apps which enable the users to watch the movies anywhere where they like.
  • The user is also given the option to share the video through email and Facebook.

Yesvideo Cost of the facility

The rate of this service is based on the nature of your tape along with the nature of the gauge of the tape. The rates are:

  • Videotape Transfer: – $12.99
  • Film Reel Transfer:

3 inch Reels – $8.99
5-inch Reels- $29.99
7-inch Reels- $59.99

Yesvideo provides the users with the simplest way to convert your memories into online version which can be stored for a much longer time without any damage. It helps the users by giving them access to their memories anytime they want. Yesvideo has collaborations with some of the best and biggest retail companies in the country. Any Yesvideo user can drop off his materials at a local retail location like Costco, Sam’s Club, CVS so on.

Yesvideo Facebook App & Social Connectivity

Social Connectivity is the next huge advantage of Yesvideo where a person doesn’t have to upload a huge file into Facebook. Yesvideo provides exclusive connectivity to Facebook and enables the option to share any video from the company’s database. The user can also edit or add anything along with the existing video and then share it to Facebook. Even though it allows the Facebook connectivity, it strictly follows the privacy terms by maintaining that safety aspects in each and every sharing and posts in Facebook. Yesvideo is clearly a niche in the market with its unique service and the technical options provided for the users by enabling the users to relive their memories forever by making it immortal.

Yesvideo Safety features applied

  • Door to Door Safety: This feature ensures safety of your personal videos for their confidentiality and safety. The company also provides a $1500 safety guarantee which is the only company which provides such a term but only applies to orders on
  • Customer Service: The Live customer service team is active throughout the week the timing being weekdays: 6am to 8.30 pm (Pacific Standard Time) and weekends: 6 am to 6pm (Pacific Standard Time).
  • Tagged and Tracked: The videos received are tagged as soon as it is received and the tracking is made available. The tagging is done through a unique code and tracked throughout the entire process of the conversion. The tracking is done till the originals are given back to the user.
  • Dedicated UPS Trucks: The company has enables the dedicated fleet of UPS trucks who only takes the order from Yesvideo and there is no drop-offs or pick-ups along the way for ensuring the safety.
  • Two US based facilities: The Company has two facilities which are located in California and Georgia. Yesvideo involves advanced logistics systems for managing your packages with care and efficiency thereby the orders are made safe and fast.
  • Round clock Surveillance: The facilities are under surveillance round the clock for ensuring the confidentiality and the safety of the videos. The surveillance is done through every step of the process of the video conversion.
  • Back up: The Company provides two back-ups in case something happens to your memories and both are stored in two different locations.