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Buy Wewood watches that offers you a fantastic range of exquisite eco-friendly watches for men and women.

Welcome to the world of Wewood Watches – The Environment Friendly Watches.

The slogan for this era has become the word Eco-friendly. We have heard enough of eco-friendly this, eco-friendly that, but have you heard about the eco-friendly watches? No? No worries, it was only recently innovated in Italy. This has now moved on to Los Angeles and has already collaborated with the tree planting partners American Forests and Trees for The Future. For every

WEWood watch purchase one tree will be planted. More than 3 million plants have already been planted by these collaborations. The motto is to keep the forests and trees intact and at the same time provide nature friendly accessories.

WEWood Watches

The watches by WeWood were made to have a miniature clock in hand but they have now become a style quotient in recent times. There have been many designs to make it trendy and stylish. The innovation of the wooden watches has been a milestone. The WeWood watches are a hybrid of technology with the nature resulted in the unique creations. The wood used for the watch making is scratch woods and no trees are cut for this purpose. The strap and the dial are made of wood and only the needles and the machinery are not made of wood.

credits: http://www.blessthisstuff.com/

credits: http://www.blessthisstuff.com/

The strap is made with clips and pins and the length can be customized easily. The clasp is made of metal for extra safety. The wood used is hypo allergic and does not have any preservatives or dyes used. The WeWood watches are not water proof and should not be brought in contact with water. The batteries can be replaced and there will be no problem with that. The watches are light weighted and are measured in ounces.

Cleaning the watch

WeWood watches can be cleaned with the mix of olive oil and lemon juice. Dip a small cotton cloth in the mix and use it to wipe clean the watch. This mix can be used on unvarnished wood. Applying a little of beeswax, lip balm, or oil on it will make it shiny and the dull and old look will be gone easily. The oil will also protect it from moisture or the resulting expansion of the wood or cracking when it is too dry.

credits: http://www.ebay.com/

credits: http://www.ebay.com/

The Collection of Watches

The  collection of WeWood watches includes all types of watches used by both men and women. There are unisex watches also. The size of the watches varies from small to large. The dial shape can be selected round, rectangle and square. The feature includes the crystal accents, date, dual time, and other functions. The wood color available is army, beige, black, brown, chocolate, bicolor, and teak. The color is natural to the wood and no dyes are used.

credits; http://www.myfootprint.is/

credits; http://www.myfootprint.is/

Opt for WEWood watches for style and to show your support for reforestation. Every watch purchase will replace a tree in the forest and will bring our ecosystem balance back to normal.


Wooden Men’s Watches

Being in style is the demand of the era. With so many technologies and advancements, people are now going back to the nature. Natural products and anything that is made of recycled or natural are gaining popularity. There are no hesitations in trying out innovative creations as anything that is not usual is considered fashionable. Creative ideas have been trying on the watches also. In the early 90s there had been the fashionable wooden watches. The whole watch except for the machinery was made of wood, even the strap. Nowadays the trend has again started with We-Wood watches.

We-Wood watches are purely made of natural wood. Wood is used to make the dial and the strap and no trees are cut to make these watches as they are made out of scrap wood. They even plant one plant per purchase of a watch for the reforestation program. The wood used will give the natural color to the watch and no dyes are used for coloring. Creation is clearly visible in the designs with mixed colors on the strap with one color in the middle and another on both the sides of the strap. There are dual time watches and watches that show the date etc. the dial shapes are round, square, or rectangle. The links on the strap are easy to remove for fitting. The links and the clasp are made of metal for safety; otherwise 90% of the watch is made of only wood.

credits: http://www.houseandleisure.co.za/

credits: http://www.houseandleisure.co.za/

Even though they are made of wood, they are light weighted and comfortable to wear. It has a trendy look that goes with all kinds of fashionable attire. The selection in the color allows people to have a choice for the matching one. These watches definitely stand out from the usual symbolic and weird bigger watches. It also makes one feel closer to the nature. It also endorses the Eco-friendly slogan. WeWood are not the only company that makes the wooden watches there are so many others as well. These wooden watches are available from both Amazon and eBay.

There are a few cons for these wooden watches. They are not water proof so are not advisable to take them to beach and pools. Moisture and water can make the wood swell, so during rainy season the fitting watches can be a bit tighter than usual. During summer the sweat on the hands can also create the same problem. If the watch get wet, keep it to dry for 2-3 days before using again.

We have heard about watches from plastic, metals, watches prepared out of steel plain and people have even gone to the extent of studding it with diamonds and other stones and there are also our simple and sweet watches having leather strap and metal body, but have you heard of watch created out of wood, guys here you know right I am talking about wrist watches right? So have you seen watches prepared out of wood? Now that is something really creative and awesome right?! That is what We-Wood offers. Yes We-Wood is an watch store that presents watches in the new avatar! The wood avatar! It has given a new stylish and beautiful look to the watches with the wood body.

credits; http://www.weliveit.com.au/

credits; http://www.weliveit.com.au/

The wood that is used in the We-Wood watches are 100% natural. About allergy We-Wood does not uses any type of chemical substance that are toxic in the preparation of the watches and people who are allergic to wood is like one in thousand. So there is no need to worry about allergy in respect of wood here, but yes the clasp of the watches are made up of metal and they will come in contact with the skin, so for those who are highly allergic to the metal can face a problem, not necessarily but chances are there.
We-Wood watches are completely Eco-friendly, they don’t have even a tinge of chemical and are very light in weight. You can wear it on any occasion with any attire! The watches has got an exquisite and impressive look!

WeWood uses six different types of wood, which provide six different colors to the watches, So, there is no need for any coloring agent to color the watches, they have the natural color of the wood. The following are the six different types of wood used in the watches:

credits: http://www.evine.com/

credits: http://www.evine.com/

  • African Blackwood: it is one of the world’s hardest and strong wood. It has also spiritual quality associated with it. It is black in color, so the watches made from this wood will have black color.
  • Verawood : This wood get different hues of green at different stages of its life, with passing years its color become more and more darker,it starts with pale yellowish olive color and ends up in dark brown or black color. We-Wood uses this wood when it in the army color. This tree is also used in the preparation of herbal teas.
  • Indian Rosewood: this wood has got a beautiful chocolate color and has many health benefits. It is used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. It is also very strong kind of wood and also heavy.
  • Mapel: it is one of the beautiful among the tree species. it is famous by another name ‘Traveler’s Wood’. The watches made from this wood has a beautiful beige color.
  • Tasmanian Blackwood: This is a long lasting, strong at the same time very easy to shape wood. This wood will give a brown color to the watches.
  • Reclaimed Teak wood: it was used for furnitures and such other wooden art work but it is now being used for making watches also. We-Wood uses this wood because it is strong and provides a beautiful caramel color.
credits: http://www.ticwatches.co.uk/

credits: http://www.ticwatches.co.uk/

They have separated the watches into six categories:

  • Grads & Dads Gift Guide
  • New Arrival
  • All
  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Unisex

The collection is really awesome check out the elegant eye catchy collection at we-wood.us

WeWOOD is partnering with American Forests ans U.S Forest Service to reforest more than 160 acres of Los Angeles National Forest with the original trees that were destroyed during the Powerhouse fire in 2013. The trees that are planted include cone Douglas fir and gray pine. Mostly these watches are trustworthy and are great to own or gift.


Wewood watch review:


This is an article completely about Wewood watch review. Read this before going out and buying Wewood watch review.

Imagine green wooden trees and imaging wearing them as a watch…!!! I know…it sounds weird. Does that mean what I think? Using trees to satisfy one’s own style?

So when I was asked to write about Wewood watch review I was wondering where would I start? So here it goes. Well to my and everyone who’s wondering, Wewood watches are made out of scrap wood. They also include Miyota movements that is quite famous.

Wewood also plants a tree every time you purchase a wrist watch and so far they have crossed more 300,000 trees thereby maintaining their love for Mother Earth. Wewood watch come in absolute stylish cases, sizes and shapes. Available for men, women and unisex, I usually dont prefer a watch that is the size of my face. But the selections available were quite good and classy. That being said, let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of Wewood watch:

credits; http://www.evine.com/

credits; http://www.evine.com/

Wewood watch review – Pros:

For starters, its not like ordinary watches you have seen till now. Its different and its actually good. Many Wewood watch review find this quality quite catchy. Wewood watches is made out waste and scrap wood, so you need not worry about people cutting down trees. Another plus point is Wewood watches comes in decent styles and colors rather than gaudy colors currently trending (I don’t know why) such as blue, green or even flourescent (Urrghh…). You have a lot of options you can choose from such as the type of wood, shape, crystal embedded or multifunctional watches.

Wewood watch review – Cons:

On the downside, don’t go swimming with a Wewood watch on your hand as you might end up bulging the wood and make it absolutely worthless. Wewood watch review says that the watches are not water resistant or fire resistant which denotes that you should be more vigilant while using the product.

Some Wewood watch review claim that as the clasp might induce an allergy as it is made out of metal. So if you are dealing with a sensitive skin, think twice.

Wewood watches does comes with a non refundable policy especially if you have purchased it on 25% discount or more. They don’t even exchange the product as it is their final word.

Overall Wewood watch review:

Bottomline, Wewood watch is not a bad idea provided you take good care of it such as applying olive oil regularly to maintain the lustre and keeping it away from water/fire. It might raise a lot of smirks, though not outwardly but what the hell, if you love it, go ahead and wear it with pride.

credits; http://tsbrown.com/

credits; http://tsbrown.com/

WeWOOD watches are made from Eco-friendly wood. They are light weight and elegant and are completely biodegradable. Watches are made from six different types of wood and will match all types of attire. These watches have men’s wear, women’s wear and unisex watches. These watches are made from completely natural materials and do not contain any toxic materials. So they do not cause any damage to the skin and can be worn safely.

There are some favorable and negative comments from people who have used this product and reviewed the same.

The favorable points are:

  • These watches have a very good look and are elegant and look very good when worn on the wrist
  • They have a unique and different look
  • Some of the featherweight watches are very light and hardly weigh 1.5 ounces (42 grams)
  • The watches are made from 100% environmentally friendly materials and all parts are biodegradable. The hardware is also made from wood.
  • The company is said to plant a tree for every watch that it sells
  • The product has minimum allergy to the skin. The product does not have preservatives, dyes,alcohol or nickel derivatives which might cause allergy to the skin.

There are some negative reviews about this product

  • The prices of these WeWOOD watches are quite steep and whether the price justifies the quality is not clear
  • The shipping policy for returning broken items is very tedious. The watch of one of the customers broke after 3 months and he had to go through a lot of hassles to return the product,. The watch had to be photographed and then sent to WeWOOD for replacement and even then the shipping cost of the returned article was not reimbursed. Another customer too had the same experience. The replacement watch was of a cheaper model and the customer found the links of the watch very difficult to remove to make adjustments to the size.
  • The customer service of WeWOOD is not satisfactory
  • Some of the watches had a ‘Made in China’ tag which is contradictory to what is mentioned in the site.
  • The clasp of the watch is in the wrong end and is slightly difficult to figure out
  • Some reviewers have commented that the quality does not match the looks of the watch
  • Some of the parts like clasps and links are flimsy and susceptible to break