Wolfgang Puck Electric Salt And Pepper Shakers by 13deals

The Wolfgang Puck Electric Salt And Pepper Shakers are for those who want a hassle-free convenient product to grind the hot ingredients.

A product from 13deals.com, it is an instant hit among those who feel they can take any more of the hot ingredients reaching up to the elbows.

How does Wolfgang Puck Electric Salt And Pepper Shakers work?

Handling hot and spicy ingredients can be difficult, at times. But technology is here to make lives much better and simpler. The grinders and shakers do the responsibilities

Rather a grinder, Wolfgang Puck Electric Salt And Pepper Shakers come with two different shelves dividing salt and pepper efficiently. Be it sea salt, pepper or any other spices of your choice, the electric dual mills efficiently grinds them with multiple options to choose from.


  • Choose from two vibrant colors – green and orange
  • No confusing keys – a simple button to choose between fine and coarsely ground spice
  • LED light at the bottom lights up the dish thus assisting you to serve required portion at night
  • You can choose between varied spices apart from salt and pepper

Wolfgang Puck Electric Salt And Pepper Shakers Reviews

The product has received mixed reviews from users who have purchased the product. On one hand, a general consensus claims that the product is pretty decent and works just as claimed.

However, Wolfgang Puck Electric Salt And Pepper Shakers also has received a lot of critical response from users. For instance, people claim that the salt button gets jammed often if it’s not pushed down in the center. The color green is different from what is shown in the picture.

Furthermore, complaints include

  • Motor went for a toss (even replacing the batteries did not fix the issue)
  • Difficulty in grinding
  • The lid gets stuck often
  • Salt button gets stuck and so on

The product has received 2.9 out of 5-star ratings from amazon users.

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Shipping and Returns

You need to pay a small shipping fee during the purchase order. The shipping order is displayed along with the product price.

The company is quite diligent while accepting returns. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can report it within 7 days from the date of delivery. Also, make sure to attach the RMA form that needs to be filled for returning items as per return policy.

Note the company will be providing a reimbursement of only 75% of the total amount (less the restocking fees). The shipping charges too must be incurred by the consumer.


To sum it up, 13deals.com is an excellent website to grab a good deal. There are few excellent products available as well. However, I cannot say the same about the Wolfgang Puck Electric Salt And Pepper Shakers since the reviews are very much contradictory. Buy it at your discretion as majority of the reviews are critical than positive.