Great Northern Popcorn

Great Northern Popcorn offers many wonderful flavors.

Topsy’s popcorn offers many wonderful flavors, which Topsy’s popcorn flavor will you pick?


For those who have a sweet tooth, grab your tin of Caramel/Cheese/Buttered popcorn. Drops of caramel with melted cheese and butter…….


The moment you open the tin, it flashes RED…!! Hmmm….now that seems interesting…!!! Pop one right into your mouth and you would feel the taste of Cinnamon lingering into your mouth.


For those who are not a weight watchers…..Heaven’s delight….a deadly combo of melted Caramel and topping it with mouthwatering Cheese…!!!


Now’s here is something really unique and different. Crunchy pretzels with lip-smacking Topsy’s Cheese and Buttered Popcorns….Here’s a little added recipe. Throw in a little caramel, corn syrup with little marshmallows. Stir and microwave to melt. You can add vanilla and pour into the popped corn. Aaah…..heavenly…..:)


Some like it the old traditional and simple way. Buttered popcorns are a yes anywhere, anytime… Snowflake popcorns with melted butter on top…..:)


A simple butter and brown sugar can do wonders…..Crunchy caramel are a big hit for a birthday party. Here’s a little tip: Heat chocolate sauce mixed with peanuts and mix it with the caramelized popcorn.




The name says it all…..Topsy’s Popcorn and cheese go hand in hand. Take it as it is…or add a little cumin/garlic/onion powders, and a tinge of cayenne pepper….


Cinnamon consists of high energy and is of great nutritional value. So grab a bowl full of popcorns and if you want to give that extra touch, go ahead and add white chocolate and nuts….:)



Caramel Peanut

Yummy for the tummy…!!! Its all in the name. Crystallized caramel with roasted peanuts mixed with snowflake popcorns……..What else do you need on a cold December???

Caramel Pecan

Pecan nuts contains lots of fibres and promotes digestion…….So go nuts with the new Sugary Caramel Pecan Topsy’s Popcorn on a nice winter evening….!!!