Tyent USA Tyent Alkaline Water machines

Tyent alkaline water machine ionizes the tap water and produces water of very good quality and also makes the water alkaline. The Alkaline water produced by Tyent alkaline water machine by Tyent USA is said to contain anti-oxidants for good health.

Tyent alkaline machines are one of its kind! Tested and Certified these machines are Bang for the Buck! Tyent has been serving its customers with high quality products and services from the past 25 years!

Tyent alkaline water machine

Tyent alkaline water machine ionizes the tap water and produces water of very good quality and also makes the water alkaline. The Alkaline water produced by Tyent alkaline water machine by Tyent USA is said to contain anti-oxidants for good health. Alkaline water is said to energize the body and provide the body with many other health benefits. Since the size of these iodized water molecules are much smaller, this water is better absorbed by the body and it hydrates the body faster. All alkaline water has a pH value which is greater than 7.

credits; http://healthiswealthmaui.com/

credits; http://healthiswealthmaui.com/

Tyent alkaline water machines or Tyent Alkaline Water ionizer reduces the clusters of water into its smallest form with the help of new generation electrolysis process. As the water’s large molecule clusters are broken into smaller molecule clusters (containing only 5-6 molecules) form thus making it easier for the body cells to absorb it easily. This smaller version of the water cluster quenches your thirst fully and keeps your body hydrated for a longer period of time. Tyent Alkaline water machines contains two purifiers, thus maximizing the purity of the water! Water is a wonderful purifier and cleanser of the body and Tyent’s double purified alkaline water does the job more awesomely, cleaning the body from all the toxins and impurities, especially the kidneys.

Tyent Alkaline Water machines with its advanced water alkalizing mechanism changes impure, acidic, toxic containing water into pure, clear, clean and highly oxygenated alkaline water. This high oxygen present water increases the supply of oxygen to the body as you consume it, and when your body is supplied with good amount of oxygen you will experience increase in your energy levels and concentration power. The water produced by Tyent alkalizer is electrically charged pure alkaline water. This water from Tyent Alkaline Water machines has many health benefits.

Benefits of water produced by Tyent Water alkaline machine in jist

  • Highly oxygenated.
  • Provides better hydration.
  • Can be easily absorbed by your body cells thus quenching your thirst fully
  • Rich in anti-oxidants and has anti-aging properties.
  • Provides healthy support to the immune system.
  • Reduces acidosis.
  • A very good cleanser of your body.
  • Better sleep.
  • High energy level.
  • Improved focus.

The different types of Tyent Alkaline Water machines

Tyent Alkaline water machines are differentiated into two different categories Counter Top ionizers and Under Counter Water ionizers. The following are its distribution

Counter Top Water Ionizers

  • MMP-9090 Turbo Water Ionizer
  • MMP-11 Turbo Water Ionizer
  • Portable Water Ionizer
  • Tygo Portable Alkalizer
  • pH and Orp(Stainless steel purifier and alkalizer)

Under Counter Water Ionizers

  • MMP-9090 Turbo Water Ionizers
  • MMP-11 Turbo Water Ionizer

TYENT Company

Tyent USA is the name of the Tyent product company. Mr Joe Boccuti is the founder and president of Tyent company. He conducted seminars to help people quit smoking and lose weight. From this he started experiment and studies and began researching alkaline water. To kick out the bad habits he used techniques like neuro linguistic programming and clinical hypnosis. Later he realized the benefits of alkaline ionized water. Thus he started with some group of engineers and built the first custom built water ionizer and thus the Tyent company was born. Tyent products has been helping and serving people for over 15 years. Tyent company is 9001:2000 certified and has a factory in Korea where strict quality control standards and every machine is tested by hand before it is sold. Tyent USA , LLC is focused on creating the finest water ionization systems in the world.

credits; http://www.gemilang4u.com/

credits; http://www.gemilang4u.com/

Warranty And Trial offer By Tyent

Tyent high quality Alkaline water machines gives a LIFE TIME warranty and 75 Days trial offer benefit to its customer!
If you find any problem or damage in any part or unit of the ionizers the company will provide the replacement for the same and this warranty by the company is forever!!

NOTE: The warranty does not cover damage accidentally caused by the customer.
As for the 75 day trial offer, you can return the product, if you find it is not worth to your money spent.
NOTE: This offer is not applicable to filters or portable ionizers. The refund will be less the shipping cost and from the total purchase amount 15% stock fee will be deducted.

Tyent customer service

The Tyent customer service is opened from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. The customer service is opened these hours to answer any queries. All questions regarding the installation, replacement, order placed or services requiring professionals etc will be answered.

In case the call from the customer is not answered and is forwarded to the voicemail, the call will be returned at the earliest.

The Tyent customer service is also done through emails. The convenience may be informed as to how the customer service may contact the customer, via calls or emails and the time to return then call as well.

Tyent Machine

The Tyent Water Ionizer is a machine that purifies the water and adjusts the pH levels for providing alkaline water to the consumer. This machine is connected to the tap water hose and deeply purifies the tap water. The Water Ionizer Machine takes the help of electricity to produce alkaline water. This alkaline water is also known as -ORP or Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential. These water filter machines have extreme filtration capacity providing for pure drinking water. The Tyent Water Ionizer offers the following models of Ionizer machines:

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credits: http://www.ebooksforbeautyandhealth.com/

  • Countertop Ionizer Model
  • Under – The Counter Water Ionizer
  • Portable Alkalizer

Tyent Support

The Tyent Water Ionizer provides full time support to its customers. It is difficult for the first timers to install and operate the Tyent Water Ionizer and so the complete user manual is provided. The user manual includes detailed step by step instructions on the installation process and also how to operate the Tyent Water Ionizer. Exclusive user manuals are provided to each and every product of the Tyent Water Ionizer. There are also support videos available in their website which helps you to understand more on the usage and operation of the Tyent Water Ionizer. Click on the following link to check out the support video and user manual of Tyent products: http://tyentusa.com/support/uce-9000t