Wood watches are getting popular by the hour. Tissot has got a wood watch the W151 series which is one among the best wooden watches by tissot.

Now its not a big brainer for those who love the watch but for those who are ardent fans of Tissot watches and a wooden one at it, this may come as a surprise. The wooden watches are the few that requires some good maintenance. Wearing it for sport is ok but doing excessive outdoors with your Tissot Wood Watch W151 is not recommended in most cases. This said, the Wood watch is not so fragile that you would go break it if you play a game of golf once or twice this summer.

The Tissot wood watch W151 is one thing but when you look at a range of wood watches online we recommend that you check out the site at we-wood.us. Excellent wooden watches with brand names , Why Tissot pick from the range and fashion to meet your style statement. Wooden watches are eco-friendly, Obviously recyclable and some of these wood watches are piece of arts. Now if you are looking for something different there is no reason why you wouldn’t pick a wood watch from We-wood. These watches are simply one of the Best.

Tissot Wood Watch W151

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Coming with warranties and guarantees, there are certain limitations to wood watches. Obviously you don’t want to go deep sea diving with this one. The costs are Moderate. Not very cheap not very expensive. But if you are an enthusiast or a collector, this one is one thing you can carry to make the statement you intend to. The tissot Wood watch W151 may not be here, Most likely because its out of stock or even not in production now. But yes we found some on Ebay for 100$ and that’s to begin with. But then The watches at We-Wood is far more affordable and you could make your wider choices here.

Personally I do love brand names. But there are times when I go for the designers. With We-Wood the choice is obviously the latter.