Tianello Fashion

Tianello is an online fashion website that offers eco-friendly styles and trends at a great price.

Tianello.com is an online supplier of Eco-friendly garments that are trendy and stylish. Steve Barraza is the founder of Tianello. He has been in this profession now for more than 27 years. The Tianello brand came into the world in 1992, then in 1994 Steve opened the headquarters at Los Angeles which also serves as the manufacturing or production unit. This article is all about Tianello clothing, features etc.

Note : Apart from Tencel Tianello also uses Georgette, Bemberg, Cottons, Cupro and washed silks.


Women’s section:

Wisteria Washable Silk Ceravé Kaftan

Wisteria Washable Silk Ceravé Kaftan

by Tianello 5 out of 5stars (228 Customer Ratings)

Price: $150
Wisteria Washable Silk Ceravé Kaftan by Tianello are beautiful silk tops that add luxury to any wardrobe.

Five stars

5 stars out of 5 by Elle for Wisteria Washable Silk Ceravé Kaftan

I just loved the design. The multi-shaded top is soft and gives comfort.

Women’s love to look pretty. Dressing is one of the way to look prettier and Tianello collection is the best choice that you can make to look pretty, elegant , stylish and sophisticated all at the same time. Blouses, Tanks, Pants, skirts, dresses, scarves, belts, jackets Gosh you will find everything here. From trendy blouses to simple ones, awesome summer strokes to rainy showers all present ma’am!. A wide collection of hot looking tanks that will make you look hot and sexy! The awesome collection of pants and jackets that onlookers will find difficult to take their eyes off from! Stylish Shorts and long skirts, trendy scarves to drape around your neck are available in multiple beautiful subtle colors. Girls out there, this is your fashion destination where you will find an exclusive collection of women ware to suite your style and trend. With Steve Barraza’s Tianello chic designs your wardrobe is going to look really wonderful and it is definitely going to rock!

Note: The colors of the fabric showed in the pictures may sometime slightly differ from the original color.

Men’s Collection

Raya Washable Silk Cotton Big Shirt in Wash

Raya Washable Silk Cotton Big Shirt in Wash

by Tianello 5 out of 5stars (376 Customer Ratings)

Price: $158
Tianello’s Raya Washable Silk Cotton Big Shirt in Wash are long sleeved shirts that are crafted using a premium Silk and Cotton blend fabric chosen for durability and minimal care.

Professional touch !!!

5 stars out of 5 by Dennis for Raya Washable Silk Cotton Big Shirt in Wash

Perfect choice when it comes to office wear.

This section contains just shirts of various types and designs for men . The Tianello clothing is mostly designed for women, but the collection of shirts are really cool. Shades of blue and green, yellow, white, Grey etc are available. Decent looking t-shirts as well as causal t-shirts both are available in the website. Though the Tianello clothing collection not that big but then whatever is there is good.

Accessories (a collection of belt):

As the heading says it is a collection of stylish belts. The belts are prepared out of eco-friendly materials and leather tanning process is used on the belts. The process of leather tanning gives beautiful touch to the belts and enhances the overall look of the wearer. The belts are broad and thick and will stay loyal to you forever. These are highly durable.


New Arrival Section

Tianello clothing produces more than 2000 garments a week!! ok wow that is awesome! Steve Barraza started small and with his dedication and passion he has reached today at the highest pedestal of success and is now one of the popularly known faces in the fashion industry. Steve uses Tencel as the main material for the clothes. Tencel is also called as lyocell, and is made out of wood pulp. The beautiful thing about this fabric is that it is Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

New Arrival Sheikh Washable Silk Loving Blouse

New Arrival Sheikh Washable Silk Loving Blouse

by Tianello 5 out of 5stars (394 Customer Ratings)

Price: $182
This new arrival Sheikh Washable Silk Loving Blouse is the best selling body styles which has been designed using natural fibered, eco-friendly Washable Silk Crêpe de Chine.

Loved it

5 stars out of 5 by Sandra for New Arrival Sheikh Washable Silk Loving Blouse

The blouse is so soft and durable. It provides comfort.

 Tencel is a very flexible fiber you can convert it into whichever texture you want and it easily blend with other fibers like cotton, Georgette etc. This fabric is highly durable and comfortable and is a good choice for those whose skin is sensitive. Steve’s Tianello clothing collection is present in more than 2000 specialty stores all across United States and Canada, so why did they created a website??? The answer is simple they invented this site to make shopping for Tianello more easy. You can now order your favorite dress material with just few click of your fingers. The site is also specially designed for those who love to shop staying in the comfort zone of their homes. From olden to modern all types of dress materials are available here. The Tianello company is situated in USA.

The new arrival section will display the newly included clothes in the website. Tianello clothing believes in going along with the generation hand-in-hand and hence it updates it collection frequently according to the changing trends and styles. Tianello clothing combines the traditional with the modern and creates a beautiful combination that will create waves in the fashion world. The Fashionworld is progressing fast and Tianello believes in being one step ahead!


Tianello clothing terms and policies

Tianello aims at creating fabric that the wearer found easy and comfortable to wear . To provide a luxurious product at affordable price! Like the products are Eco-friendly similarly the services provided by Tianello clothing are customer-friendly. You can ask and clear your doubts regarding products and policies with the customer care representatives.

Before buying Tianello’s products make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions very clearly, and better call and clear all your doubts with the customer care executives so that there won’t be any misunderstanding in the later stages. Tianello, inc is the owner of the website and alll the pictures and videos and products displayed in this website are completely owned by Tianello, inc.
Tianello: tencel clothing for women
If the product is different from the product that you have received then the company will take care of the issue and will do whatever is required to correct the error. You will have to do the payment in dollars and you can pay through American Express credit cards, Discover credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, Tianello Online Gift certificates. If your bill shows more than $200.00 then you will receive free shipping. International shipping is not provided by Tianello clothing, it delivers its goods only inside United States and If the delivery destination is California then you will have to pay sales tax.

If you have any suggestion or opinions to give to the company then feel free to do so, you can send your feedback to the company’s website.

You can give them a call at 800.576.0145 and ask for return or exchange. You will have to notify this within 10 days of receiving the order. You will need the Return Authorization number for returning the product if the box doesn’t not contain a Return Authorization Number on the outside of the box then the product won’t be accepted by the company.