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The cQpon mobile app is your one stop destination for getting access to hundreds of coupons. These coupons and electronic punch cards can help you get the best deal for your favorite business. The app basically is designed for small scale business units. The app is available in both android and IOS platform.

cQpon is a mobile application that is designed for small business units. Their location based service provides business people with digital coupons, loyalty cards, push notifications, analytics and many more services. Download the cQpon mobile app in your phone and start saving money today at stores near you. To get this app, you need to make sure that your mobile phone’s software is up to date. Its a daily deal app combined with punch card benefits.

The cQpon mobile app is your one stop destination for getting access to hundreds of coupons these coupons and electronic punch cards can help you get the best deal for your favorite business. The app basically is designed for small scale business units. The app is available in both android and IOS platform. You can download from Google play store or iTunes store.

Company Profile

cQpon is a company that was formed under the vision of Jim Hart of Bend. Jim started cQpon as a charitable entity, to help raise money for a I.S Marine, Cpl. Jon Schumacher. Schumacher, who sustained injuries while serving for the nation in Afghanistan. Jim created a simple QR code that directed money to Schumacher’s account. The effort was highly successful. Soon, the businesses were asking Jim for a more comprehensive mobile app solution that could help drive the consumer traffic. In 2013, Jim launched cQpon, this mobile app, which was in great demand.

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Does cQpon Mobile Application Work?

  • The cQpon network comprises of local businesses and local customers. With the company app, you can discover thousands of customers in your neighborhood. The cQpon community builds a network that your company gets instant results. Every time a new business signs up, their customers also sign up for free.
  • The business that signs in, the company offers their customers with special discounts and offers. The company can customize their digital loyalty program or send a push notification to promote a special event. The company can customize their own coupons to attract new businesses and drive sales. The company gets the full control of how their discounts are, like for, how many times they can be used and how long the offer is valid for.
  • With cQpon mobile app, the business gets access to real time analytics. They can research on how it has helped the business in generating sales. You can see what coupons are effective, how many new customers have supported your business and how many have returned.


  • The cQpon is a network of small businesses in your neighborhood.
  • The location based services helps you reach out to customers, who are searching for your product. Customers can search for their business based on the location. This can be sorted by category, or by simply typing the name of the business. The mapping feature of the app, also leads customers to use Google maps.
  • It enables customization option for the business to customize their discounts and coupons. They can decide the validity of the coupon and how many times, it can be used.
  • The company offers loyalty card as a part of rewarding your customers.
  • The cQpon mobile app sends messages directly to your customers phones and devices, about the latest coupons and offers. Push notifications are the most effective way to connect with the customers. You can promote a special event or offer a flash sale to generate sales.
  • It also sends timely analytics on how the sales is. It helps to maximize your advertising and marketing.
  • The cQpon’s advocacy team will be there to uplift your business by means of mouth publicity.


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Affordable and location based mobile app for small scale business.

Awesome App

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Cool. Simple and easy to use app and I save money.

Cqpon Mobile App For Redeeming Coupon By A Customer – Instructions

  • First of all, you need to let your business know that you have cQpon and that you would like to use it.
  • Click the cQpon mobile app and locate the business that you would like to use your cQpon at.
  • Click the “Coupon” button to be taken to a list of the companies active coupons. If the button is missing the business does not have any currently active coupons. If the button is grayed out, you have used up all your redemptions at that business. But you can still view the details.
  • Then, click on the coupon that you would like to use and redeem the coupon.
  • Once on the coupon, you will be presented with a “Q”. Slide the “Q” all the way from left to right, to use the coupon.
  • Now the coupon will display a message saying “Coupon successfully redeemed. Please show app to cashier”. Once this message appears on your mobile screen, hand over your phone to the cashier. They will check the OK button and your coupon has been now redeemed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a business on the cQpon mobile app?

Locate the cQpon app on your home screen of your mobile device. Once the app opens, click on the “Index” tab in the bottom left. Choose your state, then city, then category and then the business.

Hoe many coupons can a customer place on a cQpon page?

You can customize up to 4 coupons on your cQpon page. Its the business who controls how many coupons they have, how they last and how many times they can be used.

Do I need to pay for the app?

No. it is absolutely free for the customers. The company encourages many people as possible to sign-up for cQpon. This supports the local businesses in their network.

Are there any financial risk if I download the cQpon app?

No. there are no financial risks involved. Their subscriptions are month-to-month. Although you can pay for a year in advance and get one month free subscription.

What if the nearby tab says “location not found” ?

This happens when your device is not GPS connected. Enable the GPS feature.