Taiji Towel Warmer by Massage Naturals

Taiji Towel Warmer From Massage Naturals helps you to heat and moist the towels to refresh your clients. It is based on Japanese tradition called ‘oshibori’. The towel warmer comes with UV light that completely sanitizes the towels efficiently.

What is Taiji Towel Warmer From Massage Naturals?

Massage Naturals is one of the best selling online websites that offers excellent massage products to you. The company has more than two decades of experience in the field of delivering quality products to consumers.

Taiji Towel Warmer is one of the products of Massage Naturals. It doesn’t matter if you are using it for home hygienic purposes or in a spa, the towel warmer is a must to provide you with fresh and warm towels every time.

Manufactured in Japan, the feature of placing warm towel during massage is based on Japanese tradition called “oshibori”. They give a refreshed feel on your clients and motivate them to feel relaxed and comfortable.

How does it work?

Taiji Towel Warmer from Massage Naturals works on power. It basically looks like a microwave but has excellent features and specs. The sterilizing Ultraviolet lamp is the heating element that completely sanitizes the towels and moistens it at a warm temperature.

The Taiji Towel Warmer is basically an electric towel warmer. It is a self-contained unit that features electrically powered elements. They use the wet element to heat the water inside the towel. Simply keep the pre-moistened towels from massage naturals and turn the unit on. The massage towels will be hot and ready-to-use all day long.

Features of Taiji Towel Warmer From Massage Naturals

  • The model name is HC-12UVe Series that is made out of sturdy plastic that is melt-proof.
  • It delivers up to a steady temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining the temperature all through the day.
  • It is a hassle-free product that comes with no confusing dial or button. Simply open the door and get that hot n’ steaming towel.
  • The Taiji towel warmer is a counter-top compact product of (18”x12”x12”) that is not only convenient but also looks great.
  • It does not have too many wires or moving parts that require constant attention.
  • Simply turn on the unit every morning, fill it with necessary towels and leave it. Once the temperature is preset, it maintains a steady temperature that too with low energy bills.
  • You can heat both traditional cloth and disposable towels.


  • UL approved power supply – AC 110/120V
  • Power consumption – 200W
  • For temperature control – thermostat is made out of bimetallic strip
  • Inside temperature – must be 70-80 degrees
  • Safety device – features a thermal cut-off fuse that goes off when there is a power surge. It will stop the flow of electricity to the heat source.
  • Maximum capacity load – 13 litres i.e. 100 10” x 10” towels
  • Weight of the towel warmer – 7.5 kgs
  • Warranty period – 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sterilizing lamp – UV Sterilizing lamp GTL-22W
  • Accessories included – One basket and one drain tray

Consumer Reviews

There are only small amount of reviews to be seen for Taiji Hot Towel Cabi – HC-12UVe Towel Warmer with UV lamp. This does not mean the company is bogus in any way. It’s mainly because people just haven’t taken any time to sit down and write a feedback on how the product works for them.

Based on the few reviews received, it is seen that the product is efficient and works top-notch in delivering results.

Jennifer Loffert – “A wonderful addition to my massage business.”

Sam Judd – “My guests love your towels. I am using the towel warmer in my home as I really liked the thought of sanitizing the towels.”

Shipping and Returns

Massage Naturals offers not only shipping anywhere in the USA but globally as well. You need to pay a small shipping fee irrespective of your location (in or outside the USA).

The company offers you 30-day return policy. Returns must be made mandatory within 30 days from the date of purchase for a complete refund. Note the company will deduct the shipping charges on unopened, unused, unwashed and undamaged products. If you are returning after 30 days, Massage naturals will deduct a 30% from the total amount as a restocking fee.


The Taiji hot cabi towel warmer is an efficient product that can hold up a good amount of towels at one stroke. The energy consumption is low so you won’t feel the product is burning a hole in your pocket. I only wish there were more reviews so that we can get a clear perspective of the product. But then you get a 30-day money back guarantee that gives a sense of relief that your money isn’t going anywhere.

Taiji Towel Warmer

Taiji Towel Warmer

by Massage Naturals 5 out of 5stars (432 Customer Ratings)

Price: $579.00
Taiji Towel Warmer from Massage Naturals is one of the best selling products, that provide you with fresh and warm towels every time, no matter you are using at home or spa.

Must buy product

5 stars out of 5 by Soyi for Taiji Towel Warmer

I bought one for my home, as I have 2 little kids. I really liked this towel warmer. Though its a bit pricey, I would recommend this for all who are looking for a hygienic environment.