Supercloset 3.0 Stealth LED Grow Box

At Supercloset, you will find many hydroponics superponics grow box and grow rooms that deliver you bigger, large yields than conventional gardening and that’s a promise.

Supercloset (fondly called as superponics) delivers one of the breakthrough technology in hydroponic system. It is currently one of the leading manufacturers of automatic grow boxes and indoor grow system in the world. With revolutionary designs and unique methods to grow plants easily without traditional methods, Supercloset is rapidly gaining attention of all garden lovers who want to grow plants but are lacking enough space and facility to grow plants. Read on to know more about Supercloset hydroponic system.

What is Superlcoset Hydroponic system?

Supercloset negates the idea of traditional harvesting and promotes good growth of any type of plants such as fruits, veggies, herbs, spices indoors using unique methods such as ebb & flow, deep water culture, bubble and other techniques that are known as Superponics. With this, you can grow plants upto 5 times faster, quicker and higher than any traditional methods.

Hydroponic system is a technology to grow plants indoors using only water technology without the traditional usage of soil, fertilizers and pesticides. The innovative part about Supercloset hydroponic system is that the technology is completely automated that used the methods such as deep water culture, bubble flow and many others in a single system to help your plants flourish without causing any hazards to the environment or to your plants. This automatic system is Supercloset’s Superponics system.

The cups that hold the seeds in the cloning chamber are made out of UV stable plastic that are food grade and thus is safe to use. It comes absolutely assembled. All you have to do is simply plug in and add water and the result – more yields at a faster rate than soil.

How can I grow plant indoors with Supercloset hydroponic system?

With Supercloset’s superponic system at your aid, growing plants is no more hobby. It is much more than that. Your motive to eat healthy plants without any toxic chemicals will push you further into deriving more benefits from Supercloset. Supercloset brings you grow cabinets that is the perfect choice for growing plants at a confined space. There are a wide range of grow cabinets available from Supercloset such as LED, Trinity 3.0, Supernova, Deluxe 3.0 and many more that comes with varied features such as a 3 watt LED from Kind LED Grow lights which are quite famous for their quality and excellent customer service. Not just that, with Supercloset’s grow cabinets, you will also get an adjustable trellis which helps the plants to grow towards the light. Interestingly, many people think that plants grow vertically. This is wrong as plants tend to grow towards the light.

Supercloset hydroponic system and cabinets also comes with cloning chamber and vegetation chamber which guarantees healthy cloning and larger yields. There are other specifications such as air filtration method with the help of carbon scrubbers, circulation fan for recreating breeze of the garden etc.

Products from Supercloset:

Apart from grow cabinets, you can also choose from Vertical grow system known as the Big Buddha Box that is basically a Gorilla grow tent.

Imagine a room and plants growing from all the four sides of this room. This is what you get when you order the ultimate grow tent. This gorilla grow tent is by far the thickest, tallest and strongest available in the market. The best feature of gorilla grow tent is its height that can stand upto 11 feet. You can order a 70 gallon reservoir which completes this efficient system. The gorilla tent is thermally protected to reflect all the heat back thereby giving a cool and warm atmosphere inside. The tent is absolutely non-toxic and will not react in any way when provoked by light or heat. It can actually hold water in case of flood in case of any mishap such as system failure etc.

Supercloset’s gorilla grow tent comes with adjustable fan and can actually hold 100 pounds of weight which has been tested by the geniuses of supercloset. Another feature in the gorilla grow tent is where normal tents use two poles, Supercloset uses four poles to support enough weight. also get other equipments for support such as trellis system, inline fans, air pump, water pump, digital thermometer/hygrometer etc. Superponics grow system are available in various sizes that suit your budget as well as your space. They do consume energy, to be frank but the rate is minimal and in the budget when compared with the other ordinary grow cabinets available in the market.

You also get rock wall cubes which provide a stable foundation for your seeds/clones to grow healthy so that they can be transferred to the vegetation chamber.

Another product is Gorilla grow tent which can be ordered separately for growing plants healthily. It comes with a patent pending height extension kit that gives you the freedom to extend your height to 9’ or 10’ tall. The end result – 50% larger plants, no more back pain due to frequent hunching over to enter the grow room and no more banging heads in the light or hood. The gorilla grow tent fabric is 1680D (denier), which means upto 3 – 9x density than other tents available in the market (190 – 600D) that makes the product rip resistant, not to mention smell resistant and light proof. These cheap quality tents will rip easily and release undesirable odors thereby maligning the environment. These gorilla grow tents are famous for holding water in case something unpredictable occurs. They are available in different sizes to help you choose easily.

Other supplies from Supercloset:

Supercloset offers other accessories too that can be ordered separately such as nutrient kits, water filter, germination kits, Kind K3 LED grow lights and many more.

Supercloset SuperStar 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet

Supercloset SuperStar 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet

by Supercloset 5 out of 5stars (208 Customer Ratings)

Price: $1995
SuperStar 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet is a hydroponics grow system that helps you to grow plants indoors.

Very Good option to grow plants indoors

5 stars out of 5 by Gabriel for Supercloset SuperStar 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet

I live in apartments and thus have very little space. But being a hardcore garden lover, I wanted to grow plants and that’s how I tried SuperStar 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet. It is a very good option if you seriously love to grow plants indoor. No soil mess and no dirt.


In conclusion, owning a supercloset can be quite beneficial for people whose passions lie in gardening. The system is quite simple and is suitable for both experienced as well as freshers. Overall, here are the few positive points why you can have Supercloset products:

  • Less power consumption
  • Larger and more yields at a quicker rate
  • Fits in your budget
  • 3 year warranty on the grow system with a perfect customer service for queries and technical support
  • Combined methods such as deep water culture, bubble and many more for quickening the grow process
  • DVD that contains all the healthy tips and manual about growing plants
  • can grow any type of plants