The saplings from Summerstone nursery is sure to give your home a beautiful and wonderful green touch. To make the searching process easier they have dispersed the saplings into different categories. There are almost around 30 categories and inside these there are sub-categories. is an online store that provides best quality plants at the best lowest market price. The nursery does not grow the plants but buy it from some great plant cultivators and provide it to the customer at the lowest rate, they guarantee about the price and the fine quality of the plants. The people working behind Summerstone nursery are well experienced and great plant lovers, and thus they make it a point that every sapling that they deliver to their highly valuable customer should be of high quality. All species of plants are available here in the and if you want to buy the plants directly from their physical store you can even do that, the store is situated in Morrison, Tennessee, Warren County.


Once you are a part of the summerstone family then you will be provided with information via mails like about any new plants arrival and special offers offered by Summerstone. You will also be sent notifications about the shipping dates, whether a particular product that you have asked for is available or not etc and to know your opinion about the services and the company, to get your feedback, customer satisfaction requests will be sent. You can send your opinions and experience directly to the company’s mail as well.

Plants are liked by everyone and they hold a special place in the heart and home of people, if some people love flowering plants, then some love fresh fruit trees, but then whichever plant it is, plants are definitely a home decorators, a beauty to the eye and a source of fresh air. The saplings from Summerstone nursery is sure to give your home a beautiful and wonderful green touch. To make the searching process easier they have dispersed the saplings into different categories. There are almost around 30 categories and inside these there are sub-categories. So from the number of categories itself you can imagine the wide variety Summerstone nursery is offering.

The plants or seedlings or saplings are differentiated into categories like fruit trees, full trees, Nut trees, the Evergreens, Flowering trees, Shade trees, perennials, flower bulbs, House plants, berry plants, hedges, Good to eat, Ground cover, Lillie’s, vegetable plants etc. now along with saplings, seeds are also available. You will even find herbs of various types in You can now grow your own backyard vegetable garden or a front yard flowering garden. A backyard filled with fresh veggies is a sign of good health for when you will eat healthy vegetables you will be in good health and the best part about home cultivated vegetables is that it is chemical free and also its nutritional value remains intact. When you have strong trees at home you are actually increasing the oxygen supply to your home and helping the environment to become clean. Flowers are always a mood enhancer, no matter how tensed you are when someone offers you a flower you cannot stop yourself from smiling! There’s an old adage ‘a home without a plant is like meat without salt’. So, guys go get some saplings get yourself into the beautiful world of gardening and help the environment to grow cleaner and healthy and in the process you are helping yourself as well and summerstone is a great option to start with. You will get high quality at lower prices, is not that a great deal!!??

Summerstone nursery catalog

You can view the catalog of summerstone nursery and get an idea about the wide variety of choices you have got. The catalog contains every product of the nursery. To get this catalog all you need to do is fill the Request Catalog form available at the website in which your name, address and email has to be filled and submit, the company will

The Four promises by Summerstone Nursery

Summerstone knows that when it comes to quality there is no compromise. Summerstone Nursery promises of quality and wonderful services.

  1. The 1st promise: If the product is in bad condition, when delivered then you will get a replacement for free.
  2. The 2nd promise: If the plant dies within 12 months of delivery then you will be provided with ΒΌ Th of the actual cost of the product and $3.50 for S&H as a refund.
  3. The 3rd promise: If you get a wrong product, i.e if the product that you received is not the one that you ordered then you will get a replacement that too on company’s expenses.
  4. The 4th promise: You will get the summerstone products at the lowest market price, if you get the same product at lower price anywhere else in the market than what Summerstone has said then you will get the difference between the prices along with 50% of the difference between the two prices. This promise shows how confident they are about there pricing system and the quality of their product.

To know more about the promises and the services they provide please contact them at . For more information please visit their official website.



If you want then you can order the products either by contacting them through telephone, fax, mail or by filling the order form available at Whichever means it is, you will have to provide the company with certain personal information apart your email and shipping address which includes stuffs like financial information and credit card number. Whatever information you provide the company with, remains between you and the company only, your privacy will be respected and the company will never disclose the information to a third party. So, you don’t have to worry for all your information will be safe with the company as the company uses modern and high quality technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt the data that you provide like your phone number , credit card number etc before transmitting through the net. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology helps to protect your information from getting hacked during the online transaction. They use these information only for purposes like shipping and sharing information with you. If you don’t want to pay through credit cards then you can also do the payment through money order or checks.

Note: For carrying out a safe and secure transaction you need to have a safe browser and network. The browser you are using should be SSL supporting browsers which include Netscape 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or a later version of Netscape and Microsoft Internet, 5.0 AOL client for PCs and the same for Macs. If firewall that does not support secure transaction is what your computer’s LAN uses then also a safe and secure transaction will be a problem. If secure transaction facilities are not available then you can go for the other option of ordering.