Shark Kage Dirt Bike Ramp

Shark Kage dirt bike ramp is an aluminum ramp that is wide enough to cover the pickup bed. It is foldable at multi levels to be a ramp, a work table and also as a ramp block. This ramp is suitable to load the bikes, ATVs, UTVs and also as a lockable cargo carrier as well.

The dirt bike or an ATV is really hard to load on to the pickup truck if you don’t have a sturdy ramp. It is simply a jackpot if you get the ramp that also serves as a bed extender and function much more than these. The Shark Kage bed extender is the right thing that you need to your pickup.

This bed extender could be a ramp, a block that keeps the bike right IN the truck and doesn’t let it run out of it and do many other things. This aluminum made ramp is truly modern with its multi-functionality. This is easy to set up and stays firm and sturdy on the tailgate. It would also let you close the tailgate and secure it without hindrance.

What is Shark Kage dirt bike ramp?

Shark Kage dirt bike ramp is an aluminum ramp that is wide enough to cover the pickup bed. It is foldable at multi levels to be a ramp, a work table and also as a ramp block. This ramp is suitable to load the bikes, ATVs, UTVs and also as a lockable cargo carrier as well. This is a 6-in-1 facility for your pickup.

This is a lot more convenient than the narrow ramp that is usually seen. Those narrow ramps are useful only for the bikes and this Shark Kage is useful for loading other smaller vehicles also. It comes with all that are needed for the installation. The installation is easy and can be easier with an extra hand.

Features of Shark Kage dirt bike/ ATV ramp bed extender

  • As mentioned, this is a multi-functional ramp for the pickup.
  • It is foldable in multiple ways and can also carry some weight in it.
  • It is made of heavy duty aluminum of T6 aircraft grade.
  • The ramp is capable of carrying 1200 lbs.
  • The dimension of this ramp is 47 inches wide and 92 inches long.
  • This ramp is installed on the inner surface of the tailgate. When folded it can stay inside the truck and let the tailgate closed and secured.
  • With this loading ramp, you don’t need to keep checking if your bike or the ATV I still in the truck or not. This sturdy ramp can load the bike and secure it safely without letting it roll off.
  • In order to make it a work table, the last part of the ramp is folded at 90-degree angles, as legs. There are no real legs for this and neither is it available anywhere.

Shark Kage moto ramp installation

Shark Kage sends the package with all the necessary accessories and equipment for its installation. You would need a driller to install it.

The package includes a paper sheet that goes over the tailgate. This is used as a template. It has got lines and grids to help you locate the right point where you need the screws going in or the ramp edge comes. The installation panel can be removed once you have marked all the points of the screws.

They have made it easy for you. Only you need to have the right skill for the installation. The installation manual explains what goes where. You can also check the videos on YouTube regarding the installation and usage. Although you can do the installation alone, a helping hand is definitely an advantage here.

What is in the package?

  • Shark Kage sport ramp
  • Cargo nets 2
  • Tie down straps 3
  • Adhesive mounting template 1
  • Exclusive toolkit 1
  • Plastic spacer feet-8
  • Hex cap screws 12
  • Rivet nuts 12

Pros and Cons of Shark Kage 6-in-1 ramp

The Pros

  • The Pros are that the ramp is pretty useful in all the ways it claims, although many users did complain about the lack of leg extensions for it.
  • The heavy duty material can carry the weight of whatever that is being loaded.
  • It comes with all the gear needed for its installation.
  • The net cover for the sides is included in the package. They keep the cargo and everything inside the truck.
  • What I liked most is that when you spread a cover over the ramp and raise it slightly, you have an excellent sunshade. This is a great advantage for the camping. For this, you need a cover AND the legs to keep the ramp up.

The Cons

  • The weight of the Shark Kage bed extender is a huge concern for many. They compare it with a shorter ramp that can still carry the same weight as this one claims. I would say, the answer is there itself, this is longer!
  • Another concern is that the tailgate cannot close properly with this extender. This has bothered many. It is mainly because of the vehicle model and lack of enough space inside the truck.
  • The inability to use it as a table, due to the lack of legs, has disappointed many. They state, it should not be called a 6-in1 but rather a 4-in-1. Well, that really doesn’t stop it from being a quality and useful ramp, isn’t it?
  • The installation has been a worry for majority people. It is not easy to install single-handedly. You need both skill and help to get it installed. It is not that easy and is a little bit complicated.
  • The quality of the tools and accessories has also been a concern for a few.

Shark Kage ramp for sale

You can get the Shark Kage ramp directly from the manufacturer Shark Kage. There you can apply the coupon codes and deals to get a decent discount on the product. The coupons may allow you larger discounts on availability. The Shark Kage motorcycle ramp is also available in other online stores like Amazon and other third party sites.

At some sites you might come across a narrower ramp which is only 24 inches wide, that is an old model and can be used to load only the motorcycles and dirt bikes. If you have other ATVs to load, your best option is the Shark Kage ATV ramp bed extender which is wider at 47 inches.


The Shark Kage ramp reviews show that this is a useful equipment for the campers and also as a day to day use of the pickup. The multi-functionality is the flag bearer for this ramp and the fact that it is sturdy. You won’t get the same facilities with other ramp bed extenders. As they say, you have to really use it to know it better.