Sunnydaze Outdoor Electric Tiered Stone Waterfall with LED Lights, 24 Inch Tall

Sunnydaze Outdoor Electric Tiered Stone Waterfall with LED Lights is a outdoor electric water fountain feature with LED lights is made from a durable polyresin and fiberglass material that is painted to look like a waterfall so it is sure to look great on your patio, in the garden.

Water fountains have become a part of the décor for both indoors and outdoors. They add attraction to the garden and to the interiors. The soothing sound of the flowing water can relax the mind.

According to both Vaastu and Feng Shui these water bodies are positive energy providers. It brings health, harmony, and prosperity to the home. The water fountain placed inside the house can ward off the negative elements. According to Feng shui the water fountains are to be placed at some specific directions or places inside to have the best effect. The sound of the water fountain is a mood enhancer and can make the perfect ambiance inside for a peaceful living. This article is all about Serenity Health & Home Décor, products, features etc.

Outdoor Fountains From Serenity Health & Home Décor

The outdoor fountains are mostly made of stone, rock, granite or copper. There are fountains that are made of resin and fiber glass as well. These materials are designed in many shapes and sizes to be beautiful and aesthetic water fountains. There are pond fountains and bird bath fountains also. The disappearing water fountains are much in demand since it does not have a water pool down. It has a reservoir below to catch the water. It may be used in a patio and there is no problem with water puddle.

The stone water fountains are free standing and the sound of water cascading on the stone is soothing to the ears. The fountains from Serenity Health & Home Décor are made in many sizes and the small sized fountains make an excellent gift. The rock water fountains are made of fiber glass, resin or cast stone. These are easily molded into different shapes. The cast stone fountains are heavier than others. The resin & fiber glass fountains are light weight fountains. They are suitable for any weather condition. They can be made into beautiful cascading waterfalls and much more.

The bird bath fountains can add attraction to the garden and the birds will have some place to have some water. They can be made into any design and size. They are much shallow and not more than 2” deep to allow the birds to sit on them and do not cause any casualties. These are light weighted and are made of fiber stone. They are easy to maintain also, simply wash with soap and water and it is clean.

The pond fountains can be used for home office or other commercial purposes. They are of many sizes and shapes. Both the fountains and the pumps are available at Serenity. The necessary lighting is also available and will be made available when necessary. The pumps can be electric or solar paneled.

Solar Fountains are the energy saving fountains suitable for the outdoors. The solar panels capture the solar energy and convert it to the electric energy to pump the water or light the bulbs in it if any. There are copper and granite fountains of which granite fountains are more durable and can have excellent craftsmanship on the designs and the maintenance is also very low. There are other fountains that are covered with fiber glass that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Indoor Fountains

Bluworld Horizon Falls Classic Slate Wall Fountain

Bluworld Horizon Falls Classic Slate Wall Fountain

by Serenity Health and home Décor 5 out of 5stars (390 Customer Ratings)

Price: $1595.00
This natural stone made indoor wall fountain adds a natural beauty and elegance to the indoor home decor.

Wonderful home decor

4 stars out of 5 by Agatha for Bluworld Horizon Falls Classic Slate Wall Fountain

Its adds a charming effect to the room. The LED lights add more splash of elegance to the room. Thanks Serenity Health and home Décor for this wonderful product.

The fountains from Serenity Health & Home Décor are also installed inside the homes or office or other buildings. There are tabletop fountains, wall fountains or standing fountains etc. bring in the calming effects of the flowing water inside to have a better living or working environment. The Tabletop fountains are found in many sizes and shapes. They make a good gift for any occasion. These fountains are made of materials like copper, ceramic, cast stone, slate, stainless steel, fiberglass, & resin etc. They are either electric operated or battery operated ones. The stainless steel fountains goes well with the contemporary interiors.

Wall Fountains are usually made of solid slate, marble, stone, copper, stainless steel, glass, or mirror. These fountain structures are wall mounting and have the water flowing freely without spilling. This type of fountain can accent the salons, clinics, and hospitals. The style and the look changes with the material it is made with. The wall fountains can be used for indoors as well as outdoors.

Floor Fountains are made of slate, glass or acrylic, stainless steel or copper, fiberglass & resin, or cast stone, granite etc. these types are mostly used indoors. They can accent any corner of the room. They can be waterfalls or cascades. The fiberglass fountains are light weighted and are easily movable. It is a perfection selection for people who tend to change the interiors more often, whereas the cast stone fountains are heavy and not easily moved. The floor fountains come in many sizes as well.

Commercial Fountains

Caterina Fountain in Basin by Campania International

Caterina Fountain in Basin by Campania International

by Serenity Health and home Décor 5 out of 5stars (229 Customer Ratings)

Price: $4174.99
Caterina Fountain in Basin by Campania International is an enchanting outdoor fountain for commercial purposes.

Elegance and royal !!!!

5 stars out of 5 by Eric for Caterina Fountain in Basin by Campania International

Perfect for commercial buildings, as it adds a royal look.

Commercial Fountains are much larger and should occupy a larger space. They are mostly around 10 ft in height and the width is flexible with demand. They are mostly floor standing, but there are wall fountains also. They may be customized to suit the place it is to be installed.


Fountain Accessories From Serenity Health & Home Décor

Fountain Accessories include the fountain covers, lighting accessories, pumps, cleaning products to clean the water and the fountain, etc. the cleaning products keeps the hard water stains and sludge away.

Indoor & Outdoor Décor

There are items that accessorize the garden or the patios. The garden planters, gnomes and statuary, rock enclosures, address plaques, garden benches, rain chains, gazing globes, pergolas etc form the outdoor décor items. Fire places, rainbow makers, lamps, area rugs etc are the indoor décor items. There are outdoor fire pits also.

The outdoor furniture with tables and chairs, patio chair, hammocks, porch swings, and outdoor furniture covers are also available. There are coordinated patio accessories also.

Game Tables

There are all kinds of game tables are in large selection at Serenity Health & Home Décor. They are perfect for children and adults. They can be used for playtime for indoors or outdoors and can accent the birthday parties for complete entertainment. There are pool tables, air hockey, football, shuffle boards, bubble hockey tables, bumper pool tables, ping pong, arcade basketball; dart boards etc. there are game room furniture also.

Water Fountain Maintenance

Installing a water fountain and making the garden or anywhere beautiful does not ends there. Good maintenance prolongs the life of the fountains. The fountain needs regular maintenance and here are some tips on their maintenance.

  • The flow of the water must always be smooth and need regular check up to make sure there is no blockage. The nostrils of the fountain must be done at least once in two weeks.
  • Use necessary chemicals to clean the water and make it crystal clear and remove any odor.
  • Always keep the fountains on a stable ground. Uneven ground may catch moisture in between and can stink later on.
  • If there are filter in the fountain, make sure that it is cleaned often and any clutter is removed immediately.