Sephra Chocolate Fountains

Celebrate Easter and any joyous occasion with Sephra chocolate fountains that is available in your choice of flavors and types.

Sephra is a well known brand for chocolate fountain. Sephra chocolate fountains are recognized worldwide being the highest quality chocolate fountains available. They run and deliver a beautiful cascade of chocolate. It provides 4 models of chocolate fountains for commercial use, three models of home chocolate fountains for entertaining your friends and tempting them to fall into the world of chocolates. Unlike other chocolate fountains, Sephra is specifically created to flow perfectly without the addition of oil to the chocolate.


Developed in the year 2003, Sephra has created their own trademark by setting the standard for innovation and quality in chocolate fountain industry. Their chocolate fountains were named after the names associated with the Aztec Nation. As per history records, Aztecs are the first people who highly valued the cocoa bean and created the chocolate drink- Drink of the Gods. Other five names are Amazon, Sephra, the Montezuma, the Aztec and the Cortez. No other chocolate fountains come up to their unique features which makes set up and cleaning very simple. Apart from the innovative designs, the company is the first to develop a couverture fountain ready chocolate. Couverture chocolate is a very high quality chocolate that contains extra cocoa butter. Chocolate recipes give a velvet smooth texture, with intense rich and wonderful aroma . In addition to their commercial line of chocolate fountains, Sephra has created consumer line of chocolate fountains.



Sephra home fountains are unmatched in quality and are designed to provide hours of enjoyment over the years. The strength of Sephra motor and patented design features, makes the perfect flow of chocolate in fountains, creating a full curtain of chocolate cascading over the tiers.Sephra Chocolate Fountains are the world known premier specialist in creating chocolate fountains for catering and household uses. The company’s catering chocolate fountains are guaranteed to bring fun and laughter to make your occasions more memorable and sweeter. These unique and delicious chocolate fountains serve from 20 to 300 guests without adding additional chocolate. The Aztec and the Cortez chocolate fountain are small chocolate fountains ideal for more intimate social gatherings like birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, bridal and baby showers and other family get togethers. Order for Sephra chocolate fountains and delight your clients and customers in eating delicious, warm flowing chocolate. Sephra always puts in efforts to make sure that they provide their customers with a wonderful experience using high quality Sephra chocolate fountains and delicious Sephra chocolate.

Home line chocolate fountains of Sephra entertains friends and family. They warm and melt the chocolate right in the bowl of the chocolate fountain. No other chocolate fountain can compete with the unique features of Sephra home chocolate fountains. It makes the perfect gift for someone who really enjoys entertaining and who loves chocolate. Its delicious creamy texture and incredible aroma will make you sip the very last drop of chocolate. No addition of vegetable oil to make it liquid enough to flow in the chocolate fountain. Sephra also supplies many other accessories for use with the chocolate fountain such as Bamboo skewers, wooden fondue skewers, metal fondue skewers, plastic fondue skewers, marshmallows, chocolate coloring and chocolate flavorings. You can create your own chocolate fantasy with Sephra chocolate fountain. To meet the catering customers and consumers who wish to treat their guests, Sephra has introduced chocolate mousse mixes which are imported from Belgium. This proprietary recipe is made with real Belgian chocolate that delivers exceptional flavor. Your invited guests will be licking their dishes and asking for more. These chocolate mixes are available in dark chocolate and white chocolate mousse flavors. Each chocolate mix can serve approximately 30 guests.

Why Sephra chocolate fountains?

Sephra doesn’t compromise on quality and thus creates the highest quality and best performing chocolate fountains. They focus on even the smallest details ensuring to serve you well for many years. The whole structure is made from 304 grade stainless steel with the basin sleeve designed for stability and easy dis-assembly. The basin edge is round in shape for the widest drip zone. The bowls are removable for easy cleaning. They are given decorative legs to give a classic look and feel. For the longer performance of your motor, a unique heat shield and rapid air cooling system is provided.



  • A Sephra chocolate fountain requires less chocolate to run and to operate. It thereby increases revenue and net profits.
  • Every aspect of the chocolate fountain is designed in such a way to provide easiness. With removable basin, they have made it easy to clean and transport and store.
  • Only Sephra has undergone inspection levels and certified by sanitation agencies. Each Sephra chocolate fountain is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Products include:

  • Commercial line of chocolate fountains
  • Home line of chocolate fountains

Commercial line of chocolate fountains:


SEPHRA – 44″ Convertible Commercial Chocolate Fountain – Brushed Stainless Steel

by Sephra 5 out of 5stars (492 Customer Ratings)

Price: $
SEPHRA – 44″ Convertible Commercial Chocolate Fountain – Brushed Stainless Steel is the tallest and the most impressive in the range of commercial chocolate fountain.

Love this

5 stars out of 5 by Rex for SEPHRA – 44″ Convertible Commercial Chocolate Fountain – Brushed Stainless Steel

Its a perfect addition to any large buffet. It helps to keep my guests ordering more.

Buy Sephra chocolate fountains and take the advantage of highest quality chocolate fountains available anywhere in the world. These fountains are used by commercial chocolate fountain customers. Sephra is there to serve your needs and add profitability to your business be it a full service hotel, buffet restaurant, reception center, caterer or party rental company. The commercial chocolate fountains include:

  • The Sephra chocolate fountain: Tallest and the most impressive in the range of commercial chocolate fountain. It has a maximum capacity of 20lbs. It is a perfect addition to any large buffet to keep your guests ordering more.
  • The Montezuma chocolate fountain: It comes in 34inch, three tier chocolate fountain. It is ideal for events of all sizes. It assures a grand presentation which will impress every guest. It can also operate efficiently with as little as 12lbs of chocolate.
  • The Aztec chocolate fountain: It is an ideal chocolate fountain for small events such as birthday parties, bridal showers, graduation parties etc. its appealing design and elegant design makes it suitable for any special occasions. If you wish to expand and grow your catering and chocolate fountain business, the Aztec chocolate fountain is the best to start with. The maximum chocolate capacity of this fountain is 12lbs
  • The Cortez Chocolate fountain: It is the smallest Sephra commercial chocolate fountain standing at just 23 inches tall. It is suitable for portability. It is often used as an accent chocolate fountain. It gives a terrific effect for your guests.

Household line of chocolate fountains:

Sephra home line of chocolate fountain is the ultimate solution for every chocolate lover and home entertainer. Bringing all the elements of fun, laughter and excitement, Sephra provides the best quality chocolate fountain available in the industry. The chocolate fountain is also referred to as a chocolate fondue fountain. But do you know that Sephra can run other fondue foods such as cheese, caramel, Sephra fruit puree, barbecue sauce etc. Following are the Sephra home fountain collections:

  • Sephra Elite chocolate fountain: this fountain stands 19 inch tall and has several other unique features like a removable bowl for ease in cleaning. You just need to simply unscrew the bowl from off the base and wash it easily in the sink with warm soap water. You can also melt the chocolate for the chocolate fountain right in the bowl. For that, you just need to pour in the Sephra chocolate fondue chips and the chocolate will be melted in about 45 minutes.



  • Sephra classic chocolate fountain: it stands 18 inch tall and look much same as the Elite model with just one difference that it doesn’t have the electronic control panel. It comes with a bowl capacity of approximately 5 pounds of chocolate or fondue so it serves 20-25 guests easily. The melting feature is same as that of the elite model. Three adjustable bowl makes it easy to level and adjust the chocolate fountain on any surface so that it gives a visual treat.



  • Sephra select chocolate fountain: this chocolate fountain is the smallest home chocolate fountain designed for serving smaller parties. It stands 16 inch tall and its brushed stainless steel body makes it look elegant. It has a bowl capacity of 4 pounds of chocolate to operate and is considered to be a perfect one for small gatherings. It melts the chocolate directly in the bowl in about 30 minutes. Sephra select chocolate fountains consist of fixed heat setting that is perfect for all types of fondue. As it comes with a three adjustable feet, the cascade chocolate fountain will flow perfectly in three tiers.



Chocolate fountains are fantastic way of generating revenue. But unlike other chocolate fountains, Sephra Chocolate Fountain is dedicated to improve the quality and features of the chocolate fountains. They have several patented improvements. All their fountains are supported by the only Limited Lifetime Warranty in the industry. Things that are not recommended to dip in the chocolates include crumbs, such as cakes, raspberries, blackberries and some other cookies. No one can match the quality of Sephra chocolate fountains with any other existing chocolate fountain providers and this is why they are the leaders in the innovation of the chocolate fountains.