Rapid Mailer

Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online but trying to make it profitable is a tough task. And the unrelated expenses are too high and its sometimes difficult to switch between email providers or use your own host.

Now here is a software that helps you to manage your email marketing more effectively, the IMSC Rapid Mailer.

IMSC Rapid Mailer

IMSC Rapid Mailer is a powerful email management platform which acts as a marketing tool that has gone viral now-a-days among the internet marketers. It is a WordPress plugin and takes just few minutes to install and configure. This is a software created and developed by Sean Donahoe, a famous internet marketer.




  • Rapid Mailer + WordPress – This feature helps you to control your email marketing from your own website.
  • Autoresponder system – Autoresponders are automatic email campaign computer program which helps in automatically responding to the emails sent to it.
  • Rapid Importing with No Restrictions – Importing contacts to your list is simply made easier here. The contacts of WordPress too can be instantly imported without any double confirmation.
  • Highly Profitable Paid Lists – Apart from all the other benefits you can earn little here by charging for the subscriptions to your mailing list. You can easily integrate it with PayPal or 2Checkout.
  • Themes and Templates – The black and white them might have bored the hell out of you by now. In Rapid mailer you will find a variety of themes and templates which will enhance the look of your emails. There are also special short codes available and creating a theme based email is very simple here.
  • Statistics and Tracking – Just with a click you can view and track the status of your campaigns and all the detailed statistics required.
  • Easy Third-Party Sender Integration – With the help of services like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mandril, MailJet and so on you can ensure that your email reaches your clients inbox. Also the client’s own Host can be used.
  • Advanced services – Apart from the free emailing, Rapid Mailer provides provide advanced services for just $1.
  • Easy Squeeze Page Integration – IMSC Rapid Mailer can be easily integrated to page systems like OptimizePress 1 or 2 or LeadPages.
  • Social Media Integration – IMSC Rapid Mailer helps you to add the social media contents easily to your email. Even your messages you can post it as your blog posts.
  • Back Up – This service also has an excellent Back Up feature.
  • Blog posts as Newsletter – Whenever you post a blog on your site you can also set to
  • automatically send it to all your subscribers.

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  • Mobile Friendly – You can easily manage it from your mobile or tablet.
  • Affordable rate – The $197 package is now available at $67 one-time fee. You can avoid the expensive monthly fees usually charged by other plugins.
  • Easy Email Editor – There are a number and variety of themes and templates available in Rapd Mailer.
  • Segmenting and Grouping – You can easily segment and group lists for rapid management and sorting.
  • Working offline – You can also view your email offline.
  • Blog Broadcasting – Apart from all the other functions of emailing and so you can also broadcast your blogs in here.
  • No limitations – You can send and receive unlimited number of emails.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – 60 days 100% moneyback Guarantee is a highlight here.

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Disadvantages :

  • Not suitable for a person whose need is to just do the emailing because apps like Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail and all are the best.

The Only Requirement is: A self-hosted WordPres site is required for this WordPress plugin.
You are only allowed to install three personal sites. Even though Rapid Mailer is an easy to use software, it provides you the user guide and the full video series, that too absolutely free.

In short, IMSC Rapid Mailer is the Best for marketing and campaigning. It’s definitely better than Aweber and Getresponse. With the results of increased sales as well as the brand awareness many small-scale marketing companies are opting for this.