Which is better – Edge Lit Vs Full Array Vs Direct Lit TV Vs Backlit LED TV?

Edge Lit LED TV – as in the name, edge-lit TVs light from the edges of the device. The lighting information arrives at the left and right sides of the television. The signals transfer across the television which results in an image. The predominant feature of Edge Lit LED TV is that it is extremely thin. That being said, it compromises on image quality as the distribution of lights are not equal.

Full Array LED TV – Full array means there is an array of many LEDs behind the LCD panel that lights up.

Direct Lit TV – means the backlight is behind the LCD panel that lights up once the TV is on. Direct Lit TV is much thicker but that it offers better performance and less problems as compared to Edge Lit.

Backlit LED TV – as in the name lights from the back. The benefit of backlit LED televisions is that the electrical signals arrive in each diode individually. This results in clear image. What makes Backlit LED TV is that the images will look absolutely incredible and picture perfect as compared to their counterparts.

If I were in a mood for technicalities and confusion , welcome to the LED Television world. So whats so confusing in the LED Television world? Well first of all , there is nothing much different in an LED Television as compared to the LCD Television but for the lighting source. While the LCD Television used CCFL lights to brighten up and color the television, The LED television uses the LED Lights!

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Ok So whats so confusing about it? hmm wait a minute we just got started. LED HDTV’s Are lit up in 4 different ways. Well actually 2 different ways and then an improved version of those 2 to put it in other words.

1. the Edge Lit television : Now here we have the LED Lights on the edge of the television. Works perfect but for a small glitch. Some led televisions have been seen to have a brighter edge. The center of the television seems perfect but the edges are way too brighter!

Samsung LED TV

credits; http://forum.blu-ray.com/

Now this was improved a bit So part II

2. The Edge Lit Television with Local Dimming : Hmm… When the brighter edges of the television was causing troubles with the customers, Someone in Samsung was trying to control the existing situation. And then came the Edge Lit Television with Local dimming. Meaning, the Edge Brightness was now controllable!!

Samsung LED TV

credits: http://www.soundandvision.com/

Now the 3rd!!!

3. Full Array : As the name suggest the Full array hdtv is one that has a full LED Lighting panel behind the screen.

credits; http://www.cnet.com/

credits; http://www.cnet.com/

4. The last The full array with Local dimming : Full array again but this time ability to control parts of the screen to adjust light and contrast…

credits; https://www.youtube.com/

credits; https://www.youtube.com/

Now what technology is the Samsung UN32EH4003? Ah .. its edge lit with Local Dimming. I am not really sure if there are samsung televisions with Full array! To my knowledge there are none!!


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