Resume To Interviews

ResumeToInterviews is an online centre that helps you prepare the apt resume for each job type and academic purpose.


ResumeToInterviews is an online centre that helps you prepare the apt resume for each job type and academic purpose. The professional resumes are done depending on the experience the job aspirant has had.

Resume is the introduction of a person for a job. It contains the personal information and professional or academic expertise of the person in detail. It may have the interests and hobbies of the person as well. The given information will let the interviewer or employer to have an idea about what the aspirant is and whether or not he is fit for the job. The resumes help to narrow down the candidates for the job. The qualifications and experiences of all the applicants are pooled and the employer can select the best choice just looking at their resumes and reviewing them.

Writing a resume is difficult since it has to have all the details of a person’s professional life in fewer words that can give a clear picture about, who and what he/she is. Some people are able to put in these details on their own but others will need help from the professionals. The professional resume writers can write about the to-the-point details about the aspirant’s expertise. There are many types of job and the resume for each job is different. One needs to know what to include and what not to for each of the job profile. This is where the professional resume writers help you with.

Resume Writing Services

The resume writing services are offered for, university students who are seeking a part-time job, fresher out of college wanting a job and the experienced people who are looking for a better placement. The experience categories are fresher, 1-2, 3-5, 6-10 or 11+ yrs of experience. The resumes will be done for the first time seekers as well as the returning customers who have already enrolled and have got their resumes done but need updating or other changes. There is the interview coaching, LinkedIn profile preparation, cover letter service, and personal statement as well.

Resume writing for the new customers will have an whole new experience from ResumeToInterviews. The existing customers can make changes in their resumes at a discounted price. The resumes will be prepared for,

  • University students who are looking for a part-time job and need to have a start-up resume. A college style resume will be prepared for them. The trick is to put in the least available but valuable experience is an attractive way. The demonstration of the skills will be the highlight.
  • Recent University Students need an entry level position resumes that will be the stepping stone to their careers. These resumes should be flawless and promising. If there are any work experience in the intended filed that will automatically be highlighted and if the jobs were just random them those experiences will be presented as the marketing skills of the person. The details will be there but twisted for your own good.
  • Experienced Candidates will need frequent resume updates and the ResumeToInterviews can provide the best changes made in the resumes. Some people will want to add their new positions to the resume and others will want to change their focus point of their career. The face of the resume will change with increasing years of experience and so does the details in the resume or the cover letter. Everything about what you can do and how much can you do, your potential everything will be updated at ResumeToInterviews.


Cover Letter Service

A cover letter is necessary for every resume and that also is prepared here. It should be the best precedent for the resume. It explains the introduction and accomplishments that makes whoever reading it to have a better impression of you. The cover letter will be prepared based on the existing or the freshly prepared resume. There are general cover letters that can be used for any type of job and there are cover letters that are especially for the job.

Interview Coaching

The ResumeToInterview will help you prepare for the interview. They will help you come over the initial fear or panic and make you prepared to face the interview with courage. The interview skills will be polished with instructions, practice, and mock interviews. It will be one 1 hr session. There is an additional half an hour practice session as well. The returning customer who has already made a resume from there will get the practice session at lower price.

Personal Statement

A personal statement can be used when applying for graduate schools or for a teaching programs, medical residencies and other training programs both professional and on-professional. The service offered here is to edit the existing personal statement and a fresh personal statement is not done. When the links to the programs that you are applying for is provided, the ResumeToInterview will make the necessary changes in the personal statement to suit the program. Suggestions and tips will be provided, and sought also to make an impressive personal document for proofreading.

LinkedIn Profile

Since LinkedIn profile is expected to be out there when someone is searching for your name you got to have a profile there. ResumeToIntervoew will help prepare the profile. This profile needs to professional. The profile will be done from scratch and revise any existing profile which will turn out to be impressive for the career.

Returning Customers

The returning customers can add new positions and do the necessary changes here at a discounted price and will always get the privilege treatment.

What is the Process?

The process is to purchase the necessary package and fill in the online questionnaire. Depending on the details of the questionnaire, a draft will be prepared for the first editing and necessary questions will be asked to make the changes. There will be regular communications until the final draft is prepared. The revisions will be done in three stages and in each stage there are questions regarding the personal, professional and the this stage will concentrate on the grammar, spelling and other overall mistakes or changes. The final draft will be prepared to make any last minute changes and once everything is finalized and sealed, the resume is ready and will be sent in both DOC and PDF formats.