Recycled Notebooks from Guided Products

Guided Products have come up with a wonderful idea of eco-friendly recycled Notebooks. Notebooks are for everyone from school going children to an elderly writer.

The notebook may be lined according to the needs. It could be single lined, double lined, square, blank pages etc. Each lined type is for a particular purpose. Since the demand for notebooks is increasing, the resource for paper pulp may come down drastically. More trees may need to be cut down. The only way to save the trees and to fulfill the demands for pulp for paper making is to find raw materials from the waste materials that usually clutter the house, offices, shops etc. The cardboard boxes and other packing papers that come with the packages are useful for that purpose but can be a nuisance once the things are unpacked. So what to do with them? The best to get rid of them but in a useful way is to recycle them. There are many ways to recycle them best will be, to make recycled notebooks. The cardboard can be processed to make the binding cover and the packing papers and other used papers can be processed to make fresh paper.

Guided Products is an online shop that offers many recycled office stationery like notebooks, notepads, business cards, folders, binding folders, CD sleeves, tablet covers and many more. Al these products are made from 100% recycled materials. One of the most used products is the recycled notebooks which are used by almost everyone, regardless of age or profession. The recycled notebooks from Guided Products contain ruled or unruled pages. The recycled notebooks may serve purpose for school copy books, blank paged book for journalists, and other artists to note down the ideas or information. The graph paper book is useful for science students or teachers. These books are stylish and enduring. It comes in many sizes also. The ink used to line the pages is 100% organic. The ink is soya based and doesn’t contain chemicals. Water based glue is used to bind the pages together.

Apart from the usual recycled notebooks an innovative product from Guided products is the all climate pocket notebook. Both the cover and the paper used can withstand moisture or dampness and still would not damage the information it contains and neither does it erase the writings. The same book is available in green or yellow covers and in varying sizes as well. By using all natural things and reused items in their making, these notebooks may be named Green Notebooks.

Recycled notebooks

Recycled notebooks

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The recycled notebooks is worth for school copy books, blank paged book for journalists, and other artists to note down the ideas or information.

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Great idea. Love these recycled notebooks.