Half price drapes

There are a lot of products available with Half price drapes ranging from beautiful silk curtains to cotton & linen curtains.

Half price drapes is amongst the leading one-stop online business store which manufacturers drapes and curtains made out of designer quality fabrics. Started in 2005 at Bay Area, they have a team of professional designers that stay updated about the trending patterns, colors and styles so that you will be provided with many ranges to choose from. Another feature of Half price drapes is they come at a price that fits in your budget.

Products available with Half price drapes:

There are a lot of products available with Half price drapes ranging from beautiful silk curtains to cotton & linen curtains. There are available in different sizes that ranges from 50W x 84L, 50W X 96L, 50W X 108L and 50W X 120L etc. You can also choose the header design as per your window style. Available headers are Pole pocket, French pleat, Inverted pleat, Parisian pleat and Goblet pleat.

Lot of effort is put in by Half price drapes for picking the right fabric that not just matches well with your home but also ensures durability. You can choose from the whole range of selections such as signature silk curtains, velvet curtains, cotton curtains, faux silk curtains and many more. Do note that it is better to measure the width of the panel before ordering the product. Here’s a healthy tip: you can increase the range for 2-3 inches on both the sides while mounting the hardware. This makes the window look bigger. If you have the room, you can increase the inches even more. Here are some of the top favorites:

  • Thai Silk curtains – two yarns of dupioni silk and thai silk are used to weave this fabric. Its one of the most superior fabrics available in the market that is known for its smooth texture and utmost quality. Some of the styles also include Ruched Bold Red Thai silk curtains, Cassandra Sage Green thai silk curtain and many more.
  • Faux silk curtains – one of the most picked selections that speaks volume about its modern & contemporary style. For instance, Luna Winter Flocked faux silk curtain from Half price drapes is definitely an eye catcher. The velvety pattern and the color combination is simply breathtaking.
  • Cotton & Linen curtains – weaved from one of the finest quality yarns, Half price drapes brings you cotton & linen curtains which add a simple yet classy look to your homes. You can choose the light control for efficient shading.
  • Blackout curtains – Blackout curtains are intended to keep away excess light penetrating to the room. It comes with a crisp smooth panel which shines and reflects the light in any room. The currently trending design from Half price drapes is the Meditteranean Blackout faux silk taffeta curtain.


Bold Red Thai Silk Curtain

Bold Red Thai Silk Curtain

by Half Priced Drapes 5 out of 5stars (497 Customer Ratings)

Price: $219
Bold Red Thai Silk Curtain from Half Priced Drapes gives a distinctive look to the interior living room decor.

Superb quality curtains

5 stars out of 5 by Stacy for Bold Red Thai Silk Curtain

I bought this red color superior fabric made of Dupioni Silk curtains. Its so smooth and gives a rich look to my living room.

Benefits of buying Half price drapes curtains:

There are quite some interesting features when you order curtains and drapes from Half price drapes.

  • Creatively designed embroidery patterns by professional designers
  • Curtains & drapes are manufactured at Half price drapes workshop
  • latest designs and styles are regularly updated
  • fabric that can tailored in different styles such as pleats/goblets to pole pockets
  • your own ideas and styles can be put forth to Half price drapes that will be incorporated in the fabric
  • affordable price without compromising on quality


Other Accessories from Half price drapes:

Half price drapes offers many hardware accessories for your curtains such as rod set, hold backs, extendable curtain rod set, set of metal curtain rings with clips and many more. You can select the price range as per your budget apart from the colors available.

If you want to add a final touch, here are some stylish ornamental tassels and tie backs for your curtains. They come at an all time low of $5 which is probably the best bet available in the market.

Roman shades (drapes) from Half price drapes:

For those craving for shades, Half price drapes brings you various Roman shades that come with your choice of colors and materials such as silk, cotton etc. The designs available in Roman shades are casual, soft fold, front slat and relaxed. These shades also come with a lock system to keep them intact in the windows. It is recommended to measure your window and choose the product accordingly.


Drapery Installation & Care:

It is important to maintain proper care not only while installing the curtains but hereafter too to keep the fabric long lasting and fade resistant. Do keep in mind that curtains should always be given for dry cleaning and should not be handwashed or put in washing machine. If the drapes are dirty, simply use a vaccum cleaner over it by using upholstery attachment. Half price drapes provides you with an online installation guide which helps you to mount the curtains correctly especially if you are going with DIY idea. If seeking professional help, this guide will help them to know how exactly the fabrics and its style of art works for proper installation.

Before you hang the curtains, have it pressed in a dry cleaning shop to remove any creases that form when packed.

You can choose from two ideas – either sliding a rod of 1 to 2 inches thick through the top pocket of the panel or else you can use rings for easy movement. Simply use drapery pin and insert it on the back of the curtain and then inserting the pin to the ring.
There are other options too such as pole pocket that come with back tab panels or pleated panels that come with drapery hooks.

Lastly comes the point of training your drapes to hang evenly. Stack them open and align the folds evenly from top to bottom. After setting, tie strips of fabric for around three to four days. You will notice that when the strips are removed, your pleats are cleanly set.

Half price drapes guarantee:

Half price drapes comes with return policy on their products. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, you must call a toll free number to obtain a RMA number. All the returns / store credit / replacement will be accepted on the basis of this RMA number, Do note that Half price drapes will not reimburse you with the shipping / handling charges incurred.