Practical Review in Radiology helps the reader to be up to date with the latest development in the field of radiology through access to radiology issues database. The database will contain all the contributions from various parts of the world which includes quizzes ad audio journal reviews. Physicians-editors seek this information through dozens of publications and do a study to summarize them and to develop ways to implement the whole information into practical means. The user can choose on the means of receipt of the practical reviews. Practical Reviews can be received through the means of online issues or mailed to the user on a monthly basis. The user can also chose the option where the reviews will be sent in the form of an audio CD.

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Medical industry is a very fast paced industry where new findings and development happens within a blink of an eye. New techniques become obsolete before you even know it. Right now as we speak there will be some scientist who is finding a new medicine for a disease. For a person to stay with the pace of the development, he should have access to the new developments on an efficient and fast basis. Practical review editors screen for the most important and significant medical journals and develop key summaries and audio commentary and make it available right to your computer, phone, tablet or mobile devices. The information is received on a timely manner which helps you to stay ahead of the change and respond accordingly.

Practical reviews on radiology

Female doctor looking at x-ray image on workplace.

Key features of practical Reviews in Radiology

  • Time saver: The main and the key feature of the Practical review is that the user can save a lot of time on the searching part of which information is relevant and needed. The customization option helps the user to get the relevant information in the desired format to your personal connection devices. Now isn’t that a great feature!
  • Trustworthy: The information which is received in the form of audio commentary, clinical tips and summary are result of an unbiased team of expert editors who knows their jobs. The editors are not corrupted and will stay true to the true situation enabling you to get the exact picture.
  • Other features: Other features include taking of online quizzes and receiving instant pass/fail notifications so as to earn the credits easily.

Mobile Application

Practical reviews even have gone a step further with their launching of free and efficient apps for both iOS and android devices. This particular app gives you access to a library of more than 140000 abstracts and which can also be found in a downloadable format.

Practical reviews on radiology


Practical Reviews on Demand

Practical Review on Demand is an improved form of membership where the user can select as much or as little information according to their needs. The user will have unlimited access to your preferred topics which will help you the most. It helps you to stay current on sub specialty topics and for the exams.

Practical Reviews on Radiology


It provides unlimited access to 28 specialties. The user can select the needed topic which will prove to be helpful. It also provides unlimited CME or CDE credits with a one year subscription. The users can also download all the information to your personal computer in your desired format. Practical reviews also provide online self- assessments quizzes to test your knowledge on your favorite section.


Users subscribing to Practical reviews will get a package which includes

  • Online quizzes with instant pass/fail notification.
  • A series of 14 issues annually
  • An instant access to the database of radiology journal reviews
  • An ability to earn up to 10 AMA PRA category 1 credits
  • Will receive up to 22 articles which will be summarized in each issue along with an expert audio review for further clarity.



Practical Reviews in radiology is a very efficient and essential service for the entire radiology professionals who wants to keep pace with the growth of technology and new findings. This feature helps in bringing up key information which can be used to head discussions on further improvements possible. Practical reviews can be subscribed online through the site and then the users will receive the above mentioned services. As I explained, the user can also select what he really wants and that will be communicated in the most effective and efficient manner. Users now have a chance to get their hands on the latest information in the field of radiology in the most convenient format that they desire. The user also gets complete freedom in access and can also get it in the most efficient format.

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