Phillips Safety

Phillips Safety are global leaders in the manufacture of occupational safety products.

Phillips has been in the optical industry for more than 100 years. It has been producing these special safety lenses for military use and for all industrial and medical safety needs. Initially, the company produced lenses for Bausch and Lomb. It then started producing ulrex bifocals for optical labs for prescription glasses.

From 1916 to 2000, for over 80 years Phillips produced optical lenses for the military, semi-finished lenses for optical labs to be converted to prescription glasses and also sun glass lenses and special bifocal lenses. Phillips Safety was started in 2001 and from then on, Phillips started making glasses only for occupational safety glasses and moved out of manufacturing optical lenses. It makes glasses for a number of clients in businesses such laser, x-ray, glassblowing and other manufacturing risky businesses where there was a need for safety glasses. It was in 2003, that another company Rx Safety was created to cater to the demands of the safety glass product market.


Phillips Safety Glass working

Glass working eye wear and tools are used for artistic and scientific applications using the best quality German optical quality glass. Plastic lenses are also available which are the best available in the market. The lens are designed to protect from Infra red, UV, sodium flare or a combination of these three types of radiation.

  • The glass working eye wear is used by people working on hot glasses for art form or other applications like science, torch work, beadmaking etc. These and soft glasses, quartz glasses, prescription lenses are all available to suit the different needs. Different frame styles are also available.
  • The multi-stoppers are made from neoprene or silicon rubber to fit into gaps or alignment issues. They are heat resistant. The green neoprone can handle heat in the range from -40 to +100 degrees and red silicon from -100 to +450 degrees. These stoppers are cut using CNC cutting machines to give them perfect circular cuts to create a vacuum seal.
  • The glass working tools are used for flattening and shaping glass. They are lightweight and ergonomic. The tools include mashers and custom heads to use with the mashers. The heads are available in a number of shapes like lentil, radial, round flat, flat etc.

Phillips Safety Welding Safety

This line has safety eye wear, sheets and lenses used during welding. These welding safety devices protect against infra red, ultra violet and other harmful lights and rays during the welding process. The welding lenses are made from superior German glass without any distortion, striations or bubbles.

  • The Welding lenses are flat lenses for goggles, helmets or masks in a number of sizes and shades. They are high quality glasses that do not strain the eyes.
  • Clip-on Flip-ups are used in molten metal observation and cutting applications and are available in two shades Green IR and Cobalt Blue glass. They are available in glass or plastic form and have a metal frame and glass lenses. They can be used with regular glasses or plastic lenses of most styles or with hard hats. Bump caps. They have different filter options to be used in different welding applications.
  • Alloweld Lenses are aluminum glass welding lenses for welding and brazing aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel. They are used to eliminate sodium flare while welding and brazing. They are useful for people working on aircrafts, race cars, boats, radiators and refrigeration units. They increase the color contrast which helps determine the puddling and temperature of the material on which a person is working with. Alloweld lenses are made from high-quality German glass for durability and reliability and meets ANSI standards for welding. The lens color is available in dark emerald green color.

  • Welding window sheeting is used for windows or port holes for automated welding or observation. These sheets can be custom made to fit any size up to a maximum of 48” x 72”. Also available in a few standard colors, lighter shades are available on special request.
  • Torch and Brazing glasses are used for torch work. These are available in the best optical quality German glasses in different shades of green and cobalt blue. These are light weight and comfortable and stay securely in place. These are mostly used where full face masks are not required.
  • Welding Magnifiers are available in a small size of 2” x 4.25”. They are made of clear plastic. Different models are available in different magnifications ranging from 0.75 to 2.50

Phillips Safety Radiation Protection

These equipment’s protect workers against harmful radiation. These products are rated very highly in the market. The products include eye wear, barriers, windows and racks. The eye wears are approved for use in European countries too.

  • The Eye wear is designed for comfort, style and weight distribution. The eye wear frames are available in wraparound frame styles and also fit over frames. Prescription lenses are also available in this type of eye wear.
  • Mobile barriers are used to cover limited spaces from radiation effect. They protect people working in nuclear medicine from radiation when they work with patients. The sheets are attached to frames and is used like a screen. They are available in a number of standard sizes, but care should be taken to see that the height does not exceed the size of the door frames.
  • Radiation shields are used for windows to protect against radiation. There are a number of standard sizes available,but customized shields can also be ordered. These shields have a 2.00mm lead equivalence.
  • Apron racks These are are strong and durable and made of steel with electro-magnetic powder-coating. They can be hung on the wall or mobile racks with pegs for hanging aprons which are exposed to radiation.

  • The lead markers are used to mark x-ray images. These markers are made from hard plastic in an aluminum channel and has metal alloy lettering inside. The letters are sealed in the plastic and aluminum casing and improves the image produced on x-ray films. The letters have specific colors like red for the right side and blue for the left side. All markers are made to order with or without initials and have holes to hang on pegs. The markers can be cleaned with soap and water.

Phillips Safety Nuclear Medicine

Phillips has a number of protective equipment’s to shield medical personnel who work with patients from the effects of radiation, mostly for people working in the field of nuclear medicine.

  • L-Block shields and L-Block shield lead caves are all used to provide protection from the effects of radiation
  • Dose Calibrator shields maximize space in facilities which prepare and receive high energy nuclide.
  • Shielded waste containers are available in various sizes and thicknesses and can also be custom designed. These are used for disposing small articles like gloves which are exposed to radiation. The lids are designed to shield the employees from the contaminated contents even when the lid is opened. Custom shield waste containers can also be designed to meet any requirement.
  • Shielded waste decay barrels are made of rolled lead sheets with 0.75” lids made out of thick aluminum with 2 handles for lifting. Port holes are in the center with a hinged port hole cap. These barrels are used to store or transport radioactive materials.
  • Lead-lined storage safe is useful for storing radioisotopes. They have a good capacity and
  • Shielded Sharps Containers are used to dispose used syringes that are contaminated with high energy radionuclide. They have a lockable and hinged top and handles for lifting the containers. These can be custom designed.

  • Shielded generator containment cabinets are used to protect generators in nuclear pharmacy. They are made from lead shielding and have sliding doors on top. The cabinets are painted inside and is covered with stainless steel outside. These cabinets can also be custom designed.

Phillips Safety Loupes and Magnifiers

These are magnifying eye wears and lights for dentists, surgeons and others. Binocular loupes are also available for hands-free magnification. The flip-up functionality allows the user to switch between regular vision and magnified vision for easy operation. There are additional options available like prescription loupes, magnification and working distance options and also loupe lights which can customize the loupes. The working distance of the doctor and patient and also the required loupe magnification has to be considered while choosing the right pair of loupes. Clip on loupes are also available for those wearing glasses. The different models of loupes available are

  • Flip-up 2.5x – 3.3x Galilean loupes offer magnification in the range 2.5x – 3.5x for dental cleaning and simple procedures.
  • Flip-ups 4.0x – 8.0x – These Keplerian prism loupes are in the magnification range of 4.0x – 8.0x for surgeries and other complicated dental procedures.
  • Clip-on loupes are designed to fit most of the prescription eye wear frames and safety glasses. They are of a lower magnification.
  • Headlamps – Headlamps are designed to fix into loupes to direct illumination to specific areas. The brightness can be adjusted according to the need to maximize battery life.
  • Prescription Loupes can be permanently fixed with flip-up loupes. Removable side shields are also available.

  • Radiation Loupes : These are loupes which reduce the effect of radiation during x-ray. These are made from high quality German leaded glass lenses in flat frames. Different magnification options are also available.

Phillips Safety Optical Filter Glass

These glasses are used in viewing windows, portholes and also for windows used in laser enclosures. These glasses allow viewing but blocks the harmful effects of radiation. They are useful for specific applications. Different filters like Bandpass filters, Shortpass filters, Longpass filters, Neutral density filters and Notch filters are available each of which blocks a specific wavelengths of radiation. The common varieties are 2in x 2in square optical filer glass with thickness ranging from 1mm to 3mm.

Phillips Safety Forensic Glasses :

These glasses from Phillips safety are used by forensic experts to find out the exact evidence that they are looking for like fingerprints or other small traces of evidence. These glasses filter away unwanted lights to view the evidence more clearly. The forensic lenses are available in three colors, red, orange and yellow. The lenses are selected according to the light condition, the surface or material to be examined and state of the substance like whether it is wet or dry or new or old etc. The substances also fluorescent at different wavelengths thus helping to find the correct evidence that an investigator is looking for.


Phillips Safety Bifocal Safety Glasses

These are safety glasses where the user needs to use the glasses for safety purposes and also needs to sometimes read or write. These glasses conform to ANSI Z87 standards and have a reading area at the bottom of the lens. They are available in all standard reading strengths and are made from impact resistant polycarbonate. The lenses are available in three colors, clear, smoke gray and yellow.

Phillips Safety Safety Reading Glasses

These glasses are used as both safety glasses and reading glasses for people who do not want fitovers on top of their reading glasses. They are available in a number of frame styles and also reading powers. These glasses are all made of high quality polycarbonate impact resistant lenses and conform to ANSI Z87 standards.


Phillips Safety Safety Glasses

These glasses are used for a variety of purposes. These glasses are made of high quality polycarbonate impact resistant lenses and conform to ANSI Z87 standards. They are available in a variety of frame styles and cater to various needs. These glasses can be customized and prescription glasses are also available. They include

  • Reading glasses for use in OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) environments are ANSI rated and also impact safe.
  • Bifocal glasses also conform to ANSI standards and are wraparound style with bifocals at the bottom, so that glasses do not have to switched when working.
  • Transition glasses look clear indoors and are gray in the sun.
  • Glasses that are available in wrap and flat frames, these glasses are scratch and chemical resistant.
  • Medical glasses are splash proof and anti-fog with anti-reflective backside and silver flash mirror in front for maximum clarity
  • Fitover glasses are for those who wear prescription glasses to fit over those glasses
  • Warden glasses , these glasses are The Phillips Safety signature safety glasses.
  • Transition Bifocal Glasses are available in wraparound frames that are clear indoors and gray in the sun and have bifocal lenses at the bottom.

Phillips Safety MRI Glasses

These non-magnetic prism glasses are for patients to help them see outside the scanning rooms during magnetic scans. They can be also used with a sound system to offer comfort to patients.


Phillips Safety Low Vision Products :

The lenses are made of distortion free optics and are available in 9 magnifying powers to be used in one eye while the other is blanked out. Bifocal safety glasses and clip-on-flip-up magnifiers can also be used in safety glasses for close-up jobs.

Phillips Safety Low Vision Readers

These lenses are used while working with one eye while the other eye is closed. They are made of distortion free optics in 9 magnifying colors to be used in either the right eye or left eye. Available is different frame styles.


Phillips Safety Clip-on Flip-up Magnifiers

These are used for close-up jobs and fit all types of safety glasses. They are used for occasional close-up examination, reading and writing. They are easy to attach and offer excellent protection. They are safe to use and easy to store for healthy eyes.


All Phillips Safety products are manufactured with precision and high quality and conform to high levels of accuracy and safety.