When it comes to Safety Eyewear, Phillips is a pioneer in its own way. Innovative and some of the best products are made by the Phillips Safety Eyewear.

Phillips Safety Eyewear are used for a range of purposes, from normal RX Safety eyewear to Laser Safety eyewears. The requirements are often different when it comes to Safety Eyewear. There are specific Eyewears for those who are in the manufacturing industries. There are different eyewears for the Welding industry and yet others for the Woodworking industry.

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Phillips Safety Eyewear meets a set amount of standards and goes through rigorous tests on the quality of the product. Being a safety product, a lot of effort is put into getting the right results from the product. Check out some of the products for a range of use from the Phillips Safety Eyewear website on the link below.

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Phillips safety Manufactures glasses under the following categories.

  • Laser safety
  • Glass working
  • Welding Safety
  • Radiation Protection
  • Loupes and Magnifiers
  • Optical Filter Glass
  • Optical Filter Glasses
  • Forensic Glasses
  • Bifocal Safety Glasses
  • Safety Reading Glasses
  • Safety Glasses
  • MRI Glasses
  • Low Vision Glasses
  • Low Vision Readers
  • Clip-on Flip-up Magnifiers

Buy Phillips Safety Eyewear – Laser Safety:

The products produced under the Laser Safety category are safety glasses, goggles, windows and barriers and also warning signs. All these products are manufactured to cater to industries, medical applications, education and military uses. The optical densities of all these products are tailor made to suit the needs of these different applications.

  • The Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles give complete protection to the eyes and skin from laser rays. These products are manufactured from quality products to give maximum protection. The eye wear products are available in Class 3R, Class 3B and Class 4 laser systems to protect the eyes from hazardous reflected or scattered high-powered laser light/radiation. There are safety experts available in the sales and marketing team in Phillips to choose the correct range of product, since the lens has to be suitable to block the laser rays. The lens frames are printed with information on the wavelengths that the particular glasses protect against or custom pad printing is also offered. The frames are also available in different styles for the user to choose from. There are options to include prescriptions into glass laser safety filters. Laser strike Glasses are also available for use by people working in areas of Laser pointer threats like aviation, boarder patrol, coast guard, local law enforcement and military. These glasses are available in a number of models and frames styles.

    credits; http://www.phillips-safety.com/

    credits; http://www.phillips-safety.com/

  • Laser Safety Windows, laser domes and laser safety sheets are used in laser rooms and enclosures to safely view lasers. These windows and domes can be customized to suit different needs and are available in a number of suitable colors. The sheets are used in doors and viewing ports and can be cut to fit the required sizes. The laser Filter Glasses and Laser Acrylic Sheeting are available in 3 mm thickness and conform to ANSI Z136.1 and ANSI136.3 standard for laser safety. All the requirements can be customized to the required sizes on request. The Laser acrylic sheets are scratch proof and offer optical clarity.
  • Barriers are screens that can be fitted in the required sizes. It can also be fitted on windows. Available in two colors, black and white, these screens can be fitted in conventional tracking or in panel systems, flat fold Roman shades or small windows. They are reasonably priced and hence affordable. The Stock Laser Barriers are available in a number of sizes and models whereas the Custom safety Windows can be made to order in any size to fit the requirements.
  • Warning Signs are used n hazardous areas to warn workers on the dangers of laser. The warning signs are available in both plastic and magnetic forms and in three classes, 3A, 3R and class 4. These laser signs are available in a number of languages and warn the workers of the dangers of radiation. They are available in a number of sizes and with pre printed warnings. Most of them are 10” height and 14” width and are easily visible for the workers.