Pedalite Chain Clean

The Pedalite chain clean can help you clean and de grease your chain without taking it off the bike, making the process ultra easy! The Pedalite chain clean is highly concentrated.The bottles can be refilled after it is used up with 100 ml bottles for 1 liter bottles. The concentrated solution of Pedalite chain clean can be poured into the bottle and topped with water to fill the bottle.

The Pedalite chain clean is 100% natural. Pedalite’s products are all aimed at making the environment better for those who try to help the environment in their own way as well. The cyclists are some of the major receivers of these great products from Pedalite. This chain clean has no harmful ingredients, is not dangerous to the environment in any way and is not an irritant. The Pedalite chain clean have been claimed and proven to give high performance in bike chains. The bottle used to hold can be re-used and recycled. Even the label on the Pedalite chain clean bottle is made of recycled paper.



The oils usually used for degreasing are can be harmful to water, soil and air. The chain clean is not based on the petrochemicals usually used and it contains no palm oil. There is no doubt that the Pedalite chain clean is the most eco friendly de-greaser you will find anywhere. The Pedalite chain clean is made from naturally occurring oils and plant extracts and thus, over time, the oil is biodegradable.

Most grease packs say that they are harmful for the environment, are harmful to you and are irritants. The chain clean will in no way harm your precious environment, the aquatic life or any animal (or you). The oils are not animal tested, they are tested by pro bike riders! The bottle is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which has a recycling code 2 though the cap has a recycling code 5 (not usually recycled).

The Pedalite chain clean can be used simply as a lubricant and then the bike can be rode around for a few minutes. After this, wipe the chain with a wet cloth or brush and then rinse it to get a clean chain!