Park EZ Flashing LED Garage Stop Sign by Icydeals

If there is anything that is faced by one and all is the parking trouble. Parking in a small spaced garage is always tricky as we are not able to correctly estimate the free space in the front. Many have also faced the bumping onto the wall. This is disastrous if there is no one to help you while parking. Now with the Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign will need no one’s assistance and you can park the vehicle very comfortably. This will let you know when to stop and when you are in danger of hitting the wall ahead.

What is Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign

This is a stop sign with a pole and a LED light head making the stop sign. The idea is to trigger the lighting of the LED light when the vehicle touches the pole. The pole stands on a firm weighty base that makes it stand straight. When the vehicle more than it is needed, it is bound to touch the pole and that triggers the flashing of the LED light up on the stop sign. This way the driver is able to park the car without hitting the wall and make a smooth parking.

Benefits of the Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign

  • The Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign enables anyone to park the vehicle in any tight space or in the garage.
  • Not all garages are well light and when you have to blind park, this pole, and the LED flashing light would be of assistance.
  • The Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign is motion sensor enabled. When the vehicle touches the pole or if it is moved even by the wind the LED light flashes.
  • This is a great help for any elderly who lives alone.
  • This stop sign makes an ideal gift as well.

Features of the Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign

  • The Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign is a 3 piece structure with a base, pole, and the stop sign. The pole comes in 4 sections that are inserted into each other.
  • The product comes in parts and you need to assemble it. it doesn’t take much for the assembly and is easily done.
  • The height of the pole is adjustable to suit the vehicle. The total height of the pole can be 51 inches.
  • The pole is made of fiberglass and the stop sign is made of plastic.
  • The base of the stop sign carries weight to make it firm on the ground. Many people feel that it is not enough. You can add more weight onto this base to make it firmer. This helps, especially if you live in a windy area.
  • The LED light works on battery power. It needs 2 AG-13 button cell batteries. The batteries carry 1.5V each. The batteries are included with the product, ready to use. All you need to do is to remove the plastic to enable the connection.
  • The catch is that the Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign is useful only indoors. It is not made to survive the weather outside, no matter what it is. it is especially vulnerable to windy climate.

Where to buy Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign?

The Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign is available online from various stores. It is widely available on the popular online store Amazon. There it is up for sale in various countries as well. It is usually available as a single pack but there also are economical packs that carry 2 such stop signs.

Park EZ Flashing LED Garage Stop Sign reviews

The product has mainly received positive reviews from users. It has been rated 3.4 out of 5 stars from 714 users. Owners say that it is good quality and works amazingly on long and short garage. It is sturdy at base and doesn’t wobble. It is quite a lightweight product and though fragile is lasting.

However, there are few complaints. The common complaint received is its weak base, say users. The price is cheap and hence the quality, say few users. Though assembling is easy, users had problem with lights. The poles are weak and flimsy. Hence, it wobbles easily and cannot keep up as expected.

Here are few of the reviews (positive & critical).

Positive reviews

Garey – “A long car and a short garage, where do you stop? This sits at the front of the car and when you contact the whip, the stop light blinks. It lets you know that you have gone far enough. Works well. I have used them as gifts and used one myself for more than 3 years now. One battery change so far.”

Gloomgirl – “This is a great sign. I had two of them for years and they worked great. It seems kind of silly but my two car garage is smaller one. This helps me to line up the car the same way every time. It assembles very easily and works like a charm. Don’t forget to remove the plastic tab in the battery. THis model has a particularly good base. Other signs of this type have a cross type base that comes apart all the time. This sign holds fast.”

Critical reviews

Don Monteath – “Parking sign arrived i na box that looks like it had been returned. Parts were loose in a box and within the first inspection I saw a large crack in the red lens. The LEDs didn’t light. Found that one battery had leaked. So I had to change the batteries and the set unit only to find that it bends to the weight of the head. Finally I had to rotate it so it bends towards the car. The LEDs are not necessary as the Stop sign moves when you touch it with the bumper. I decided its better than ball hanging from the ceiling.”

Alexandre Antonio – “As many reviewers, I bought this item due to the tight space in my garage so that I can know when to stop and park the car. The set up was simple and the stop sign is so easily visible from SUV. Height was not an issue. Bumping into the sign post at slow speed makes it bounce and wiggle but didnt work out of place of flipped. The base is sturdy. However, the flashing LEDs never works. It is easier to see the stop sign than blinking lights. So if your garage is dark and you cannot see the sign, this product is not for you.”


If you know anyone who is not very good at parking and if you yourself are one among them, then this Park EZ flashing LED garage stop sign is exactly what they/you need. This is one essential thing that can make things better and smoother. The only thing to remember is that the LED flashing light works on battery and it is bound to run out of power. So have a replacement ready when you need it.

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