Have you ever thought of carrying a telescope and a microscope both right inside your pockets? If not then start thinking and the fun part is that you actually do have the option to buy such a product. Jomira has bought this product into reality and it works as a complete optical system with its tiny structure. Jomira claims it to be the only universal optical instrument that comes at an affordable price. This is our Jomira telescope review.

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Want to know more about the tiny marvel creation that helps you to see things that are far and near to you with precision. It is more like a third eye in your hands.

Jomira Panscope Features

  • This tiny instrument is just 2″ long.
  • Contains 3x telescope and 3x telescope –loupe
  • It is one of the finest 30 x microscopes of laboratory quality
  • Easy way to carry a microscope right inside your pockets
  • Magnifiers and loupes at enlargement sizes of 5x, 10x, and 15x
  • Comes in a beautifully wrapped gift
  • The package includes a perfect fit designed leather case
  • Includes a Plastic tripod for convenient use
  • A perfect multi-utility optical instrument

This is indeed a little optical masterpiece. It is so tiny that it is hardly 2” long and perfectly fits inside your fingers. The interesting part is that jomirascope contains a complete optical system encapsulated inside its tiny body. You will be in awe when you see the product and it is really a marvel creation in the optical industry. You can use it as a 3x telescope, or a 3x telescope-loupe. It has different magnifying modes and enlarges at 5x, 10x and 15 x. The best part is that this tiny piece works a microscope, which you can carry along wherever you go. It has the same features and quality as that of the laboratory microscopes and you will love the details. This instrument has its home back at Germany where it came into existence. It is a famous creation from the famous Leica Cameras and is the product of Asia’s finest optical instrument makers.

The little Panscope deliver high-quality images with its resolution and magnifying capability. It has high quality coated optics that delivers brilliant images with perfect details. The in needle –sharp focus, absolute clarity, and full chromatic corrections are add-ons to this small eye.

Panscope Jomira Scope reviews

Panscope™ optical system is one of the finest products and preferably the first choice of scientists and professionals around the world. It is handy and comes with many features at a reasonable price. Most of the buyers love this product as it offers them the power to see all the minute details unavailable to the human eyes. It offers precision images and works as a multi-optical instrument. The tiny built is what most of the customers love about this Panscope. Here are few of the Jomira Scope Reviews.

“ I bought this jomira telescope as a gift for my son who loves to explore nature and its beauty. I hope this will be of some help to him. He loves this tiny beast and I am glad about it.”

“A worthless piece of plastic junk that doesn’t even work. It’s sad. It comes in a leather case with a snap but just too small. The snaps can’t line up. How did they ever thought they could market this product with such mind blowing descriptions is just beyond my thinking…Yes…They lied to the core!!!


Help yourself with a third eye and see what you cannot see with your real eyes. Everybody who loves to see beyond the normal will love this instrument. It is not only for professionals and experts but also for common people who love to explore. Panscope helps you to aid the eye to see more out of everything and in detail. You will be amazed at the way it works. Order your Panscope right now at www.jomira.com or present this beautiful creation to your loved ones.

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