Olejo is an online store that has all the items to furnish a home. They have beds, mattresses, furniture, bedding solutions, lighting, rugs, fountains, blankets, and throws.

Anything and everything to complete your home is right here. There are many options for the mattress type and the same is with the beds and they are adjustable in many ways. This is the most convenient way to shop for an entire home and there is no hassle with the sales representative trailing behind you. At Olejo you get the high quality products at an affordable price. The wide range of selection adds to the attraction. The customer service is excellent and the staff is ready to answer any queries regarding the products anytime during the working hours. Even last minute order cancellation is also possible. Read on to know more about Olejo Stores decor.

Mattresses From Olejo Stores decor

There are 5 different types of mattresses at Olejo Stores decor, innerspring, memory foam, latex, air and gel mattress. There are all sizes for the mattresses from the twin size to the California king size. The feel of the mattress can be plush, extra plush, firm, extra firm, pillow top, and euro top or duvet top mattress. The thickness ranges from 4 inches to 15 inches or more. The mattress is covered by quilted fabric, damask, cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, linen, cotton blend, or no cover options. The mattresses have the features like hypo allergic, dust mite and fire resistant, washable cover, removable cover, mold & mildew resistant etc. all top branded mattresses are available at the store.

The memory foam mattress fits to the body easily to prevent discomforts and back pain. The air mattresses will have air pockets for better air circulation between the coils and the spring mattress will have pocketed coils. The gel mattresses are the gel infused foam mattresses. There are waterbeds as well. There are kids mattresses for the children and crib mattresses also.

Adjustable Beds

There is a wide variety for adjustable beds at Olejo Stores decor to suit your sleeping style and comfortable to the body. There are massage beds for the parlors, beds with wires connected for remote control and there are wireless remote controlled beds also. There are beds with detachable legs or high-low adjusting beds. The high low adjusting beds can accommodate two mattresses and one can be kept higher than the other. There is an acid reflux bed which is designed for treating gastrointestinal problems. The upper body part is elevated than the lower part. This angle makes the food or acid from going up.


All kinds of bedding solutions are fond at Olejo. Sheets, pillows, pillowcases, comforters, duvets, quilts, crib sets, or bed ruffles. These are available in different colors and patterns. They are made in materials that are different and people can select the material they are comfortable with. The duvets and pillows are also filled with different materials. The pillows may be formed of foam or latex. They could be eco-friendly, organic, hypo allergic or neck supporting. The sheets are fitting for the standard sized beds and mattresses.


All types of furniture are available at the Olejo Stores decor, whether it is the entry way furniture or the bedroom furniture. Furniture for every room is there. There are great deals on many brands a sell. There are bed frames, side tables, night stands, dressers etc. for the bedroom. A wide variety in the living room furniture will make you confuse what to select and what not to. The couches, sofas, and sleeper sofas are all high quality and accent the room beautifully. There are many types of cabinets for kitchen and dining areas and the media cabinets can be standing or wall mounting.

There are designer dining room furniture from the tables, chairs, bar stools, buffet tables etc makes any home or restaurant complete. The style difference is contemporary, modern, traditional, or other types. The furniture is made in wood, metal, or the mix of both, glass furniture, made of veneers or other types. All shaped tables are available and the height can also be looked for. The number for the dining sets; color, size etc also have choices. There are more than 15 brands for the furniture.


All the lighting accessories are available at Olejo. There are wall mounted lights, and table lamps. There are floor lamps, desk lamps etc also. The lamps may be arc, accented, buffet lamps, pharmacy lamps or swing lamps. There are many styled lamps from traditional to the transitional. There are children’s lamps as well. The finishing for the lamps is done in metallic colors, tanned, or bamboo. The lamps may be shaded or non-shaded and the material for the shades is also different. The bulb used in the lamps can be incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs. There can be adjustable lights, height adjustable lamps, night lamps etc.

Other accessories

There are other additional accessories for the furniture at Olejo Stores decor. There are head board supporters, water bed liners, water bed mattress bladder, fashion cover for the water beds, bed protector etc. There are the adjustable bed legs made of steel or black coated. The air bed pumps to fill in the air, bed conditioner tablets for the water beds. Sheet straps keep the sheets from coming off at the corners. There are bed beams to support the middle part of the bed that sags at the middle part due to the weight on top. The bed leg extension can raise the bed from the floor so that the space under may be used for storage. The ultra inflator can be set for the air beds at what level the air is to be filled inside. The indoor fire place is electric and can provide heat during the winter and the per beds are also attractive to choose from. There are floor rugs to accent every room.

The order can be placed online, over the phone or by mail. The mode of payment is also flexible. The ordered items will be shipped in 24 hrs to a week’s time depending on the size of the product. There is a 30 day return option for damaged items.