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My Jewelers Club is an online store that offers exquisite collections of gold, silver and diamond at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Join the club for more exciting offers and discount deals. reviews is an online jewelry store that is designed as a unique business to provide better quality accessories and the members get considerable discounts. There is a huge collection of gold, silver and gemstones that are of top quality. My Jewelers Club is a second chance to those have an impaired credit. Here the past is not relevant and only the present and future matters. Here everything starts from the beginning, afresh.

When it comes to purchase the jewelry and accessories, it is the online stores that score more in case of the collection. As much as they look pretty and attractive these items can cost a fortune. The real gold, silver, and gemstones will sure put a dent in the wallet. It will be great help if there is a credit card that can get you the best jewels at a reduced rate and can have a credit account as well. This is just what My Jewelers Club do. reviews

My Jewelers Club Credit Application

The credit application is filled out online. The account can be of two types, individual or joint. The joint account allows two persons. All the details of the primary and the co-applicant need to be completed in the required fields.

The complete personal details and the proper and full mailing address should be provided when you join My jewelers club. The telephone number, driver’s license, and the previous address of the primary applicant are must. The employer details, previous history, and the secondary applicant details are to be given. There is also an online account option with username and password to access the account. The existing members of My jewelers club with expired cards dmay also apply for renewal and start afresh.

Once the account is approved by My jewelers club, the customer will be set an email through which he can log in easily. Once there is a purchase or an item is selected a down payment has to be done in order to get credit. The item will be shipped only after the down payment is done. A tracking number will be sent within 24-48 hrs of shipment.


The minimum monthly payment is either $30 or the 5% of the account balance, whichever is the greater. The payment due date for each month is usually the 15th but the statement shows the actual date. A zero down account is possible, for which the account must be in good position for the last 12 consecutive months. The minimum monthly payments have to be done regularly without fail.

My Jewelers Club

My Jewelers Club

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Join my jewelers club and get top and elegant quality brands. The membership fee is much low.

Stunning Beautiful Quality Jewlery

4 stars out of 5 by Joy for My Jewelers Club

My girl friend loved the floral pendant. Thanks 🙂 – The products at My Jewelers Club

  • Rings: All types of rings made in gold or silver are available in all sorts of designs. The rings have gemstones in them or made in beautiful modern designs.
  • Bracelets made in the yellow metal or silver looks fabulous and they are available for lesser price for the members.
  • Earrings: Beautiful studs or drops are available in precious metals studded with stones of all sizes are available.
  • Necklaces also are there with lots of options. There are mix n match to go with the other accessories.
  • Watches: There is a huge collection of watches for the kids, women, and men. All of them are branded and starts from a very low price for the members. There are simple designs to very expensive gems and diamond studded watches in the collection.
  • There is also an exclusive section for the men’s accessories, from rings and bands to necklaces.

My Jewelers Club Other Account Information

Care must be taken to pay the credits in time and regularly. Because failure to do so can affect the payment history which will later on affect the evaluation points. Missing the payment in time can also affect the shipping of the merchandise and delays the delivery as well. The customer may also be asked to pay more in the next purchase to compensate.


The credit application of My jewelers club can be filled online through Smartphones. But the android users might have some difficulty in completion. They can call in to the provided number for assistance in application completion over the phone. The site is verified for any online transactions.

  • The customer cannot include the sales tax and shipping charges to the credit, it has to be paid to complete the purchase.
  • The membership fee is also low and has to pay initially to activate the account.
  • The purchased items can be returned along with a Return Merchandise Number that can avail from the store.

When someone gets some branded accessories at low price, he/she is sure going to be a branded person in no time. There is no doubt that they tend to go in buying the same ones from My Jewelers Club again and again. It is an addiction when it comes to shopping and can still have enough money in account. reviews mentions that…

Both the down payments and the credit limits of the My Jewelers Club will be reviewed regularly. The statements will be emailed monthly. But the failure in receiving the statement does not make an exemption from the payment. There can be changes according to the payment history. The payment history influences the zero down credit limit as well. Please note that the account can be downgraded in case of any offense.


My Jewelers Club – What are the benefits for the Members?

MyJewelersClub members can have the top quality brands that are financed by the membership cards. The members can have the luxury of easier approval, credit establishment of $5000 on shopping with flexible payments. The membership fee is much low to enjoy the branded jewelry. Free shipping is available for the members. To enjoy the $5000 credit limit one just has to be a currently employed resident of USA who is above 18 yrs of age. Though the past credits are not considered, depending on the current credit rating, there is a down payment.


The discounted price helps in huge purchases for giving gifts on occasions or to get similar items for the bridesmaid etc. The major benefit is that the member do not have to pay the full amount in a go and can pay the amount in parts. This can be the best way to own a branded piece of accessory and do not have to drain the purse.