Mountain Laurel Chalets

Mountain Laurel Chalets is one of the most serene places where nature is at its best with its colors and beauty. The business was started more than thirty years before in Gatlinburg, Tennessee among some of the best natural and beautiful stretched of land human can possibly witness. Dot Egli and Ralph Egli initiated this business venture on Ski mountain road which is still the location of Mountain Laurel Chalets. The office was shifted to a new location because of the expansion. Rippling waters was the first office location of Mountain Laurel Chalets. The firm also facilitates skiing which is one of the main sports in Gatlinburg.

The location of mountain Laurel Chalets is a very important aspect for knowing the advantage of choosing it as your vacation destination. The smoky mountain national park which is known for its natural beauty and the healthy ecological setup is near to the proximity of Mountain Laurel Chalets location. The views from the rooms are some of the most breathtaking ones anyone would experience and is completely private and secured so that the users can have the best time of their lives. The advantage of Mountain Laurel Chalets over other competing resorts are purely on the privacy of the houses available for staying as other players construct is too close which makes it less private and can steal the joy of vacation. Many of the private homes provided by Mountain Laurel Chalets come with over 1 acre of land which gives the users a homely feel and peace. Along the with the facilities the company also has 41 years’ experience in the industry which clearly makes them professional in this field and knows how to give a perfect vacation experience.

Available options

Gatlinburg Cabins: This are cabins available for the taking of the customers. The cabins come in different dimension in the aspect of rooms and spaces. The Gatlinburg cabins range from as small as one room cabins to humongous 12 room cabins for an entire family to have a perfect vacation. The rooms can be chosen from the various other options which can be sought for your perfect choice. The firm provides a categorization based on aspects like spectacular view, excellent view, Mountain View, lush wooded view, pool table, hot tub and so on. Another categorization provided for the customers are on the basis of the purpose of the visit which can be a romantic getaway, family vacation/ reunion, wedding planning and business meeting/ corporate retreat. The categorization is also done on the basis of the rating of ratings of the cabin in terms of the level of luxury that the customers can enjoy. The rating ranges from luxury living cabins, premier property cabins, deluxe destination cabins and value vacation cabins.

Promotions: The team gives promotional offers for all the customers which are always updated with the latest offers which are released by the management. This can be used to get economic vacation getaways with your family.

Family first offer: Now this is a feature where repeated guests are given back a token of gratitude with some of the best offers. This status is obtained by every guest who have visited Mountain Laurel Chalet at least five times. Some of the interesting offers provided are:

  • Reduced deposit amount: This feature is very helpful as any member of the family can book tickets with just one night’s pay. The balance amount will only due 2 weeks before the arrival of the guests.
  • Security deposit not required: The family member need not have to remit the security deposit which is a must in the resort business and is not taken to convey the trust factor towards the guests.
  • Firewood: The family members are provided with free firewood for every night that they are spending.
  • Discounts: the family members will be updated of the new discounts, specials and promotions before intimation to other guests on the mailing list enabling them to avail any attractive offer that might be suited for them perfectly.
  • Optional provisions: Many other provisional options like travel insurance are provided for the family members who prefer peace of mind in cases of inclement weather or in cases of any family emergencies.


Buying Cabins

The guests are also given the option of buying cabins which are listed in the website. The cabin can be owned and used according to the discretion of the buyer. The website provides the offers for the cabins which are intended to be sold along with the specifications of the house which includes the price of the resort and other related facts.

Capturing features

Mountain Laurel Chalets provides some of the best facilities for the guests which includes luxurious features like the best views available of the mountain valleys and the best constructed houses which is completely wood finished for ensuring the best quality time for the guests using it. The other capturing features include bath tubs, high speed internet and swimming pools for that extra luxurious feel of vacation. Some of the houses are fitted with theater room for that movie experience, gas fireplace for some homemade cooking in case the customers prefer their own cooking. Tennis courts are there for the sport loving guests who wants to get a good workout through the course of their stay with mountain Laurel Chalet.


Restaurant services

The guests can get the information about the local delicacies and restaurants which provides the best food in Gatlinburg. Most of the listed restaurants can be found along the parkway. The website provides the complete information about the restaurants which includes their names and their contact numbers so that the customer can choose the restaurants of their choice.

Mountain Laurel Chalet is definitely an elaborate and a perfect getaway spot for any family and with the facilities provided for the guests it is one of the best vacation spots that anyone can dream of. Privacy with some of the most breathtaking serene location in the world definitely do make it say ‘ it is too good to be true’.