Beer of the month Clubs by Cellars Wine Club

Beer has been always considered as an essential element in western civilization, beer has always enjoyed a warm position in the hearts of people.
Beer is made through the process of saccharification of starch. One of the major differences between regular brewing and micro brewing is the amount of beer produced. These micro brewed beers are distributed by many clubs in Canada. Among them is the famous type of club Beer of the month Clubs which sends beer to doorsteps of their clients.

At present there are many companies which brew beer in Canada. Now let me give you an idea about the process of micro brewing, micro brewing refers to the brewing of beer in a comparatively smaller facility where the preference is given to the flavor of the beer, there are many microbreweries in Canada which specializes it in its own unique recipe for brewing the beer.

Now of the famous beer of the month clubs which also deals with microbreweries are:

Canadian Beer Club

This is one of the most popular beers of the month in Canada, this was founded in 2002 and involves in beer from all over the world along with the special micro brewed native ones. The member receive newsletter along with 12 of their finest beers. The membership is made exclusive only for the residents of Canada. They employ some of the finest connoisseurs to analyze the beers.

Sherbrooke liquor, Edmonton, Canada

The next famous club is the Sherbrook Liquor store inventories almost more than 600 brands of beer and the member of this club receives 12 beers categorized into two varieties. There are occasions where the members get three varieties of beers. The club restricts its delivery to the premises of Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert. Membership plans are offered in three modes they are 3 months, 6 months and one year.


This is also one of the most popular beers of the month clubs which provides its members with some of the best beers in the market and off the market. This clubs puts a lot of emphasis on the local micro-brewed beers which are known for its flavor and tradition. The member of this club gets a total of six bottles of some of the finest micro-brewed beers along with a newsletter which tells the story behind the picking of the respective beers. It also provides various options regarding payments which are flexible for the customers. It plans from one month to a year. The company is even promising a refund if the customers are not satisfied.

These are some of the most popular and finest beer of the month clubs. Join a club and enjoy the magic of finely brewed beers along with your friends and family. Cheers!!