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Massage Naturals Massage tables

Massage tables are the main part of a therapy unit or massage parlors. Massage Naturals offers different types of tables, foldable, portable, with arm rest, with face rest, without the arm rest of face rest etc.

The Massage Naturals Massage tables are made by Custom Craftswork or Stronglite. Custom Craftswork has Athena portable table and Hawaiian tilt-top table.

Massage Naturals Massage tables – Types

  • Athena Portable Massage Table is high quality durable tables that can hold 650 lbs of weight and long lasting. It comes as package that includes adjustable face rest cover, a carry case, panels, and a round ankle bolster. An upgrade to this package would add up an arm rest to the kit. It comes in colors like black, burgundy, willow, agate blue, cloud white, purple, raspberry, sage and teal.

    Massage Naturals Massage tables


  • Hawaiian Tilt-Top Portable  Massage Table package includes a face rest, carry case, reiki panels, 25 disposable face rest covers, an ankle bolster, and a tilt top neck rest pillow. This is a multipurpose table that can be used for massage, skin care, reflexology, or acupuncture. The tilt top provides 9 different angles for the many uses.



Stronglite has options like Standard portable table, Deluxe and Versatile Aluminum table with face rest and carry case.

  • Standard Portable Table is the basic table that is ideal for carrying anywhere. It comes with a handy carrying case. The table is durable and sturdy. An arm support may be added to the purchase for a reasonable price. It comes in colors black, purple, teal, burgundy, and agate blue.
  • Deluxe Portable Table basically contains a face rest and carrying case for ease. The package can be upgraded for a stool also. The deluxe package contains the above mentioned items plus 25 fitted flannel face rest covers. The table is solid at an affordable price and the vinyl provides comfort and the center support gives an extra stability. There are options for satin black and royal blue colors for the cushion covers.
  • Aluminum Portable Table package is same as the Deluxe. The only difference is that this is made of Aluminum and the other was made of plywood. The Aluminum table is height adjustable and it will not tilt when the weight is shifted. The color option is also same as the deluxe.
Massage Naturals Massage tables

Massage Naturals Massage tables

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Massage tables are the main part of a therapy unit or massage parlors.These tables are made by Custom Craftswork or Stronglite.

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