Massage Naturals Face Rest Cover

Face rest covers helps to ease away the pressure points of your client. Thus gives a relaxing effect to the face.

The face rest cover is an essential part of a massage parlor. Massage parlors usually offer whole body massage or massage for legs, hands or just half of the body.

But whatever the offer is, the main thing that need attention is to have a proper and comfortable face rest or face cradle where one can rest their face or had while the massage is going on. They cannot possibly keep their head twisted to one side for a long time. The Face rest or cradle might be cushioned and covered with a comfortable linen or fleece cover. It adds comfort and does not strain the person.

Usually the massage table itself will have the face rest attached to it. Or else there would be a port to fit in the face rest. If the table does not come with the face cradle, the face rest cushion is available for purchase separately. These face rests will be cushioned and is made of durable vinyl that is sturdy and comfortable. It is standard sized and comfortably support the forehead and face of the client. The cushion comes in black, burgundy, blue or purple in color.

Face rest cover is usually made of cotton or fleece. People would want a clean and hygiene face cover under their face and these face covers need to be changed regularly. With many colors and materials people can choose the right one for them. The covers are available from different brands like Silken, Arcadia, Simplicity, Cloud Comfort, Repose Poly, Charm, Comfort, or Elation. Most of the brands offer many color choices for the cover. They are secured fitted with durable elastic. The cotton covers will have a little choice for colors while the fleece covers have more color choices. The colors will be white, natural, blue lilac, sage and chocolate. The color may match the table color or table sheet color. They are color fast and don’t come off on washing.