Mailbox Forwarding

Mailbox forwarding is an efficient way to handle all the mails no matter where you are.

Mailbox Forwarding is a convenient way to handle your mail. They provide a remote mailbox service which helps you keep in contact with your proper mail wherever you are.

A mailing address is provided which is accessible online. You can receive and view all your mail online be it letters, documents and packages whether delivered by the USPS, FedEx or UPS.

Why Mailbox Forwarding?

  • Access your mail online: To access your mail online, login to your online control panel. So that you can get easy access to all your mail from anywhere in the world provided that you need an internet connection. Whenever a new piece of mail arrives, you will get an email notification. You can then login to view the sender, date received, and a full color image of the front of each envelope. After viewing your mail items, you can select how we handle your mail items. That is if you want to see the contents, you can ask the staff of Mailbox Forwarding to securely open and scan the letter, which will be then easily accessible through your online control panel. If you need the actual letter, they will mail it to the requested address to which you need it to be forwarded. And if you no longer need that letter, you can have it securely shredded and recycled.
  • Secure mail scanning: You no longer need to wait for mail to be forwarded to view and respond. You can now simply request them to have the mail scanned. Once the request is made, a PDF file containing an image of the envelope and its contents will be posted to your account within 1 business day. All scans are performed in full color 200dpi and are optimized for maximum readability. Mailbox Forwarding scans high quality images that can be viewed, saved and printed from wherever you are. All scans are done in fully secured facility to protect your privacy.
  • Forward mails anywhere in the world: After recycling the mails or deleting and scanning mails, that you don’t need , you can still request to forward those mails to you at some of the industry’s lowest shipping costs. You can have your mails forwarded to almost anywhere in the world wit the help of FedEx or the US Postal service. Also , they combine all your items into a single shipment to reduce costs. Apart from shipping them at reasonable price, they give you the option to choose the particular pieces of mail you want to forward , the address you want to ship to and the shipping speed and carrier each time you make a request. This is what makes Mailbox Forwarding different from other mail forwarding providers.
  • Shred and recycle your mail: If you don’t want a particular mail, it will be shredded on the site before getting recycled. By this the threat of identity theft is being eliminated. In addition, you can choose to have the original document shredded, but retain the scanned copy in the archive folder in your online control panel. You can keep this as long as you wish.
  • Easily deposit checks you receive: Mailbox Forwarding provides deposit checks by mail service to handle the checks that you receive at your mailbox address. When you receive mail, scan it and make sure that it contains a check. You can have it deposited in your US bank account through online interface. This service is available for any banks that supports mail-in-deposits. And these banks include Bank of America, Capital one, Chase, Citibank, HSBC, ING, SunTrust, USAA, Wachovia and Wells Fargo. If you use a smaller regional bank ,not to worry, they also offer a deposit by mail service.
  • Receive faxes online with a shared fax line: As an additional service, you can now receive the faxes through the same online interface you use to receive your mail. For this, no additional monthly cost is charged. Each fax is treated as a scanned mail piece and is counted towards your plan’s monthly scan limit.

Mailbox Forwarding Features:

  • Manage your paper mail just like email: Mailbox Forwarding provides unique street address box number where you can have all your mail sent. When a new mail comes, the staff out there scans the front of the envelope. You can then manage your mail through online control panel and can request to open and scan the contents, recycle the item or forward it to your home or business address.
  • Easy mail management from everywhere: Your online control panel makes it easy to mange your mail that comes to your address. At just one click, you can have your mail or packages forwarded globally , scanned to read the contents through your secure online account and delete it.
  • Get an affordable mailing address and mail forwarding: you can get these facilities at an affordable price with no setup fees or commitments. Compared to the traditional mailbox services, Mailbox Forwarding provides mailing address and PO boxes at reasonable rates. Mail forwarding rates of Mailbox Forwarding are one of the lowest in the mailbox rental industry.
  • Privacy protected: Mailbox Forwarding ensures that your mails remain private and confidential. You can choose to scan your mail.

Mailbox Forwarding Security features:

When you choose a mailbox service, the first thing that comes to your mind is the security and privacy issues. Until and unless your doubts are cleared on security terms, you will not go for Mailbox Forwarding especially when they open and scan your email. Following are the security steps that Mailbox Forwarding takes in order to ensure the privacy of their customers:

Remote Mailbox

Remote Mailbox

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MailboxForwarding provides a remote mailbox service. You can receive and view all your mail online: letters, documents, and packages, whether delivered by the USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Mails can be viewed online with the help of a mailing address.

Thanks to MailboxForwarding

4 stars out of 5 by Amie for Remote Mailbox

It’s very useful to me. Being a motivational speaker, I do get so many letters. It becomes difficult to manage it all by myself. MailBox Forwarding helps me a lot in scanning and sorting my paper mails in an very neat manner.

  • Scan security: your mail is never scanned without your permission. If you have any mails that needs high confidentiality,k those mails can be forwarded to you unopened. Every scan process is under the video surveillance. Once the scan is complete, the mail is returned to their secure storage area.
  • Employee security: before hiring the employees at Mailbox Forwarding, they undergo a complete background verification to ensure that they are trustworthy employees to keep hold on. The whole warehouse and premises are under the constant 24*7 video surveillance. Outsiders are not allowed anywhere in their mail receiving, processing or storage areas.
  • Shred security: All those mails that you want to be destroyed, be it confidential or non confidential will be shredded in the site before they go to the recycle bin, thereby eliminating the the threat of identity theft
  • Storage security: Each individual mail is tracked by tagging it with a tracking bar code that contains a unique 8 digit number. Mail is carefully and safely archived and trackable until you request them to scan, forward or destroy.
  • Account security: Your online control panel is protected by a 256-bit SSL certificate from ?Verisign. Verisign is the most trusted brand in internet security. When you request them to scan the email, they don’t email it to you due to security issues, instead they ask you to login to your account to view the scanned email in a fully secured environment.
  • Company reliability: they focus to serve the remote mail processing needs of many residential as well as commercial customers around the world. All you need to do is to login using an internet connection.

Mailbox Forwarding Pricing:

The cost of mail scanning is per piece of mail, not per page. Each fax received is counted as a mail piece scanned